NO.1 F4 Smartband Giveaway and Discount

Attention! I received many complaints about the new firmware 0.2.2 and some users reported that all these features worked well in 0.1.8 version. Actually you can download the 0.1.8 version and make a firmware update manually. Here is the tutorial. You can find the tool and firmware there.


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So we have 50 coupon codes and 10 free products.

We chose totally 60 winners. Here is the name list of the winners.

50 Coupon code winners :

  1. Lucida, wolfgang, woodrow, waldo, Macen, Raven, Raiden, adele, Catherine, Adelpha,
  2. Johnny Smith, Adam, Aloysius, Urban, Stellan, Sophy, Jackie, Mike, Holly, kermit
  3. Wallace, Edmond, Homer, Herbert, Sajo, Bordman, westernboy, Sherman, Lucius, Bernard
  4. Ambrose, orson, Lee, Ada, Helen, KYRIAKAKIS NIKOLAOS, Simon Li, Musatov Sergiy, Konstantinos Agelis, Boris
  5. Ivan Svischev, Kamran, Leontiev, Diego Correia da Silva, Adelowo Adebumiti, Alexandr, Orest Demjan, PRAVEEN JOSE, Bagua, ALEKSANDR NIKITIN

10 Free products winners :

  1. Crystal
  2. Smith
  3. William
  4. Johny
  5. Simon
  6. Stepan
  7. Benjamin Vujnovac
  8. Alessandro
  9. Victor Luiz da Fonseca Rocha

Thank you all for joining this giveaways. Congratulations to all the winners. We’ll contact you tomorrow.

Have a good day, you all.

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NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband3

NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband

570人评论了“NO.1 F4 Smartband Giveaway and Discount”

  1. Acabo de recibir información una pulsera NO.1 F4 y la opción weather no funciona. Si no funciona que no mientan en las especificaciones y si nos es así cómo se actualiza y solución para que funcione.

    1. Did you update the Fundo Pro? Can you tell me where are you from? (Country/city) And what’s your phone model, OS? Thanks for your report.

  2. Hello, For me, weather data and city data have not worked since last weekend.

      1. The latest version (Fundo Pro 1.24) worked well until Friday, and data has not been updated since then. (weather and citi data)

        1. Hello Marci, thanks for your feedback. Does the weather work on Fundo Pro? I mean you can click the button to update the weather. Also you need to turn on GPS to get a correct positioning.

          1. Weather does not work in the Fundo Pro (v1.24). If I click, the data will not be updated either.
            But last week it worked in the app. It’s like the weather provider does not work.

  3. Hola podrían decirme si este dispositivo tiene memoria RAM y ROM, porque en las especificaciones no figura y me temo que no tiene.

  4. Hello. there is a request, add a new look to the clock menu on the bracelet, displaying the pedometer and the weather at the same time.

  5. Hello, app 1.2.4 , fw F4 0.18 , android 7, all night at midnight (00:00:00) remember alarm but in fundo pro isn’t set. Continuos bluetooth disconnection that with the first release there wasn’t this issue. After last update sms and call remember don’ t work.

    1. Hello Gio, about the alarm at midnight, is it the pedometer problem? You know you can set a goal for your daily steps, so maybe you reach the goal and the bracelet notify you. 😀 And about the issues after the firmware update, we already knew it and we are working on it. 🙁 I’m sorry for the bad experience.

      1. I have the same problem: everyday at time 0:00:00 bracelet vibrate with alarm until then, I touch it. No alarm is set. Many of people have this issue. It is important to fix it!

        Please, what is the difference between No.1 F4 and No.1 NO.1 GT1 Sports Smartband??

        1. Thanks Stefan, we’ll test and fix it. 🙂 About the F4 and the GT1, no difference. 😐

      2. Hello, isn’ t a problem of pedometer the midnight remember. I have seen that many other persons have the same problem. When the F4 remind at 00:00:00 on display the icon is a clock so is an alarm and not the goal of pedometer. I have try to eliminate the problem setting the DND from the 23:00 to 7:00AM but without luky.

        1. OK, Gio. Thanks for your report. Do you mean if you manually set the your phone 23:59, and then when it comes to 00:00, it doesn’t vibrate?

  6. Hello,
    I tried the new program with the working weather.
    I found a big problem.
    The F4 watch , all day, shows the same temperature. Example: 0-24hour show 15 degree.
    I’ve updated it several times, the temperature is always constant.
    This bug should be improved.

        1. Hello Marci, I know, I have watched this video, Tamas made this video for me. 😐 But we still not fix it. I’m really sorry.

          1. Our engineers are working on the issues. 🙁 Sorry for the bad experience.

    1. Hello Michele, nope, you can only use the Fundo Pro with F4. Why you can’t use Fundo Pro with Android 7.0? Because it works well on my s7 edge, but the new updates I did not install it. Is it the issue of the new version?

      1. I’m using fundo pro with android 7.0 but at midnight all data is deleted and the bluetooth connection with the F4 is disconnected. The Fundo Pro version is 1.2.4, while the F4 firmware is 0.1.8.

      2. Also on the package is recommended to download Fundo Bracelet which would be best for saving your business history as it requires account registration what does not happen with Fundo Pro app. Turning back I would not buy it.

        1. On the package is recommended to download Fundo Bracelet? But F4 can only work with the Fundo Pro. 😐

  7. On Thursday, 19.10.2017 i recieved two F4 bracelets. One of them is working properly but I’m having difficulties with the other one. It shows time but I can’t seem to measure my blood pressure with it. Also, it won’t measure my heartbeat or O2. I tried to restart it, unbound it, but nothing helps. The sensor blinks green but the bracelet just doesn’t work. What do i do?

    1. Hello Ksenija, it seems that the heart rate sensor is bugged, but please try it again. Put it in your another hand, give it to your friends for a test.

      1. The F4 bracelet tried several people, and none was able to measure the blood pressure, or BMP or O2. The firmware version at F4 is 1.8.

        1. It seems like that it is a hardware issue, please ask the seller for help. Sorry, I can’t help you.

  8. Buenas noches, acabo de comprar ( no lo he recibido aún), una banda modelo NO. 1 F4 y viendo estos comentarios se quitan las ganas de comprar este producto. No me explico cómo pueden vender un producto independientemente que sea económico, con tantos fallos.
    La verdad que he visto algunos vídeos y efectivamente la pantalla se ve muy tenue el brillo, que por otro lado no se parece nada a la publicidad de la página donde los venden. Espero que cuando reciba lo pedido se ajuste a lo especificado porque de lo contrario lo devolveré automáticamente.
    Efectivamente fallo de visualización de tiempo, presión atmosférica, altitud etc., Por lo visto no funcionan.
    Un saludo.

    1. Hello rcampo,

      As you can see in the previous comments, we have fixed the known issues, weather, UV, pedometer issue, etc. 🙂 About the display, we also do some hardware updates to improve the display. A suggestion, if the seller did not ship it, please make sure he give you the one with better screen. I’m not sure if there is old F4 out there.

      Best regards

  9. John Nguyen

    Hello. I use the F4 band with v0.1.8 firmware and the fundo pro app for android v1.2.3 running on Xiaomi Mi Max2. I have the following problems:
    – every night at midnight an alarm trigger on the wristband (not set in the fundo pro
    – number of steps is shown in the fundo pro app only for the current day. It gets reset at midnight but history is not stored in the app. History shows 0 steps for all previous days (sleep, heart rate and spo2 data is stored normaly for previous days)

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks for your feedback. About the pedometer issue and the alarm at midnight, I heard something before, they already work on it. Hope they fix it soon.

  10. Fundo app does not work (Android 7) not sincronize weather info, sleep, and at 12pm erase all data even in 1.2.4 from your link.
    Also the screen has too low brightness, can I change for the new band with new powerful screen?
    The alarm notification is very bad: too short and too weak, i don’t wake up please fix this: the smartbad must vibrate until I touch the screen.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and your suggestion. About the beta version, you need to set the language to English. And of course, when the final version release, it will support all the languages. But, sorry, you can’t change a new band, the overseas shipment takes a long time and the costs is too high. 🙁 Sorry.

      1. I still work in English language but nothing the F4 not receive data information about pression, UV, altitude and weather.
        Also another problem is that the F4 not show the really battery level: it lasts for a week but when the F4 is empty the battery indicated is much more than 55-60%.
        The F4 also overstimate steps: it register steps even when I’m in bed or when I sleep please fix this.

        1. Hello Danilo, did you install the beta version? About the battery level problem, thanks for your report. I’ll tell our engineer about this. About the pedometer issue, if it counts a few steps, it is normal, because the G-sensor/pedometer works while you move your hands.

          1. Yes I’ve the beta version. The band register 1236 steps in 15 min and i’m sit. It is a huge error, not only few steps.

  11. Lili Rad

    I buy F4 on 1.9.2017 and on my bracelet have weak brightness. My friend received her F4 today (ordered 3.10.2017) and her LCD brightness is far more better then my. How to adjust LCD brightness on my F4 (is too dark)?
    Of course, weather dont work and I have the same problem as reported by other member of this forum.

    1. Hello Lili,

      Sorry, the brightness can’t be adjusted manually. It is the hardware improvement, we use another screen for F4.:(

      About the weather issue, we are going to release a new version. Many F4 users help us to test this version, it works well for them. We’ll launch it next week.

          1. adding up feedback…after 10 days usage…

            – the F4 battery only can hold for 2 days…some time 1 ½ day only…very sad…need to charged again and again…

            – Pedometer to sensitive…counting endlessly….i can easily reach 25000 a days which is not accurate at all…

            – please update the firmware for better usage if not it’s totally junk…

          2. Hello flat, thanks for your feedback. 🙂 These issues we already fixed in the new app, except the battery problem, we need to do more test for it. The new app will release soon.

      1. please ask your engineer to make option to switch between am/pm and 24hours…

        other thing…why the bracelet auto Alarm at 12am midnight??

        1. You did not touch the screen? Because I don’t know if it is because you touch the screen and then it vibrates.

          1. every midnight it will vibrate alarm at 12am automatically…I did not set or touch anything…

            other problem I noticed is the Trajectory GPS on the map is not accurate..the line is way far from real line….need adjustment for that…

          2. My feedback
            -v1.24 consumed battery and make phone lagging. Sometime restart.

            – save sport activity NO heart rate reading

            – cannot share data to facebook , whatapps and other media

            – save GPS trajectory not accurate on map

      1. Nice. Weather and Outdoor in debug version works now. But not working: sleep monitor, steps in “Analysis” resets everydya = shows only curent day, Application push not works… There is not option to update firmare

        1. Hello Stefan, thanks for your feedback. Don’t worry, this beta version is only for weather and outdoor testing. Other features will be fixed in the final version. And we’ll release it on next week.

          1. Thank You for answer. I found weird solution (on russinan forum): When I set english language in my android phone (Sony Xperia Z2), all sumary reports are shown correctly. But when my phone is in my mother language (Slovak), app is in english, but no stats are there.
            2nd issue: Like others people were reported: Every midnight bracelet vibrate, but no alarm is set!
            3rd (biggest) issue: The device is very sensitive to touch. During a sports activity, touching a jacket wet from sweat, the bracelet will interrupt measurement of activity without user interaction. For example: Yasterday I was running 10km(60minutes), I started “running” activity at the beginning, by activity it turned off itself, once it restarded itself, then it gets lot of contacts, so after all I was surprised that I have played 12 minutes basketball and 3 minutes swimming. 0 (zero) minutes running. Please fix it. Device is usefull only with T-short, not with jacket!!!

          2. Hello Stefan, thanks for your feedback. The first issue, we already fix it. And about the second and third one, we’ll find a solution. Please wait for our updates. Thanks.

  12. Hello. I use the F4 band with v0.1.8 firmware and the fundo pro app for android v1.2.3 running on Huawei mate 9 (android 7.0). I have the following problems:
    – no location based data forwarded to the band) weather, air pressure
    – every nihgt at midnight an alarm goes off on the wristband (not set in the fundo pro
    – number of steps is shown in the fundo pro app only for the current day. It gets reset at midnight but history is not stored in the app. History shows 0 steps for all previous days (sleep, heart rate and spo2 data is stored normaly for previous days)

  13. The Fundo Pro now show weather and city data , but no good data, bad weather server.
    Fundo Pro according : Weather : Sunny 27-34°C, City data : Temp :30°C , Altitude: 5m ,UV: medium , Pressure :1011hpa
    The real data: Weather : Cloudy 12-17°C, City data : Temp :14°C , Altitude 80,7m ,UV low , Pressure 1020hpa
    My location : Hungary , Szolnok 5000

    1. Hello Ugyi, thanks for this feedback. Can you make a video about it? The Fundo Pro and the UV, temp, altitude, pressure in your F4. Thanks for your help. 🙂

    2. Yesterday, a new version of the Fundo Pro app was released, but the time information on the device is still not running.

      1. Last night they were working with bad data (weather , city). You saw it in the video.
        Today does not work anymore.

          1. I’ve tried, nothing has changed, no weather data is updated, and no city data is updated.

          2. 😐 Even after a factory reset, the data still no change? OK, thanks for your feedback, if you can send me a video or pics, please send to my email. Thanks.

        1. Sorry, no time info. Weather info 🙂
          Now I’m tried download Android emulator for PC, install Fundo Pro but still the same problem. Weather info not show.
          I’ve seen the app submitting site requirements but apparently does not communicate with the Yahoo weather API.
          I’m tried on different phone, General Mobile 5 plus and result is same as on S7 edge and emulator- No weather.

          1. Fundo Bracelet apk : Interestingly, in this program, all weather and city information works. , but this program is not connected to the F4 watch.

          2. The one I posted in the comment? That one is the latest Fundo Pro version, not Fundo Bracelet. 😐 So the weather and city info works? But you can’t connect F4 to this app?

          3. It does not work in the Fundo Pro the weather info.
            But work in Fundo Bracelet apk but this program is not connected to the F4 watch.

        2. Last night and this morning, he showed this information. Hungaryan time 8:00pm-5:00am

        3. Hi Jon, weather info not working with new version ( downloaded from GDrive) Fundo Pro app.
          I tried with S7 edge, GM 5 plus and Android emulator for PC.
          Thanks a lot for help !

          1. Hello IvanM, did you make a factory reset for your F4? What does it display? Can you send a pic or video to me? Below is my email, thanks.

          2. Hi Jon,
            At the beginning, I must tell you that I had to delete the Fundo PRO application because it caused me to freeze the phone S7 edge. 🙁 I reset F4, but it did not help to show the weather info. Yesterday I got another F4 I ordered from Banggood, with FW 0.1.6 and I notice that there is a much clearer LCD display compared to FW 0.1.8 !
            I installed Fundo PRO on my tablet too , and tried another F4 smartwatch, but I still do not get weather info. I send you a picture screen on mail.

          3. I’ll reply you on the mail. 😐 I also use the phone S7 edge, I also encountered such issue, but not this app.

          4. When I wrote a clear LCD displey I thought the brightness was much stronger. I’m sending a picture to a mail.

  14. Tufail Ahmed

    It shows wrong no measurements when I say wrong they are totally wrong between diastolic 80 to 83 for everyone not less not more than that even when a person had 114 diastolic. Thats a big cheat

    1. Hello Tufail,

      I made a video, comparing F4 to a medical equipment. I’ll upload to the Youtube.

  15. FunDo Pro app (Android) it does not work well!
    Data is not updated: weather , altitude , UV, air pressure.
    Will these errors be fixed? And when?

    1. Hello there, we are working on these, I don’t know how long it will take, but JUST as I said, I’ll let you know at once.

      1. Thanks for answering, but I asked earlier than IvanM.
        But when you can expect it(approx), you only know it: tomorrow, 1 week away, 1 month away, next year?

  16. This smartband is not very smart!!!
    I have latest ver of app Fundo Pro v.1.2.2, Smartband F4 with firmware v.0.1.8, Smartphone Sony Xperia Z2, android 6.0.1.
    Smartband bugs/issues:
    – not working Outdoor and Weather funktions
    – is not possible to check alarm set on smartmand
    – is not possible to check % of battery
    – is not possible to lock display (or touch key) = when You run sweat clothing touching smartband stops/reset all data…. Same happen by swimming
    – is not very accurate to measure Heart rate while running, it count just 1/2 of heart beats (it shows 70, while I have 140 BPM), HRM is accurate only by resting
    – is not possible to find steps info in smartband, only if you set DIAL
    – is not possible to set vibrating of smartband, while it get out of reach of smartphone bloetooth signal
    – step counter algorhytm is inacurate. I drive 300km with car, it count 5000 steps!!!
    – EVERY MITHNIGHT smartband reset data of previus day and VIBRATE = wake me UP!!!!!
    Application bugs:
    – everyday lost data of step counter of previous days
    – sleep monitor shows no data
    – sync is not working too
    – is not possible to store data to any server/cloud
    – when you set period of heart rate monitoring, no data is stored in app
    – when you get out of reach, bluetooth connection losts, is hard to reconect, only helped unbind and bind bracelet again.
    – many others 🙁

    1. Thanks for the feedback. About the step counter of previous days, you can go to Fundo Pro to check it. The outdoor features, sleep monitor, yes, we heard many about these, we are working on it. About the disconnect alarm, thanks for your suggestion, I’ll ask our engineer whether we can improve it. Also the reset data alarm, we’ll fix it. The reconnect function, it works well for me, we’ll do more test on this. We’ll release a new version of App/firmware to solve these issues, any news, I’ll let you know.

    1. Hello marcin, did you connect F4 to your phone? Does the network on your phone work well? Can you make a video about it? Also your phone, F4 firmware version. We are going to release a new Fundo Pro version, we’ll see if it works for you. Thanks in advance for your help.

      1. Same problem as Marcin. Phone S7 edge with android 7.0.
        F4 latest firmware 0.1.8
        Fundo pro 1.9
        I also think pedometer on F4 is not accurate, BP tooo… 🙁 too many mistakes on f4.

        1. Hello IvanM,

          We are going to release a new app to fix these issues, don’t worry.

          1. Thank you Jon.
            When we can approximately expect new software? In addition, I consider that F4 has great potential in smartwatch world!
            Best regards,

          2. Hello IvanM, I don’t know how long it will take, but if I have any news I’ll let you know. Please keep an eye out on No.1 blog. Any updates I’ll also post it here or in No.1 Google+ community.

  17. Like and shared this contest on Facebook, hope I could get a free one. Thanks NO.1 team, the best smartwatch manufacturer.

  18. Ron Ruys

    Not sure its true There is no pressure band for blood pressure testing Sounds fake No1_other stuff inaccurate pedometer and heart rate

    1. F4 supports pedometer, blood pressure, pedometer. The pedometer and heart rate are accurate, but I’m not sure if the blood pressure is the same as the medical equipment, it can only be used as a reference.

  19. Дима

    просто не смогу без этого крутого гаджета!

  20. Good. IP68 waterproof and detectable straps, if it could last one month, that would be perfect.

  21. Wow, amazing bracelet, hope I can get the chance to get a free one.
    Link shared in the below

  22. vasileios karagiannis

    I am a fan of yours and your products! I am really waiting for the special f4 smartband.

          1. PRAVEEN JOSE

            Without a doubt, we can say that No.1 Smart Wristband F4 in the review has worth what it costs, and more. It is a simple and nice device with much functionality.
            Thank you for the opportunity.
            Good Work No.1 Team. Beat Wishes.

          2. PRAVEEN JOSE

            Best Wishes.
            This company’s future is sure to be bright with team members like you! Your hard work and creativity is an inspiration to all of your colleagues.

  23. IP68 waterproof and the detectable straps, that’s what bracelet must have features.
    Link share below.

  24. George Chalkias

    I wait for the release time to get one of this super smartband for $9,99!!!