5G Technology Unlocks New Possibilities for Wearable Devices

Just as the previous generation of mobile data transmission (3G and 4G) made streaming music and streaming video a reality and a possibility for daily life, 5G-which may provide speeds up to 100 times higher than previous standards, will enable the creation of new types of service and, pf course, new experience become possible.

5G brings new experience of every connection

Another advantage of 5G networks is that they allow more devices to operate in a geographic area. In busy urban areas, your mobile data signal is likely to be completely destroyed, because too many people nearby are trying to connect to the same network. In the world of wearable devices, we may often have several devices competing for bandwidth. 5G should provide a solution to this problem.

  Life and work is getting more convenient with new invention

Another knock-on effect is that wearable devices will also become smaller and lighter because the device itself does not need to contain powerful data processing hardware. There will be enough bandwidth to allow all of this to be done in the cloud. This means that we will see the end of bulky VR and AR helmets, as well as the emergence of a more comfortable life and portable equipment.

Small things connect the world

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