Announcement about the D7 firmware issues

Sorry for the inconvenience and the bad experience caused by D7.

Thanks for keeping tuned for No.1 D7. It is a difficult time for both of us. I know the wrong position, weather and the terrible battery life are really annoying.

We have made many firmware versions to fix these issues, test it over and over again before the firmware release. We also provide several beta versions for our partners and kindly friends from No.1 Google community to test, thanks for helping us to resolve these issues, without your kindly help we can’t solve the issues.

And today we released a new firmware, 6-13 version. The firmware has resolved all the known issues. The GPS positioning, weather, battery life, the open hand to show time feature, the compass, the power button issues. All the issues have resolved. You just need to check the wireless update, accept the OTA, update to the latest firmware and don’t forget to make a factory reset after you update it. If not the updates of this firmware will not automatically install.

And about changing time zone issue, the new Funfit app has resolved this, we’ll soon release a new Funfit app.

Greetings from No.1 team.

Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “Announcement about the D7 firmware issues”

  1. Afonso Pimentel

    My d7 just arrived and it has no heart rate app. The firmware is up to date. I can’t find the app that should come with the watch on the play store.
    Do you have any suggestions?

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