NO.1 F4 Smartband Giveaway and Discount

Attention! I received many complaints about the new firmware 0.2.2 and some users reported that all these features worked well in 0.1.8 version. Actually you can download the 0.1.8 version and make a firmware update manually. Here is the tutorial. You can find the tool and firmware there.


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So we have 50 coupon codes and 10 free products.

We chose totally 60 winners. Here is the name list of the winners.

50 Coupon code winners :

  1. Lucida, wolfgang, woodrow, waldo, Macen, Raven, Raiden, adele, Catherine, Adelpha,
  2. Johnny Smith, Adam, Aloysius, Urban, Stellan, Sophy, Jackie, Mike, Holly, kermit
  3. Wallace, Edmond, Homer, Herbert, Sajo, Bordman, westernboy, Sherman, Lucius, Bernard
  4. Ambrose, orson, Lee, Ada, Helen, KYRIAKAKIS NIKOLAOS, Simon Li, Musatov Sergiy, Konstantinos Agelis, Boris
  5. Ivan Svischev, Kamran, Leontiev, Diego Correia da Silva, Adelowo Adebumiti, Alexandr, Orest Demjan, PRAVEEN JOSE, Bagua, ALEKSANDR NIKITIN

10 Free products winners :

  1. Crystal
  2. Smith
  3. William
  4. Johny
  5. Simon
  6. Stepan
  7. Benjamin Vujnovac
  8. Alessandro
  9. Victor Luiz da Fonseca Rocha

Thank you all for joining this giveaways. Congratulations to all the winners. We’ll contact you tomorrow.

Have a good day, you all.

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NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband3

NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband
NO.1 F4 Waterproof smartband

570人评论了“NO.1 F4 Smartband Giveaway and Discount”

  1. Hi I’m a French guy sorry about my english! I wanted to fix step issue so i tried to get manually old firmware 0.1.8 in my no.1 F4 but in your tutorial your latest link is for 0.1.7 and now my bracelet doesn’t take heart rate, blood pressure, spO2 and sleep report. Can you help me please?

  2. Please, can you share link for download firmware f4 version 0.1.8? Because this version more better for battery life than 0.2.3 version. Before I update to 0.2.3 (before v0.1.8), the battery is more long life to 4-5 days. After I update to 0.2.3 battery life it’s about 2 days. Hope have 0.1.8 version. Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    I bought an f4 for my wife but she cannot use it outdoors because the writing is very dim and not readable , so it is actually useless outdoors. Is there a way/firm update to make the lettering more bright so as to make use of the band????

    1. F4 can not change bright so far. we will consider in future product. we compared some band in market, our bright better than other.

  4. I am very disappointed with HR monitor, my HR is 60 and its counts 80-100, when training and my HR is 140 in shows 105. my brother has a cheaper stupid bracelet but HR works.

    1. Hello rasty, we have video about the heart rate monitor comparing to the medical equipment. you can check it in our youtube channel.

      1. Ok. F4 shows correct heart rate only in rest. When I am running, it is very inacurate. It does not matter how strongly you have the brace attached…

        1. I’m sorry but you are right, the dynamic heart rate is not accurate as the F6. 😐

  5. Hi, I have the QS90 and an iPhone 6s but I’m not receiving text notifications at all. I receive call notifications but don’t get anything for text. I have gone into the FunDo pro app and have selected to receive text message notifications but it isn’t working. I have tried restarting the phone and qs90 and have the most up to date firmware for both. What can I do? I got this watch mainly for the text notification feature!

    1. Hello Jack, there is an option to enable the apps notifications, since you already turn it on, my suggestion is you can delete the app and reinstall it. If you still can’t receive any message notifications, then the problem maybe the product.

  6. Alessandro

    Will we receive any update of the bracelet in the future?
    I am asking because I have had the most diverse synchronization and operation errors.
    The battery is already losing its capacity. If before it reached 10 days without synchronization, now it only 4 days.

  7. I wonder why my inquiries were not published.

    – I have problems with my F4 regarding the connection, which always disconnects the bluetooth, the bracelet does not connect anymore. What is the solution? I have tried to disconnect and connect the application, the mobile phone and the F4, and nothing solves.

    – The light is very clear and in places open it is impossible to see the display, making the bracelet completely useless, since the application FunDo does not trigger any function of the application. How to set the light intensity?

    – Set up FunDo so that F4 can perform the heart rate test from time to time, but at the end of the day it is possible to verify that there is no frequency test performed. Is this common? Does not it really work?

    Thanks for posting my questions.

  8. H, just buy the F4 it looks great. I have Huawei Mate 10 Pro with Android 8 and it looks everything is ok except for the photo function…
    Hi cant get the camera to shot the foto.. it vibrates, focus but doesn’t take the foto…
    Just to be 100% clear, the blood pressure reading is totally false??? I know it’s not a medical device but have to know if is still real or not.

    1. Hello Lcross, there is no bp sensor. 😐 About the remote camera function, you need to go to the app, click the camera option then the phone will open the camera and you can take pic via your bracelet.

  9. Blood pressure result is inaccurate. Watch got 132/84 while omron got 112/83. Never did I get result lower than 120/80. Can the previous firmware solve this? If yes, please help me downgrade the firmware. My F4 watch currently has 0.2.3 firmware. Is it also normal for the watch to get results from heart rate, blood pressure and spo2 even if the watch is not being worn and without skin contact?

  10. Jean-Marc

    Hello no.1 team, the f4 smartband internal memory is not able to hold data (steps/sleep/heart/bp/spo2) beyond 00h00 of the last 24 hours period.
    I mean, if I synchronize from within the app at 16h30 once per day, I only get data from 00h00 to 16h30 but data from 16h31 to 23h59 get lost.
    Indeed it is too bad to be forced to synchronize at precisely 23h59 to not lose any data. It would be the perfect smartband if this issue is corrected 🙂 Thanks in advance. Kind regards

    1. Hello Jean, thanks for your report. But I don’t understand why the data from 16h31 to 23H59 will get lost.

  11. Michaelsuepe

    it’s my first time visiting your site and I am very fascinated. Many thanks for sharing and keep up 😉

  12. I am 15 days with my F4 and I liked it a lot, but I would like to get some doubts:
    – In open places it is impossible to see anything on the smartband screen. Can you adjust the brightness?

    – I’ve got notifications and Push turned off for all apps, but I still get notifications from one app or another. How do I turn off notifications 100%?

    – I activated the FunDo function in the Heart Rate Test, but the heart rate is only activated when I enter the F4 menu. Otherwise, it does not read during the day, as it does on the Lenovo smartphone, HW01.

    Thank you for guidance.

    Note: Sorry for the English Translator! 8^)

    1. Hello Rateco, about the brightness, I’m sorry, there is no option to adjust it. About the notifications, if you want to turn off notifications, you can go to the Application rights management, shut off the notifications right of Fundo. About the 24h heart rate monitoring, you can set it in the Fundo app, it will test the heart rate automatically.

  13. The app FundoBracelet show the altitude ok, but ofcourse is not compatible with f4. When the f4 with fundo pro show the real information about the location altitude? We waiting for it.

    1. Thanks for your report. 🙂 I’ll tell our engineer about this, hope they can improve it.

  14. Hello!
    When will you upgrade the firmware and fundo pro?
    Can I manually or GPS be able to set the current city? Weather, altitude, pressure and UV status? Currently it does not show real values!
    Can the pedometer’s sensitivity be adjustable?
    Thank you for your answer!

    1. Hello Bence, sorry, we have already developed many firmware to improve the weather and the pedometer, it works for some of users, while some do not. The problem maybe the location, some places the F4 does not work well.

      1. Thanks for the answer!
        Air pressure, altitude and UV data are definitely wrong. Is the data correct for another user?
        Weather works.
        Sleep monitoring can not be turned on by day? I work in the evening because of work.

        1. Hello Bence, sorry, the sleep monitoring will turn on automatically in the evening, there is no option to turn on in the daytime.

      2. Kalin Iliev

        Yes, I have it from two days, bracelet firmware is 0.2.3, and my first impressions are:
        1) too optimistic step/distance counting, may be 4-5 times bigger than the real distance passed – could we tune this thru the phone app, or
        2) outdoor info (temperature, altitude, UV) is totally not relevant to the location where I am.
        Could you tell us from what site the app takes the data, I assume either the site is incorrect in temperature and UV, from what site or thru phone’s GPS/A-GPS does it takes the altitude?

  15. No screen locked function,There is always accidentally touch the screen to change to unnecessary funtions.

    1. We have update watchface screen Working mechanism, it need click 2 time to enter sub-menu, please update to newest firmware

      1. Marriette

        I just got my F4 smartwatch. How do I set the time and switch bluetooth on

        1. Hello Marriette, the bluetooth is open by default, you just need to connect to the Fundo Pro app, after synchronization, the time will sync to your phone.

        1. The problem is the app Fundo Pro, it did not get a correct info, you just need to turn on GPS and reflash the app to get an update/

  16. Hi,
    I just bought a F4 diggro smart watch, after a few days the screen display was off and since then I cant see what is happening in the watch. The watch still vibrates when I touch the button and the green light below the watch indicating hearth rate or other measurement still comes on… but screen is always black.

    Please help

      1. I had no luck in contacting them. Can you help with the experience you have with this F4 watch?

  17. I gave my husband a bracelet, but he has an iPhone 4, and it is not installed Fundo. iPhone writes that after iOS 8, and the iPhone says that it has iOS 7, and it is the latest software. Are there any programs that work with iOS 7?
    What to do? We retirees and iPhones are difficult to change.

    1. Sorry Olga, but your phone’s OS is IOS 7 and F4 is compatible with IOS 8 and above.. I’m afraid that your husband can’t use this bracelet. I’m sorry. About how to install Fundo Pro in IPhone, usually you can go to the play store to install it. I’m not familiar with IPhone, I can’t help you, sorry.

  18. Please help, don´t work in Samsung S7 notifications push, i active it and install and unistall but nothing, reset the watch also

    Don´t notificate nothing of Whatsapp and Facebook, nothing of push notifications, many complaints in play store about this last update

  19. Nildo Silva

    The FunDo Pro and no other application from Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology Co. open on ASUS Zenfone 2. Can I use other application to connect and sync data from NO.1 F4 and Zenfone2? I have tried Wearfit but it only connect; no data is sent from smartband to app.

  20. Hi Jon, could you help me on this. I have a No1 F4 I have tried to connect it to my cell phone Note 3 android 5.0 but seems like nothing works I used FunDo pro app and similars but nothing. Thank you.

  21. Hello Jon,
    I bought the No.1 F4 and Diggro QS90 I have tried many time to pair with my cellphones, Note 3 Android 5.0 and Blu but my cells never find the watch I used the FonDo pro, FonDo Wear, etc, etc, etc and nothing. Could you help me how to pair them? Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi Jon, I just got my new F4 and I am trying to figure out how to set the time to 12 hour mode instead of the 24 hour mode. Also I am trying to change the units to Fahrenheit and inches versus Celsius and meters. Thanks for your support.

        1. Hello Tom, about the time format, F4 will sync the time format from your phone, you just need to connect F4 to your phone. About the units, you can go to the Fundo Pro app, there is an option to change it.

  22. I bought F4 smart bracelet. The bracelet works badly. The pedometer is inaccurate. Measure 400 steps, the reality is 20 steps. Thus, the calories do not realistic. Inaccurate blood pressure measurement. The blood pressure meter (Measuring 123 systolic, in reality 155, measuring 80 diastolic, in reality 70. Heart pulse is 98, actually 55.)
    Blood pressure is not automatically measured!
    Do you have another APP? Which is better than FunDo?

      1. Hi, just bought a F4 smartband and noticed the pedometer is not accurate. You say it works via the G-sensor which monitors hand movement. What is the point in that?? I want to know how many steps I have done not how many strokes it takes to have a….

  23. In Spain… weather ok, altitude error. Firmware: 2.3.
    Blood pressure: mmHg Contracción: 1 point higher than others smartwachs. Example (130 in others smartwach 120).

    For the future… blood presure in real time (like hr)… is it possible?. Thanks.

    1. Hi, blood presure in F4 can not change to real time. you can focus on our brand, in future we will release some smartband/smartwatch has this function

  24. I used a xiaomi mi band 2, before i bought my f4. F4 is better than it. And it have more details than mi band. So i recommended f4 to new buyers. It hase a good sporty look. F4 is the most profitable smart band in the market ever i seen

      1. Hi, I have problem with my watch, in statistics there is no sleap data, no health data (except the one when I initiate measurement). I configured watch and my phone. Can you help me?

  25. Alessandro

    After update to firmware 0.2.3, my F4 stopped to show notifications. (Calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Everything). I reseted and unplugged the wristband, downloaded the FunDo App again and nothing changed. Please help!

  26. Hi, I am in South Africa and the gps in the fundo app does not work properly. It keeps showing a map of Scotland. So the watch cannot complete most of its functions. Also, after a workout the heart rate graph is way to low to be accurate. This watch simply is not what it says it is

    1. Hello Paul, thanks for your report, we’ll fix it. The dynamic heart rate still needs some improvement. Did you install the latest firmware, because we improve this in the last update.

  27. Dimitris

    In my f4 i dont have the walking option in the training section. I have all the others (football running swimming etc etc) exept walking. Why that? I have the latest firmware version 0.2.3….

    1. Hello Dimitris, F4 does not have walking. I assume that you are talking about the pedometer, you can check it in the watchface or in the app. Sorry, F4 doesn’t have a interface for pedometer.

  28. Please update firmware ASAP!!
    After last firmware update to v0.2.3, bracelet changed language to Turkish!!! I do not understand this “Klingon” language. My mother language is Slovak (good another is Czech). Please get back ENGLISH language!!!!!!!

    1. Hi,

      App language is follow phone language, only while your phone language not include App language data, it will show English.

      1. Thanx. I updated app Fundo PRO too, then language switched to English. Now is all correct. Sorry for efforts.

          1. Weather conditions for my locaitons in application (FundoPro) and bracelet show not very acurate. More useful and acurate are data of weather in aplication WeatherPro or accuweather. My location is Zvolen, city in Slovakia (middle of Europe).

          2. Hello Stefan, thanks for your feedback. I’ll tell our engineers about this. 🙂

  29. Hello so maybe in future you can fixed this bugs with stepers? And 10meter for bluetooth its a little.

  30. Hello I have braclete F4 with 0.2.2 update. And braclete have bugs.. Bluetooth connections very bad until 7meter bluetooth disconected. Steper too bad because counting steps when I stay and moving only hand. Weather bad scan from phone. Today I sleep 10hours but braclete show me that I sleep 8hours. When be new update with no bugs?

    1. Hello Alex, the normal Bluetooth range is 10 meters, yours must be affected by something. About the pedometer, sorry but yes, the g-sensor works when you move your hand. About the sleep monitoring, as you there are deep sleep and light sleep. 🙂

  31. Hey l bought a F4 watch for my wife and she have had it for a week now and until 3 days ago everything was fine but on that day she lost the contact with her Ipad and it was not possible to sync the watch . When trying to she always get the reply that ” bluetoth is not open or no equipment” . I have tried to reboot the Ipad but it does not help . When looking in the contropanel the bluetoth is on and looking for any equipment but can not find any although the bluetoth is on on the watch display . Is it possible to reset the watch ? Thanks in advance for a good solution . Merry Xmas

    1. Hello Osqar, go to Fundo Pro, click the device, left slide, you’ll find the unbind option, unbind it and reconnect it. 🙂 About how to reset the F4, please go to settings, you’ll find the reset icon. 🙂

  32. Fabiano Aguilera

    Hi! I enjoying my F4 smart band. I jus wanna make a suggestion: Could you allow us to change date format displayed on f4? It is on YY-MM-DD format. It would be wonderful to change it.

    1. Hello Fabiano, thanks for your suggestion. We’ll try to make more options for you.

      1. Hi! Heart rate during training above 100 beats per minute is still lying! Please correct it!

  33. Hi, Jon! Question about training. During training, the pulse is monitored, and after it is completed, there is no pulse in the information about the training of statistics. Why?

  34. Now with the 1.2.6 all seams to work well but there is always a big issue since the first firmware version: I have a smartphone with removable battery, when I change the battery and turn on the smartphone it shows a wrong time because of I remove the battery. The problem is that the f4 instantaneously connect with the smartphone and synchronise itself with the wrong clock and at the same time erase all recorded data during the day, even if i’ve already synchronise data with fundo. Please fix it.
    Another little problem is that the sleep monitor not show minutes but % of hour for example: if I sleep for 5 hours and half the band and also fundoapp show 5:50h and not 5:30h.

    1. Hello Danilo, I’m sorry, thanks for your report, I’ll tell them about this drawback. About the sleep monitor, sorry, that’s how it works, not exact hours, but percent.

  35. Hi, i just bought a new brand F4 smartband. I plugged it on charger and it has been flicking with a half battery and it vibrates, it has been doing this for 3 hours. Is this normal for new band or it is faulty? Please assist.

    And is the BP monitor accurate?

    1. Hello Ishmael, did you try to unplug and replug on charger or shut it down and charge it again? Does it make any difference?

  36. My 2 year old baby threw away USB charging cable and now I can not charge my no.1 f4 smart band and use it. I have bought this smart band on but they do not want to give me the after-sale support. I was open a ticket WT17101902566, but they sayed to me that: “…the cable cannot be shipped anymore because of stock issue…”. Where I can get this USB carging cable and how much it will be cost for me if it will send to Russia?

  37. Good day. The aplication ver.1.2.6. The report tab: in the graphs steeps there is no information the y-axis. For this it is not clear how many steps completed in each time period. X-axis information is not enough, time stamps are placed too far away, would the difference not 12 hours but at least 3. Please set it not 0.00-12.00-23.59, but 0-3-6-9-12-15-18-21-23. Scrolling is very bad, graphics jumping when scrolling, please fix it. And need to do the battery charging display bracelet percentage in the application, so as now to know if the charge is still at least two days is not possible. Thank you.

    1. Hello Yandex, thanks for your suggestion. I asked our engineers about this. They thought a steps record and calorie burnt is enough, no need of the time zone.

  38. Hello Jon,
    FundoPro v1.2.6 : Please correct the weather data > Outdoor > Altítude bad data : 297M ; Good local data 81M (Hungary Szolnok)!
    Firmware v0.2.2 > Altitude data format bad : 297M ; Good Format: 29.7M or 29M , Please fix it.
    Not fixed: constant average temperature! Please fix it : Please improve the actual temperature of the weather provider.

  39. Hi Jon,

    I have the Fitness bracelet for a few weeks now and would like to feedback my comments for your consideration.
    I am in UK and weather and outdoor measurements seem to work okay here.
    The upgrades in software have certainly improved the functions and it is good to see you respond to users views and suggestions.
    My comments below:
    Smartband ver 0.2.2
    The Dial function should be moved under the Settings menu. It is too easy to modify the dial when you don’t intend to.
    The Stopwatch should be moved from the settings to Level 1 menu
    Weather.. Altitude shows 324m actual altitude 19m.
    Fundo Pro App v 1.2.5
    The activities on the watch, running, cycling, badminton etc. do not match activities in the App walking,running moutaineering etc.
    Heart Rate test is working but can’t it also do blood pressure on same test and record results.
    The Pulse BP on BP screen is not the correct Pulse as shown on the Heart screen
    Sleep Screen – Can you have option to change Sleep sensing from 21:00 to 09:00 to 23:00 to 11:00

    One minor problem with the bracelet.. when I play Squash and my wrist is hot and sweaty it seems the bracelet expands and the face comes off the bracelet and falls onto the floor. I have had to glue it into the bracelet and that seems to be working.
    Thats it for now, keep up the good work on this great little device


    1. Thanks Mike, thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Glad that weather function works well in UK, unfortunately the altitude doesn’t work well.:( We’ll keep working on this. 🙂

  40. Alexandr (Russia) NO1 F4

    After updating the firmware of the bracelet to version 0.2.2 it became much better, and the application with the translation into Russian and stability looks better, but there are many more critical comments:
    The Fundo application:
    1) Make a good translation into Russian, for example you can take the version translated by the user from the 4pd forum.
    2) Where will I get acquainted with the results of the “training”?
    3) The weather is incorrect, change the provider for russia.

    Firmware bracelet:
    1) The most important thing for a fitness bracelet is the precise operation of the sensors that the F4 can not do at all. Pulse even during exercise does not rise above 90, the pressure is almost always as in the resting mode, and does not measure automatically, you can not set the intervals as with the pulse (including in the training mode).
    2) It is very important to change the Russian font “Cyrillic alphabet”, the letters should be more compact and the distance between them is smaller, approximately like the Angian font. Notifications can not be read at this time, even a couple of words do not hold onto the keran.
    3) It is necessary to make a notification about a low charge. For example, with a charge of 15-20%, a warning was given to ekaren with vibration. At the moment, a quarter of the scale can be drawn on the battery, and the bracelet is switched off without warning.
    4) Change the date format on the dials by mask: day-month-year.
    5) Add new dials. Large time + date + distance traveled.

    1. About the translation, thanks for your suggestion. We can’t change all the translation, but I asked the 4pda forum friend to help us translate the F5 user manual. It will much better than the previous. 🙂

      About the training result, you can go to the history to check it. OK, it seems that the weather doesn’t work for Russian users. 😐
      And thanks for your suggestions, I’ll translate them and send to our engineers. 🙂

  41. Hello, how is possible that you have released the F4 for sale before that the firmware and software was OK? Some update for fix bug are ok but you release update with many bugs. I have a F1 and work better than F4. I have asked to the seller a refund but isn’ t possible because for they isn’t a defected product. I think isn’t correct that we have bought a product that not work well. Is there a planning for release a firmware and a software that solve all issues of F4?

    1. Hello Gio, we’ll keep working on it. I want to clarify that before we sale F4, we tested it over and over again. It works well for us, unexpected issues happened but we’ll keep working on it. 😐

    1. Hello Fobos68, does the previous version work for you? The weather works well for all of us and most countries, not sure why it does not work in Russia. 🙁 Anyway, I’ll copy these screenshots and send them to our engineers. Thanks for the link, I just read the reply after your message, I want to clarify that F5 has a real sensor, barometer, thermometer, altimeter, GPS, not as F4, which doesn’t have a real sensor. 🙂

  42. Viktor01

    FundoPro v1.2.5 bug : F4 bracelet shows is always : 468 m altitude, and pressure bracelet 1022 hpa. Please correct it.
    F4 bracelet constantly shows only the daily average temperature. Please correct it for the current temperature of the weather provider.

    1. Hello Viktor01, we’ll fix the altitude issue. 🙂 But about the temperature, I’m sorry, after several firmware update, they still did not fix it.

        1. We’ll keep working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience, in order to compensate your loss, we are gonna provide some coupons. You can use these to purchase the F4, F4 Pro, F5. I’ve contacted our partner, he’ll also post it on 4pda thread.

      1. Engineers need to be reminded of this thing! 🙂
        It would be a very important bug fix.

  43. Aleksandr

    Hello, why in the program Fundo Pro there is no point in swimming in sports? Add please.

    1. Hello Aleksandr, because one touch key can’t lock the screen while in swimming. We decide to delete it.

  44. The service responsible for the weather in the program FundoPro constantly displays inaccurate data. Correct this error.

    1. Hello Fobos68, thanks for your suggestion. Not sure if F4 supports the battery charge, I’ll suggest them about this.

  45. v1.25 detect got malware…why?

    Why Battery drain faster…10hours need charge back…

    I have another bracelet QS90…does v1.25 support it?

  46. Aleksandr

    Hello dear developers, thank you for having fixed the application, could you and one more fix this heart rate checklist it does not work.

    1. Hello Aleksandr, what is heart rate checklist? Are you talking about the report in the history?

  47. I use the F4 bracelet (v0.2.2) and the Fundo Pro application (v1.2.5).
    Error: real height of 232 m, bracelet F4 shows: 468 m, real pressure 998 hpa, bracelet-1022 hpa. Please correct it.

    1. Hello Dyxxa52, thanks for your report, I already tell them about this. Please be patient.

  48. During sleep, there are more than 100 steps. Decrease please the sensitivity. Firmware 0.2.2.

    1. Hello MihaV,

      Download the apk. here. It is the Google Play problem, this one works well for us.

  49. Aleksandr

    And again Hello, you updated Fundo Pro, but nothing has been fixed since it does not even run on my galaxy A 7 (2017), please correct.

    1. OK, Aleksandr, I’ll tell our engineers about this issue, did you try to uninstall and reinstall it? Thanks for your report.

      1. The new version of the program Fundo Pro of Google Play, does not start on the phone gives an error.

        1. OK, thanks for your feedback. I’ll try to download it on my S7 edge, btw, what’s your phone model?

  50. Aleksandr

    Hello dear developers of the bracelet f4 I want to once again ask you to fix the application the companion of the fundo pro because the connection is constantly lost, the second is the autonomy of the battery of greater capacity than that of mi band 2, but it keeps half the time that’s not serious, clean up the virus or there are antiviruses, the schedule of heart rate checks does not work, while I hope to fix all bugs with time.

  51. Hello. A huge request, in the next version of the firmware, calibrate the pedometer. Because the bracelet manages to count the steps, even with a slight shake.

      1. Yes it DEFINETLY is. I walked 10 steps and it counted about 40! I love a pedometer tk keep track of my steps but this is ridiculous. Please please sort this ASAP

  52. Furqan Kaleem

    Sleep measuring is not working. Battery time is too low i have to charge F4 band on daily basis plz provide me a solution.

      1. Furqan Kaleem

        Sleep mode is working now but battery still drains in 12 hrs.
        Plz tell me how to install 1.2.5 version?

          1. Furqan Kaleem

            I have updated app but still band’s battery drains in a day

          2. I’m sorry, this maybe a hardware issue. Please contact the seller, I can’t help you. 🙁

  53. It would be nice to have improved notifications.
    For example:
    – Showing a symbol on main screen for missed call
    – Showing a symbol on main screen for unread messages
    – Messages are shown with just a simple text dump on screen and sometimes text is split in a confusing way

    1. Hello Marco, I’m not sure if the chip can support these features, I’ll tell our engineers about these suggestions.

  54. The 0.2.2 firmware version drink reminder and sedentary reminder don’t work. Weather is locked to sunny. Automatic heartrate monitor don’t work. I want to return to 0.1.8 where all works well (not wheather). Please fix all.

    1. Hello Danilo, thanks for your report. Actually we are going to release a new version. Hope it works, if not, please feel free to report.

      1. With fundo 1.2.5 there are the same issues drink and sedentary reminders not work, whether it’s only sunny or rain, automatic heart-rate monitor not work. All this functions work perfectly on 0.1.8 firmware.

        1. Hello Danilo, thanks for your report. I’m gonna upload the 0.1.8 firmware on the F4 firmware update tutorial. You can flash the 0.1.8 version manually. 🙂

  55. Hello.
    I tested F4 with firmware ver. 0.2.2 (there was lowered sensitivity of touch key):
    – running 48 minutes with bracelet -> activity stopped itself after 35 minutes, when sleeve get wet from sweat
    – swimming 1 hour -> activity stopped itself after 41 minutes (water contact interacted)
    In both cases I did not touch bracelets display/touch-key.
    It needs fix!!!

    1. Hello Stefan, thanks for your feedback. I’m afraid that we can’t do nothing, once we received such reports after F4 released, we created many firmware, did many test to solve this issue. But as the limitation of one touch-key, there is no way to lock the screen while you running or swimming. What we can do is to reduce the sensitivity of the touch key. And increase the click times when you try to stop the sport. Anyway we’ll keep on working, do more test to improve it.

      1. Why don’t you try to make a lock mode as in the player. Example 5 single taps will block the action of the sensor until again will not be made 5 single taps. After that, the lock is released and the sensor works again in normal mode. You may have to use a different lock sequence, for example two short presses and one long display of this process on the screen.

        1. Hello Yandex, thanks for your suggestion. We’ll test it if this method works, thanks.

  56. Hi jon
    I just bought a smartband No.1 F4, i’m using iphone now. But I couldn’t get any email notification, smartband only send me notification relate to message and call. Can you fix this problem for the next update. And by the way, In Viet Nam we use zalo app very much. This application is very popular in Viet Nam, just like wechat in china. So please add notification for this app also, many thanks

    1. Hello Canh, email notifications? Do you enable the notifications of this app? Go to settings, enable it.

  57. Viktor01

    I use the F4 bracelet(fw v0.2.2) and the Fundo Pro (v1.2.4) app one week.
    The temperature in the F4 bracelet is an average temperature and the weather icons do not match the app (Fundo).
    Please correct the bracelet and app to indicate a real-time temperature and weather icon.
    Bug : real altitude 65m , The F4 bracelet shows :651m please fix it.

  58. Hello.. i have the F4 for several days now..
    It’s a pain to make the auto heart rate monitor work.. and can u make it to automatically measure the blood pressure and blood oxygen too? I mean.. that’s the point on having a fitness tracker.. to automatically measure the healt..
    And the pedometer is too sensitive i think..
    Please update.. thx..

      1. Yes.. I did.. it’s running on v0.2.2 on the band and v1.2.4 for the fundo..
        Can u make it automatically measure the blood pressure and blood oxygen on the next update? That’s would be nice.. thx..

  59. Hello. Weather readings are lying. On the street plus. The program on the phone and the indicator in the bracelet show a minus. GPS included.

    1. Wrong weather info. OK, thanks for your report. You are in Moscow, right? I’ll ask our engineer to check it.

  60. Hola en relación a un comentario de virus, tengo que decir que efectivamente aparece en mi terminal como una aplicación maliciosa ., Que la elimine. Se sabe algo al respecto.

    1. Hello rcampo, we’ll release the new version soon. Please be patient. Thanks for your report.

  61. Buenas noches., Tengo que de ir que sobre la insulta de actualización el tiempo, se ha solucionado. Muy bien por la actualización .
    Muchas gracias y un saludo.

  62. With the new version 0.2.2 the heartrate tracking not work. This function works perfectly with 0.1.8. With upgrades you have to improve and not damage the band.

    1. Hello Danilo, heart rate tracking? Do you mean the real-time heart rate synchronization in Fundo Pro?

      1. Yes with 0.1.8 the real-time heartrate monitoring works very well: I set a time (for example every hour) and the band measures the heartrate during the day automatically, but now I set the time (every hour) but the band doesn’t start. Also the sleep monitor is less accurate then before. Altitude and weather are not accurate: my phone report 109m but the band show 485m and at the same way for weather: my phone show rain but the band show sunny. App version 1.2.4 firmware version 0.2.2

        1. OK, thanks for your feedback, I just called our engineer and told him about this. 🙂 Please be patient, we’ll fix it. 🙂

  63. Aleksandr

    I would like to know why the version of the application 1.2.4 defines many antiviruses as a virus, even a built-in antivirus does not let you install, you have to use a full copy called techmade.

    1. Hello Aleksandr, we received such report weeks ago. We are going to release a new version. Please wait for the update.

  64. Aleksandr

    My comment the next application is just bad, constantly fails the synchronization, the pedometer works even lying in bed, the heart rate monitor and others takes the data from the air did not know that oxygen has a pulse correct application and the bracelet itself makes sense to sell a raw product?

    1. Hello MihaV, yes, we received such report weeks ago and we developed a new version. We’ll release it soon.

  65. In the graphs there is no information the y-axis. For this it is not clear how many steps completed in each time period. X-axis information is not enough, time stamps are placed too far away, would the difference not 12 hours but at least 3. Information about sleep is not correct, the dream itself is not determined correctly. It is only from 21.00 to 09.00, and in the dream I was credited the time that I was just watching the TV. Need a different algorithm for determining sleep, which gives the correct data on sleep in all day, look in the xiaomi me band, for example.

    1. Hello Yandex, thanks for your report. 😐 Yes, you are right, the pedometer is not that accurate. About the sleep monitoring, this bracelet doesn’t support something like xiaomi Mi band. Anyway, I’ll tell our engineers about this, hope they can improve it.

      1. Hello, Jon. I’m talking about displaying graphs in the app, not the accuracy of the pedometer. Try on schedule to understand how many steps passed from 10 to 11 hours and you will understand what I mean.

  66. Hello. After firmware upgrade (version 0.2.2). Readings Outdoor and Weather give erroneous testimony.
    The bracelet began to turn on spontaneously (wave of the hand) although this function is disabled. Steps are considered at any stroke, even in a sitting position. The pressure reading counts the shots without stopping (do one-time check).

    1. Hello Fobos68, about the pressure issue, we also received some reports about this. Our engineers will take on it. But about the pressure reading, you know F4 receives the data from your phone, if you did not pressure the update button, it won’t update automatically. The pedometer will count on when you move your hands, it is OK, because when you are sitting, it only counts a few steps. 🙂 I suspect that the bracelet gets a wrong positioning, that’s why the weather and altitude is wrong. Did you turn on the GPS on your phone and update it? Maybe it works.

  67. No1 f4 bracelet disconnects from the app all the time.recently updated to 0.2.2.also when driving bracelet counts steps.please fix

    1. Hello John, go to the bluetooth connection, clear all the paired devices. And reconnect it to your phone. About the steps issue, we’ll fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  68. I bought this Smart Band, but the display is really not very bright, it is impossible to use it outdoors

    1. Hello Massimo, I’m so sorry, but we can’t do nothing to improve it. Currently the one is the best. 😐

  69. Hello. The weather has not been updated for several days. GPS is included in all parameters. Version of the program 1.2.4, firmware version 0.1.8. My region Russian of Moscow.

    1. Hello, Fobos68. Thanks for your feedback. Tomorrow we’ll release a new version, hope it works for you.

  70. Hello, weather data, city data not working. It says noconnect The gps on phone is on. Please fix

    1. Hello Pmatsou, is the app version 1.2.4? Can you tell me where are you from? (Country/city) And what’s your phone model, OS? Thanks for your report.

      1. Hello Jon, the app ver is 1.2.4. I’m from Athens, Greece. Phone model is f4 v.0.1.8. I also noticed that not all notifications are showing. Per example i just got 5 emails and only 3 of them showed on the phone screen. Also altitude, pressure they don’t seem to work. I assume it is the same problem as weather data? Thanks in advance for your help.

        1. OK, Pmatsou. Thanks for your report. Tomorrow we’ll release a new version. Hope it works for you. If it still doesn’t work for you, please let me know.