A big leak about Galaxy Watch 5

There are still a few months left before the 2022 Samsung will release its all-new Galaxy Watch 5, but some rumors about the watch are flying around. One of the rumors is that Galaxy Watch 5 Pro version is likely to have a monster battery that is listed 572mAh among the specs. The existing 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 packs a 361mAh battery – so this could be a 60% boost in time away from the charger.

Galaxy Watch 4

According to a Korean certification, the model number of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is SM-R925, while the Galaxy Watch 4 was RM-825, which does indicate a jump in generation. With a much bigger battery capacity, it would be interesting to see how Samsung packs the battery into a 45mm watch case if without an increase in size.

From these rumors, we can sense the big pressure on Samsung to increase battery life, as Galaxy Watch 4 still offers a single day away from a charger. This kind of battery performance is definitely unable to meet people’s needs in battery life, while many smartwatches from other brands can last for around 7 days for typical use.

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