A significant OTA update in NO.1 D5+ Android watch

How to change to square format in NO.1 D5+? No,there is no such settings.

We received many comments about this question and probably we’ll say no. Although we all want to make it more user friendly, but for some limitation,we can’t solve it.

But now the answer is yes, you can change it to square format since the 12.26 OTA update!


Download the firmware and update it. The current version is 161226.

Then go to settings–>Display–>Interface Style, there are two options Normal display and Zoom display.

The Zoom display can change the third party app interface style to a square format.


Select the Zoom display, then open an app you installed. You would get a square display.


Update: We have uploaded this firmware to the NO.1 website, you can download it here.


Thanks for reading, hope this update makes this watch easier to operate.

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4 thoughts on “A significant OTA update in NO.1 D5+ Android watch”

  1. Martin Prüshoff

    This is a great benefit for the use of this watches.
    But I have one more thing I would have corrected with the D5+.
    I know several people who possesses this watch that can not get the correct moon phase onto the watch faces. Will you ever try to fix this problem? It may not occur on every watch but at least on watches in Europe.

    1. Hello, I think it is not the watch issue, but the watch face’s. Is it a stock watch face? Uninstall and reinstall can’t solve it? Then I think it is the moon phase rotating xml file went wrong. And I’m afraid I can’t help you. Maybe I can find the correct one. And I’ll start a new post about watch face, keep an eye out for our updates.

  2. I’ve never had an issue with the round display because I use a stylus with my D5+. It’s perfect just the way it is. Great update. Thank you

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. There will be more great update, please keep an eye out for NO.1 Facebook, Google Plus or here. We’ll update it as soon as we make such update.

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