A Heated Debate on Google Plus

Last week, I did a survey on Google+ community, a topic about “Smart watch whether it is useful”, it aroused a heated debate.


From the vote, we can see that there are 62% people think that smart watch is useful. Actually, I find this result not surprising. According the current condition of smart watch market, the result is normal. From the comments, some people were negative. They thought smart watch just like an expensive toy. It’s useless and waste of money, even some people didn’t have a smart watch and use it. I think these are not objective comments. They’ve never used a smart watch and only based on their thought process. It’s not fair for smart watches themselves. On the contrary, most people thought smart watches can help them a lot, they believe that technology and life should work together to create a balance and make life easier.

Anyway, we live in a time of great technological advancements. We should believe that smart watch will be more and more useful and important in daily life.

Actually, I’ve wrote an article before this survey, it’s also talk about this topic. If you have any interest about this topic, welcome to read my article:


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