NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch Discount

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NO.1 F3 20PC $9.99 July 11 10:00am(beijing time) in banggood  :


NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch giveaway rule:

1, share this page to and leave the link in the comment.

2, tell us which features you like with F3 in the comment

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1. NO.1 reservesall the right for the final explanation.

2. Not use other software to brush and not be repeated sharing. Otherwise,we will be disqualified.

3. The premise of this Giveaway is to share this post number reached 400.

The F3 giveaways is closed, so we selected 10 winners randomly.

Here are the lucky guys :

  1. Mike, mik***
  2. Saw QW, sam***
  3. Olivia, oliv***
  4. Kerr, osc***
  5. Sajo, saj***
  6. George, hap***
  7. Larissa Jakovleva, lar***
  8. Marjorie Ivana Marie C. Radin, cru***
  9. Jenisha Kangriwala, Jen***
  10. Natalia Demjan, fed***

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no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch

167人评论了“NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch Discount”

  1. Eder Kerr Fantine

    Hi! The ALTIMETER in the watch shows a number different of the altitude in de APP. Could you help me? I’m looking to the altitude in my watch also in meters as in te App.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi. I like the product. But i want you to try to add a new feature to the watch. When e phone call,message is arriving or missed. Can you please let the icons blink on screen till the user press a button? It is very important for checking missed calls or messages. Thanks

  3. Ganeshan Arcot

    Unable to connect watch to phones and tab. What could be wrong.
    Phones: Motorola Moto G4 and G5

    1. Hello Ganeshan, did you install the Fundo Bracelet in your phone? Download and install it in your phone and make sure you have turned on the bluetooth on both of the devices.

  4. I just got a F3. Like it design. but I just could make it sync with my google fit. Can someone please tell?

      1. Hi!
        Yes I wanted to ask for change the behavior of some indicators.
        I familiar with the development and not very understand why indication implemented so uncomfortable.
        Why indication call burns always and blinking when challenge comes. It would be convenient if indicator burned when there is a missed challenges, and if haven ‘ t missed his not visible.
        Indicator messages the same would like to what would would not read the message. If there is no such then that would have it was not.

        1. OK, Andy. Thanks for your suggestion.:) It is the first time to receive such suggestion for the indications. Actually this watch doesn’t support other indicated method. If it has a vibrator, that would be very convenient, but no. We can only use the blinking icons and a short alert to notify you. This is the hardware limitation. It’s, in my opinion, the best way. 🙂

  5. Hi! I have a question for the person responsible for product F3. Why is the temperature display feature blocked? I would also like to share my thoughts on how the functionality of the F3 device can be improve.

    1. Hello Andy, because the temperature doesn’t work well for some areas. And we can’t make it compatible with all the countries.

  6. Richard Aardenburg

    I bought the red version of it and the description it said that you can also measure your heart rate.
    It also said that it was for cycling .
    Where can i find these options ?? or do i have to use another app than the Fundo Bracelet stuff.
    When i train on my spinning bike it does NOT calculate my KCalories

  7. Milan Kroupa

    please semd me pdf user manuál from smartwatch F3 thanks. Ideál english or czech language.

  8. I love the IP68 waterproof and one year battery life. Hope I could win. And link shared in the below.

  9. I love the white and orange straps, and the ip68 waterproof. Link shared in the below.

  10. Adelowo Adebumiti

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Even if I was not taken by the design and the watch’s beauty, the IP68 waterproof feature and the one year extend battery life are compelling selling point s of this truly unique smart watch. And removable strap? A perfect fashion statement!