Get Free NO.1 Smartwatch Spare Parts

NO.1 D6 Back Cover
NO.1 D6 Back Cover
NO.1 Smartwatch charger
NO.1 Smartwatch charger
NO.1 Smartwatch Straps
NO.1 Smartwatch Straps

Some customers feedback, they need spare part of NO.1 Smartwatch, Now we offer Free(free spare part and free shipping cost) and every one have chance get them. what you need to do just share the spare part page to your social network(facebook, google+, twitter, forum and other), then leave link in comment, have chance get the free spare part. more detail about free part, going to spare part page.

We will announced the customers who get prize in spare part page, 15th every month, please keep focus on this blog. any question, could contact us: marketing-wei[at]

More about NO.1 New Smartwatch, visit Official webpage:

NO.1 F5 Smartwatch
NO.1 F5 GPS Smartwatch
NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch
NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch
NO.1 G8 Smartwatch
NO.1 G8 Smartwatch
NO.1 F4 Smartband
NO.1 D5+ android smartwatch

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  1. hi this is Priam from Mumbai India. I am using Lemfo lem6. now it is not working as its battery is damaged. one of my technician friend is opened it but he didn’t found any details on battery . so pls send voltage and amp details. and if possible send battery.

  2. anggah hadi

    saya punya smart watch Lemfo LF16 LCD nya rusak apakah sama dengan spare part LCD NO.1 G8 Smartwatch ? saya bisa dapat kan di mana ?
    di bengkel lokal saya tidak ada

  3. I need No1 S3 battery cover. No chance to anyhow get it from local retail or repair shops. No good

  4. Hi. I have kingswear smartwatch kw88. And need switch on off . Where I can buy the sparepart?

  5. Flavio Ferreira

    “Waiting for debugger, Application FunOS (process com.kct.launcher.h972launcher) is waiting for the debugger to attach.”

    Latter after pressing “Force close” shows me a black screen…
    I connect the d7 to the PC and only the option of charging the battery works.
    Please help me; is switched off.

  6. I have a No1 D7 smart watch. Recently the back plate cracked and the charging point have fallen apart. Due to this I am not able to charge the watch and hence I cannot use the watch. How do i get a watch back plate for my watch?

  7. Boa tarde. Minha f4 não carrega mais. Apenas 4 meses de uso. A bateria estava durando 2 dias apenas. Há alguma solução?

  8. Ray Whitford

    I shared and commented. But have never heard back about a free strap..

      1. Nuno Amaro

        Bom dia,

        Tentei mudar a correia do meu D5+ mas sairam dois fios da lá. Nunca mais trabalhou bem.
        Alguma sugestão?

  9. Nuno Amaro

    Boa tarde,

    Tentei mudar a correia ao meu D5 + e saíram dois fios de lá. Como a correia não servia meti a mesma só que os parecem que não ficaram bem, pois o smartwatch nunca mais ficou a trabalhar bem. Podem dar dar uma ajudinha?

    1. I need to clarify we do not recommend users to change the straps of Android watches. The antennas must be damaged, I know there are some online stores sell the accessories even the straps, maybe you can find some.

  10. I’m not sure how but the back cover of my G8 got cracked at the 3 (of 4) screws. I temporarily glued them.
    I wonder how I can get a new back cover. Thanks.

  11. Hi, I have a lot of problems with my NO.1 D7 smartwatch. It turn off with no reason, even though the battery is not completely empty. I try to turn it on, so my display flashes and the green light on the bottom falls. I leave him a couple of hours off and then I can turn it on, but after a while I turn off again. Charging takes a long time, but it’s empty for a while. That smartwatch is more on the charger than on my hand. Can I get a new NO.1 D7 FPC, maybe that’s the cause of the problem?

  12. Joy Maurice

    Please I need a screen replacement for my smartwatch, it go broken thanks

    1. Hello Edwin, sorry, D5 doesn’t support detectable straps and there is no online store selling this. I’m sorry.

    1. Hello Miguel, nope, G3/G3+ has different hardware, their firmware is not compatible.

    1. Hello Mihai, I’m sorry I don’t know if we have this back cover. If we have this cover, I’ll send it to you.

      1. the link with shared info

        Hello . I need a back cover for my – no.1 D5 witch is a great device, by the way! Actually i need the small connecting pin to charger whitch is inside the back cover. Thank you verry much. I have this whatch for a year now and it absolutly the best clock i ever had, the battery is verry good, i allso use it as a phone. So i need the back cover connecting pin cause i-ve lost mine. Thank you verry much

        i will surrley buy this upgraded version
        Thank you

    1. Hello,
      I need a back steel cover for a d5 … actually i need only the small connector witch lies between main board and docking charger. i have lost it … when i changed the sim card, it fell down from the back cover , and i haven’t noticed. now i cannot charge it anymore, this is i gues a fault, that connector should not fall fall down from the back cover . it is a small piece of plastic with 4 electrical contacts.

    1. Hi Rama, sorry, the link doesn’t work. And unfortunately, no online store sells this.

  13. What is the difference between F4 and GT1? Not sure which is better or are they the same?

      1. Are there any difference between F4 and GT1? Specs? Features? Processor? Or everything exactly the same? I am trying to decide which one to buy.

    1. Peter Breitfuss

      I want a Yellow strap (No.10). One other question: Do the dual-colour straps also suit for the GS8 and where can I buy it?

  14. Hantoko Rubowo

    I have NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch. Where can I buy replacement strap?
    Maybe you have other type that match to my watch?

  15. Hello!
    I need a D6 replacement battery. I bought my D6 from gearbest and they sent me a used unit with a worn out battery 🙁 I cannot find a battery anywhere…
    I would also enjoy a back cover or a charging cable with a stronger magnet, so that the cable doesn’t fall off so easily

    1. Hi Roger, sorry, I asked the shipment company, it is a bit difficult to send the battery (no device) overseas. I can’t help you sorry, maybe the seller will help.

  16. Mickey Harvey

    I have 2 NO. 1 watches, so far. I like them, but the phone apps are not good. The quality of the build and the price are great, but shipping from Gearbest is hard to figure out. My phone was having to be charged two to three times a day after installing the app. I have reset my phone to check, but just trying to figure out what app to put on a phone is hard. Do you use the MediaTek app, or the Fundo app that no one seems to like, or is there an app that really works? I have tried to figure out how to update the firmware, but that is not easy either. Overall, I am fairly happy with the watches, but would like to see Android Wear or Android on them, so we can figure it all out easier. Wondering about the new No. 1 F3. Looks interesting.

  17. Mihály Szántó

    Need a charger cable fit my G3,I want tó Buy it instead of commenting on FB..

    1. Hi, you just need to share the link and leave the comment here. (no need for other thing, like or something)
      It’s our fault, culture differece, this is very common for us Chinese, so I’m gonna change the rules, all you need is to share the link and leave it here. Hope we can help you.