Apple Watch rival : NO.1 G3+ Smart watch

What are your needs for the current smart table? The appearance of the size of the thickness to be close to the traditional table, life is not too bad, there should be texture, round, App application should be more cool enough? These conditions we look to the two AW systems (Apple Watch and Android Wear). Seems to be temporarily unable to find a reasonable answer. However, very early on into the smart watch market NO.1. In the recently, NO.1 gave us an extremely attractive new products Smart watch No. G3 +. At the same time, this watch is an upgraded version of NO.1 G3.


NO.1 G3 + front is a 1.3-inch, resolution 240 x 240 round IPS screen. The screen size compared to moto360 to be slightly smaller. But NO.1 G3 + screen maintained a pure circular shape. The hardware platform is MTK2502. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to notice that the top of the dial hidden a “bezel.” NO.1 called it “analog bezel.” It is the traditional watch on the rotating bezel is somewhat similar. However, the function of the two is very different. The traditional watch on the rotating bezel function only has a “look” role. Only allow users to time, adjust the time difference or decoration.

But the biggest function of analog bezel is not decorative. A new way of interacting. NO.1 is also used in smart watches, the biggest innovation. Analog bezel feel quite good. Each rotation to a node will be accompanied by a mechanical “click” sound. The operation of switching and the like can be realized by rotation.

no.1 g3+ no.1 g3+

NO.1 G3 + of the table body is generally used in the traditional mechanical watch 316L stainless steel. This material has a strong corrosion resistance, durability and strength compared to the plastic table is much better. The back of the watch is a heart rate sensor. It can monitor the wearer’s heart rate changes at any time. When heart rate monitoring is used, it emits green light. NO.1 G3 + fashion strap using a relatively soft rubber material. Delicate touch without blunt.

no.1 g3+

NO.1 G3 + supports adsorption charging. When the watch near to the charge, you will be able to watch the data through the magnetic adsorption and together. Make sure that the watch will not be charged unsuccessfully due to the offset. Users can also modify the design of the dial, the design of different styles of dial. Including dial scale, pointer, font, and so on. To meet the needs of different users.

no.1 g3+ no.1 g3+

For smart watches, the motion tracking function can be said to be one of the basic functions. Push function also allows you to not miss any important information in the phone. More basic functions, NO.1 G3 + and NO.1 G3 are very similar. By the way, NO.1 G3+ can not insert the SIM Card. But it can rotate the bezel. About this function, we have video.

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