Apple watch series 4 –All new, for a better you

Apple unveiled Apple series watch 4 on September 12th   iphone XS launch event.

The new watch will help you stay more active, healthy and connected.

Design and Display

It comes in 2 sizes 40mm and 42mm(upgrade from 38mm and 40mm) and 30% larger display screen. The new watch including a new digital crown that has a haptic feedback and a red circle for LTE model instead of red dot in apple watch 3.It equips with a new louder speaker and put microphone to the other side. This may improve better call quality, talk to Siri and reception ,decrease echo problem.

As for colors, it’s the same space grey, sliver and gold aluminum in sports look, and more expensive stainless steel pattern in sliver ,gold and black. But there are some Nike+ and Hermes edition for you to pick.

Watch faces

There are new dynamic faces with fire, water and vapour graphics.

And you can now have up to 8 complications on the face.

Many people use breath app to lower their heart rate or mediation, which is served as a watch face now. In this way, you can simply raise your wrist and let it guide you to deep breath.

Spec and Battery

The new watch is using Apple’s new S4 silicon which is 64 bit dual core processor,

Twice faster than Apple watch 3.And brand new accelerometer and gyroscope that improves performance, have twice dynamic range and sample motion data 8 times faster.

The battery life is the same 18 hours but Apple increases outdoor workout time to 6 hours with full GPS tracking.


Software and Special healthy feature

The new watch is preinstalled with watch OS 5,improved notification, auto work out, smarter Siri, and new walkie talkie mode so on.

ECG Heart Tracking

ECG(Electrocardiogram) heart tracking which is first in its kind in smart watch draws much attention this time.

ECG is mostly used in professional medical equipment. Now you can simply place a finger on digital crown for ECG test. You can use this function only with ECG app. But the ECG app will come later in this year. When the new watch spots your heart rate is too high, too slow or other irregular rhythm. You will get a notification and consult doctor for help.

Fall Detection

If the series 4 detects a fall, it works this out from the movement of your arms like slipping ,falling or other similar actions. the new watch will initiate to call emergency service and your emergency contacts using the SOS feature. If you don’t respond to this alert within 5 seconds, it will make the all for you.


The series 4 starts at $399(with GPS)or $499 (with cellular).

What do you expect from a smart watch? Fitting, health or anything else.

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