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NO.1 F5/F7, how to manually update the firmware?

As you know, how to update the F5/F7 firmware, simply you can go to the HPlus –>Mine –>Firmware version, click it you can update to the latest version. You can download the latest HPlus here. Actually there is also another way, you can update it manually. This method also works for NO.1 F7. First, download the app/firmware here or this one 1.6.3 version. (The firmware is encoded as an application) There is a new firmware 1.66 version. Here is the latest firmware 1.66.15.  (And this one is the latest NO.1 F7 firmware.) Second, install and open the app(dfu). Third, click the select device to pair your watch. Fourth, find the correct Bluetooth address and connect it. (if your watch is bricked, the device name is started as D_) Fifth, after connect to watch, click the upload to update the firmware to the watch. Waiting for the update process to 100%, if firmware updated successfully, the watch will vibrate and a message ‘the firmware uploaded to the device successfully’ will pop up in the app.This version is the latest one, there is a important update in the GPS sports training section. Just install and find it by yourself, personally I think this update is very useful.

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NO.1 F4 important updates

The new firmware is just released. We have made some important updates in this version. Long press the key button to enter the menu; Double click to exit the swimming mode Improve the dynamic heart rate monitoring Data report of sleep monitoring on F4 This is the main updates, any issues feel free to comment.  

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How to update the F4/F6 firmware manually

Recently NO.1 releases the F4, the multi-sport mode bracelet. It is a pity that the companion app Fundo Pro can only support English and Chinese, so does the bracelet. We received some feedback about this, it is important to include other languages in the app. So we’re now doing the translations. But not the bracelet, you know, there are only several words in bracelet, you can even guess the function via the icons. So we are going to release a new firmware for F4, to delete the words under the icons. *This method also works for NO.1 F6, you can download the F6 firmware here* Latest F6 firmware.This firmware improves the pedometer algorithm. So if you receive a F4 with the words under the icons, if you mind the English display, you can follow this tutorial to update your F4 to a pure version. Download the Nrf Master Control APP and the firmware here. Or the version 2.3, the latest version 2.6.(this version fixed the pedometer issue.) Extract the file, install the Nrf Master control app in your phone, don’t unzip the F4_20170826 firmware. Find the correct Mac address, connect it. After the connection is successful, click the Unknown service. Click the unknown characteristic Input the value 42, click send. Click the ‘X’ button, then refresh the app to find the DfuTarg, connect it.   Click this button then go to this window to choose the firmware.   Waiting for the update process Done. If you failed to update, the bracelet will  reset after

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NO.1 G6 new firmware

So this is the G6 new watchface firmware. You can download it here. There are five watchfaces in the new firmware, one old watchface with four new beautiful watchfaces. How to use these new watchface? Please download the firmware and make a firmware update manually. You can follow this tutorial to update your watchface. Warning! Your watch must have enough battery life for firmware update, 50 % is OK. Sorry this firmware only works with G6 second generation heart rate version. Any question about how to make a firmware update, feel free to ask. If you want a quicker reply, you can come here, I’ll try my best to help you.

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How to install VXP face in NO.1 G8

  No.1 G8 is MT 2502 smartwatch which is supposed to support VXP face. But as you read in the previous post about G8, there are many new features in No.1 G8, like blood pressure, three modes, outdoor functions(air-pressure, temp, UV), etc. There are too many new features which take up the storage space, there is no more space for vxp faces. A MT2502 watch doesn’t support vxp face? That’s crazy. So we decide to develop a new firmware for the vxp faces, but we can’t increase the storage, we must cut some features to release the storage. The SIM card feature/mobile data will be banned in the new firmware, that means you can’t use it as an independent phone(but bluetooth calling is OK). To use this firmware, you need to upgrade to the latest firmware manually. How to make a firmware upgrade, please check this tutorial And be aware, the battery life should not be less than 80%. I just downloaded and installed several watchface, both of them work well. But this firmware still need some optimizations, so please wait for a few days. Any news I’ll let you know. Good news! The new firmware which supports vxp face releases! You can download it here. And sorry about the convenience, if the sim feature is needed, we’ll keep on working, later we’ll develop the new firmware which supports both of the vxp face and sim feature.

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How to upgrade F2 firmware manually?

Hi all, we  received some feedback about the firmware upgrade issue in F2. Recently we just figure out how to upgrade the firmware manually. First, you need to download the 分动手环test app. Second, download the latest firmware here. Third, connect your phone to computer, transfer the firmware to your phone, the folder FundoAppManager–>FundoCache, then rename the firmware to HANMAC_WATCH_K_PRO.img. (Don’t change the file extension) Fourth, go to your phone, settings –> app manager –> app permission management, scroll down find the 分动手环test, click, then enable the storage permission. Tick up the two options.   Fifth, go to the 分动手环test, connect F2 to 分动手环test, after connected successfully, click the 文件发送, the first option, to upgrade your watch. Done, you just upgrade your F2 firmware. If the temp will not update automatically, there is a method, go to Fundo bracelet, swipe down then the app will update. If you get a wrong temp, clear the data of Fundo bracelet, then you’ll get a correct temp. The latest Fundo bracelet version is You can download it here. How to update the weather? Scroll down to update.

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NO.1 MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps

Good news! The MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps. It supports date, battery level and the heart rate, steps, all these features. You can also click the heart rate icon to go to the heart rate monitor app, and the steps to the pedometer. G8 is the first watch which supports this feature.(at least among the NO.1 products) And we know some of you NO.1 G6 users are tired of the ugly stock watchface, especially the football watchface. We are going to release some firmware to replace the watch face with a nice one, which supports heart rate and steps. Please comment what kind of watch face do you like, if possible, images will help a lot. Thanks. Have a good day.

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Announcement about the D7 firmware issues

Sorry for the inconvenience and the bad experience caused by D7. Thanks for keeping tuned for No.1 D7. It is a difficult time for both of us. I know the wrong position, weather and the terrible battery life are really annoying. We have made many firmware versions to fix these issues, test it over and over again before the firmware release. We also provide several beta versions for our partners and kindly friends from No.1 Google community to test, thanks for helping us to resolve these issues, without your kindly help we can’t solve the issues. And today we released a new firmware, 6-13 version. The firmware has resolved all the known issues. The GPS positioning, weather, battery life, the open hand to show time feature, the compass, the power button issues. All the issues have resolved. You just need to check the wireless update, accept the OTA, update to the latest firmware and don’t forget to make a factory reset after you update it. If not the updates of this firmware will not automatically install. And about changing time zone issue, the new Funfit app has resolved this, we’ll soon release a new Funfit app. Greetings from No.1 team. Have a good day.

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We are here for support

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the D7 firmware. Although we have released a new firmware which does solve some issues, there are still some. I’ve recorded every issue we’ve found, we have resolved some of them. Thanks for helping us to solve these issues. Tomorrow, we’ll release a new firmware. This one is for the battery usage app, for battery life issue. I just read something useful. +Jiantree * He found a way to solve the Auto-wake-up feature, after firmware update, you just need to long press the power button to cut off the power, and then this feature will work again. Thanks for his help, we are also working on this, hope this help. And about June 6 or June 7, we’ll release another firmware. This one focuses on the issues we’ve found. Sorry again. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. Thanks. Have a good day.

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NO.1 G3+ Official Firmware

Version A : Chinese (default), Traditional Chinese, English   Version B : English (default), French, Spanish, Portuguese, BZ Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese   Version C : English (default), Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Myanmar   Version D : English (default), Chinese, Czech, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Dutch, Romanian   Version E : English, Japanese, Korean NO.1 G3+ page : Tutorial : Drivers : Tool : Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: Google+: NO.1 Official online store :

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