And finally: No.1 G9 comes to market

Our verdict: No.1 G9 is a brand new Android smartwatch that many people keep craving. It was rumored that it was supposed to be market in 2017. The good news is that DTNO.1 will release No.1 G9 in late may in June. Let’s talk about everything we know about this wearable so far.

Display and Screen

As for No.1 G9 smartwatch, No.1 still chooses a 1.3 inch TFT color touch screen, the weight is XXX. It is a combination of temperate glass screen watch body and silicone strap. When it comes to waterproof rating, No.1 G9 is water resistant to IP67. The screen resolution is 240*240 px. There are 3 vibrant color model, all black, olive green and coral red.

Spec and Interface

You get 3 buttons on the watch, the left one is for SIM card.2 button on the right, one for 5 pin USB charge, the other is the power button. It looks like No.1 F5 but more functional. Why it deserves so much to love? It supports SIM card and 2g network. You can make/receive phone calls. What I need to point out is the new chip MTK2503. It means that you can use No.1 G9 as an independent phone or companion device for your cellphone. And No.1 G9 supports VXP watch faces. What’s more, 8 multisport modes, walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, football, basketball and more.It includes air pressure sensor(barometer) for elevation,accelerometer,optical heart rate sensor(PPG).You can check real-time air pressure, altimeter,24/7 heart rate right from your wrist. One of the biggest new features is GPS. With the help of a compass, No.1 G9 monitors your daily workout more accurate.As many people may concern, it automatically analyzes your sleep and breaks into 4 states, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep and awake. Stay connected to your world, You can turn on message notification and your favorite app alerts in companion app DTNO.1.Every part of your day matters , track steps, distances and calorie burned.

Battery and Charge

With 520mah battery capacity, you can have 7 days daily use without GPS and SIM card. the charging time is 2 hours. The charging method is 5 pin USB charge. DTNo.1 is back with another amazing real android smartwatch-No.1 G9, maybe another breakthrough.