Free NO.1 Smartwatch Charger

NO.1 Smartwatch charger
NO.1 Smartwatch charger


F4 free charger
F4 free charger

NO.1 G8 new charger, longer pin better way of charging.charger

Share  or this page  to you  page to your social network(facebook, google+, twitter, forum and other), then leave link in comment, have chance get the free spare part.  More spare part, visit NO.1 Spare page

We will announced the customers who get prize in spare part page, 15th every month, , max 10pc unit NO.1 Smartwatch charger offer this month, please keep focus on this blog. 

More about NO.1 New Smartwatch, visit Official webpage:

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NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch
NO.1 G8 Smartwatch
NO.1 G8 Smartwatch
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  1. I need charger “F4 free charger” beacuse I lost mine. Where I can buy this? I cannot use my band. I have F4.

    1. Hello Tim, yes, of course. And please wait for 15 days, because we are now on vacation to celebrate the Spring Festival.

  2. Hello. Today 20th of this month. 5 days left from announced of 15th of this month. Any news who got the prize?

  3. My 2 year old baby threw away USB charging cable and now I can not charge my NO.1 F4 smart band and use it. Can You provide to me NO.1 F4 Smart band charger? I am hope that You will help me.

  4. Tim Leijten

    Hi, i need a charge cable as both my cable and backcover broke.
    Can i get one?
    I shared with everyone on google+

  5. José Manuel Gallego Blanco

    Me gusta, diseño muy guapo en general para mi perfecto..