NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch Discount

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NO.1 F3 20PC $9.99 July 11 10:00am(beijing time) in banggood  :


NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch giveaway rule:

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1. NO.1 reservesall the right for the final explanation.

2. Not use other software to brush and not be repeated sharing. Otherwise,we will be disqualified.

3. The premise of this Giveaway is to share this post number reached 400.

The F3 giveaways is closed, so we selected 10 winners randomly.

Here are the lucky guys :

  1. Mike, mik***
  2. Saw QW, sam***
  3. Olivia, oliv***
  4. Kerr, osc***
  5. Sajo, saj***
  6. George, hap***
  7. Larissa Jakovleva, lar***
  8. Marjorie Ivana Marie C. Radin, cru***
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no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch
no.1 f3 waterproof smartwatch

167人评论了“NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch Discount”

  1. Raffaele

    I have more Watchs No 1 such as G3, G3+ and now G8, the quality is very top, features top, i think buy F3 for design, for waterproof and because is very versatile in more situations gym, tracking, Beach. I have more confidence with this trade.

  2. it would be easier to say what is missing in this watch, than saying what it has to be liked. Hmmmm…..on a second thought i see it has all features that are needeed

  3. Oleg Kaniovskyi

    nice watch #NO1F3 have ip 68, more other feather and many colors strips

    1. Отличная заявка. Давно искал со всеми функциями вместе. А где можно сделать предварительный заказ ?


    It is shared though I can’t post it correctly. What I like it is waterproof and good for sports

  5. I love this smartwatch so so soooooo much because beutifull design it is iP68 waterproof and it has Multi/Changeable Straps

  6. IP68 Waterproof & 1 year battery use are the features of i like with No. 1 F3

    I shared the page
    Here is link

    I shared the contest post
    Here is the link

    I shared the Blog page
    Here is the link

    I subscribed with my email address

  7. wilbur alagon

    The IP68 features is a boom. A certification for protection against dust and water, so you can use the smartwatch in the gym without worrying about the sweat, also it can withstand water if fully submerged up to the depth of 30 meters.

  8. Andreia Lopes

    Thank you so much.
    This is such a wonderful giveaway 😀

    Here’s my shared link:

    What I love the most about this smartwatch is the IP68 Waterproof and the 1 Year of usage.
    This must be a truly flagship in terms of efficiency and durability because it’s really well built to have those features.
    Along with all the great apps to take advantage of the maximum potential and its usefulness, No.1 F3 truly is a great choice among all the consumers 😀

    1. Vishal Giri

      my favorite feature is the extremely long i.e upto 1 year of battery life, which is just crazy long!!

  9. Marco Lima

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    There are plenty of features that I like in this smartwatch.
    First of all, I really like the design which I think it must be the main thing about a great smartwatch, if it looks ugly, the consumer won’t buy neither use it, that’s the primary thing in my opinion.
    About the most awesome features this smartwatch has, IP68 Waterproof is really one of the best, don’t need to worry if it falls under water as long it’s not deep and 1 Year battery usage thanks to E-ink display, is a really bold and smart move from No.1 Phone.
    The other features this smartwatch has are a really great addition and pretty useful for any single occasion 🙂
    Truly wish to have this.

  10. Well this smartwatch she look like my best friend i will find it In any time .. wen i practice sport i can see the report of my calorie and the special thing wen i go in vacation in mountain i can see altitude . finally You can dispense with the phone because you have NO.1 F3 you have Every thing in this smartwatch i love it Nice work, and keep forward .

    1. Hi Jennifer, the link not works. And yes F3 supports removable straps. You can go to the No.1’s accessories giveaways to get a free one.