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NO.1 Smartwatch What can we expect this year?

In the last year, NO.1 Smartwatch launched NO.1 F2, F3, S9, G8, Gs8, F4, F5, these products are popular all over the world, especially the F-series products, these outdoor sport watches are very popular with the sports lovers, for its outstanding features, professional waterproof, stylish appearance and the long battery life. You can check this annual summary video. Thanks for stay tuned with us, thanks for your likes. This year, we’ll keep moving on to develop more products, something smarter, more useful, more user-friendly. F series is the main products of NO.1. The main direction of NO.1 product is the outdoors, sport. As a sport watch, GPS, waterproof, speed, calorie-burnt, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, weather forecast, display, (I know ur complaints about the F5) GPX file, (oh yes, this is the most asked questions, it is a pity that F5 doesn’t support exporting the GPX file.)   F5 is a great watch, imho, for the independent GPS, fully use the GPS sensor to calculate the speed, pace, generate trajectory, etc.   Take it to go for a marathon, portable, skinny design, user friendly UI, the screen will lock in the sports interface, we create separate interfaces for each data, speed, pace, time, calorie, steps, etc. You can have a glance at the pace interface easily while you are running.   Also check the heart rate monitoring regularly to adjust your speed, rhythm. The long battery life allows you to use the GPS throughout the game.   Enjoy the sports, sweat, enjoy running in the rains, IP67 waterproof

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How to take off the F3 back cover?

How to turn on the F3? Usually you can hold the mode and start button to turn it on. Although this method works for all this kind of products, occasionally, when you receive your F3, you can’t turn it on with this method, don’t worry. there is a way to solve it. This is not the hardware issue, but the bad contact of power button. This video will show you how to deal with it. OK, generally you just need to take off the back cover, then take the chip out, hold the mode and start button until the screen lights up. Then you can put it back, be careful, the four buttons should be fit well with the frame.

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How to install drivers manually?

As you know if you don’t install the drivers correctly, your watch will not be detected by the computer, let alone flash the firmware. I just read something about how to install the drivers manually. Download the android_cdc_driver. SP_tool is best compatible with Android_cdc_driver, if you want to use the SP_tool correctly then you should download it and install in on your computer. Download the Android_vcom_driver. If the Android_cdc_driver doesn’t work for you. You can try Android_vcom_driver, this driver also supports all Mediatek devices. How to install the android_cdc_driver manually? First, extract the file on your desktop. Second, go to Device Manager, click the Administrator/user name, click the Action button, select the second option Add legacy hardware. Then a ‘Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard’ window shows up, click next . Third, in the ‘The wizard can help you install other hardware’ window select the second option install the hardware that I manually select fr om a list(Advanced) then in the select the type of hardware window, you don’t need to select anything, just click next. Fourth, Select the device driver, click have disk. Then browse your computer, go to desktop, select the .inf file you just extracted.(You need to figure out your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, before you choose the .inf file) Click OK , then click next. Sixth, while installing the drivers, a windows security warning may show up, just install this driver software anyway. Click Finish. Check the Ports, if you install this driver successfully, you can see it in the Ports section. You

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NO.1安卓智能手表D7 续航5天

走过了概念阶段,经历了装饰时期,在人们还在惊叹三星Gear S3那漂亮的外观时,2017年诺嘉源NO.1已经拉开了实用主义的序幕,指引您真切地走进场景应用,最新一款安卓智能手表NO.1 D7出现在我们的视野中。 究竟有何特别之处?据我所知,NO.1 D7采用1.3英寸IPS时尚圆屏设计,表壳由316L不锈钢精心打造而成,相对比普通表壳更持久耐用。外观搭配独特的劳力士蚝式三角坑纹表圈,塑造经典手表的设计风格。融合意大利羊皮表带,更显时尚高端。 智能手表已然成为移动行业的一大关注点,但直到现在,它们仍旧没能达到消费者的需求,其主要原因是智能手表难以言喻的电池性能。关于智能手表,NO.1是最稳定的公司之一,因为NO.1持续不断地开发智能手表以及拓展国内外市场。最引人注目的便是能够独立操作的全智能Android手表,最近新出的NO.1 D7,更吸引更多消费者的关注,因为NO.1 承诺D7拥有5天的待机时间,是之前D5,D6的双倍待机,这一改进确实蛮吸引人。 为了实现这一点,NO.1 D7搭载了超省电双核芯片与Android系统,RAM 1G和ROM 8G内存恰到好处,成功实现能耗优化。此外,似乎更新到二代心率传感器,对日常的活动进行监测,更有内置运动跟踪器,全天候精准地监测您日常的睡眠时长和质量、运动量、卡路里、距离,帮助您完成运动目标。新增的指南针、海拔对比同行的手表也是比较少见的功能,这对于户外爱好运动者来说,无疑是一个优质的选择。 先前D5,D6提供GPS定位系统和独特的定制功能,可支持自定义多种时尚表盘,想必D7至少也应该是这样的配置。不止如此,NO.1 D7可插SIM卡使手表能够像手机一样独立使用,其3G网络和WIFI的顺畅程度,促使用户能够下载更多APP,开辟更多功能乐趣,使用起来也更加方便。 作为智能手表通用的功能,蓝牙4.0智能提醒信息内容自然是商务系列的NO.1 D7 不可或缺的。它可兼容Android和IOS系统的智能手机,此兼容性无疑会大大地增加受众群体。 NO.1 D7 优酷视频: 目前,相对比之前的D5+降低了很多,听说价格只要Apple Watch系列的1/10,这诚然是个非常有优势的价格。但这款手表仍然还没正式出售,估计近期会开始预售,不知道将让我们等待多久呢?

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NO.1 Android Smart watch D7, standby time 5 days

Through the concept of the stage, experienced a decorative period. In the people still marvel at the beautiful appearance of Samsung Gear S3, 2017 Nuo Jiayuan NO.1 has opened the prelude to pragmatism. They guide you to really into the scene application, the latest one Android smart watch NO.1 D7 appear in our field of vision. What is the difference? As far as I know, NO.1 D7 with 1.3 inch IPS fashion round screen design. Case made of 316L stainless steel carefully crafted. This is more durable than ordinary case. Its appearance with a unique Rolex Oyster triangle pendants, create a classic watch design style. Fusion Italian sheepskin strap, even more fashionable and high-end. Smart watches have become a major concern in the mobile industry. But until now, they still can not meet the needs of consumers. The main reason is that smart watches are unspeakable for battery performance. On the smart watch, NO.1 is one of the most stable companies. Because NO.1 continue to develop smart watches and expand domestic and foreign markets. The most striking is the ability to operate independently of the all-intelligent Android watch. Recently out of the NO.1 D7, more attractive to more consumer attention. Because NO.1 commitment D7 has 5 days of standby time. This is before D5, D6 double standby, this improvement is really quite attractive. In order to achieve this, NO.1 D7 equipped with a super-power dual-core chip and Android system. RAM 1G and ROM 8G memory just right, the successful implementation

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The First NFC Smart Watch NO.1 S9 On Sale

The new year smart watch should have some changes? NO.1 has begun to launch the latest product NO.1 S9 smart watch. This is a new sport design, NO.1 offers a smart watch with a Samsung look. At the same time, it is also NO.1 first NFC-enabled smart watch. It will also have a second generation heart rate test. NO.1 has metal strap and leather strap. NO.1 S9 has 1.3 inch IPS screen with 240 x 240 pixels, coming with fashionable and luxurious design, it is made of 316L stainless steel case, which is more durable and lasting, it has made 216 ways of CNC processing. Of course the usual functions like pedometer, Bluetooth connection, remote camera, all the notifications etc. are present in full force. Battery sports a 380 mAh capacity and No.1 S9 is compatible of course both with Android and iOS. Since it is the appearance of Samsung, there will naturally be some contrast, please check our video on Samsung S3 VS NO.1 S9. The price is the advantage. Meanwhile, it can offer you with various choices according to its strap design such as black leather belt, brown leather belt, silver steel strip, and black steel strip. Therefore, you can customize your smartwatch in different color and different material, of course, including various online watch faces. More watch faces, you can download from our Watch Face Website. NO.1 S9 is a very powerful and practical smartwatch with high quality design. Most users would like to have a try, especially

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No.1 F2 Smart Watch Band can go on a year without charging

As well as we known Chinese wearable makers No.1 kicked off the New Year 2017 with a new smart bracelet model and the No.1 F2 is a outdoor sporty type, which looks pretty massive at a first glance. Based on the ultra energy efficient Dialog DA14580 with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module it can surely offer some good battery life. About its functions, of course, it can also support those useful and practical features such as pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie consumption, notifications for calls, text, news,and so on. It can monitor the altitude, air pressure, ultraviolet radiation and temperature, so it will be your best devices for outdoors. The most impressive feature of all, is its battery life. Our company claims that it has a standby time of up to a year without charging. As for the rest of its features, it is more than enough equipped. As with all smartwatches, it supports SMS, Call and social network push notifications. Of course, a device like this couldn’t sport anything less than IP68 certification, which means that it’s dustproof as well as waterproof up to 30 meters below sea level. The smartwatch bracelet sports a 1,1-inch circular always-on display with mineral glass over it, steel back cover, silicone strap and the full IP68 certification, making it waterproof up to 30m depth. It will be available in black, blue and green color variants and the weight will be just 80g. We have for you an official video, where you can check the build

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NO.1 F1 Smartband VS Samsung Gear Fit 2, which one is your like?

With the continuous development of intelligent hardware technology, the international smart wear equipment have also poured into the market. Intelligent device of mind, but also to more convenient services to human life. They help people to establish and cultivate healthy lifestyle. Through the Internet intelligent data continue to help people improve the health base. One hand ring class, watch the type of hardware devices are more common. Some of them worth a lot of money, some people can easily accept. So, today we look at the hands of the two bracelets, which is more worth buying. US local time on June 2, Samsung released in New York, the new sports bracelet – Samsung Gear Fit 2. The price is $ 179. The release of the hand ring with the NO.1 F1, the price was actually seven times the NO.1 F1 Smartband, which can be how to choose it? Samsung Gear Fit 2 Gear Fit 2 is the 2014 version of Gear Fit upgrade, based on ergonomic design, add GPS. This time, Gear Fit 2 new heart rate sensor, support and S Health and other synchronization. Gear Fit 2 will be equipped with a 1.55-inch @ 216 × 432 resolution Super AMOLED display, 1GHz production processor, 512MB RAM +2 GB ROM, 200mAh battery, and through the IP68 level waterproof certification (meaning the device can be 1.5 Meters deep in the water for half an hour). Added GPS, new heart rate sensor, can display the time, steps, calories, the current active state.

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Apple Watch rival : NO.1 G3+ Smart watch

What are your needs for the current smart table? The appearance of the size of the thickness to be close to the traditional table, life is not too bad, there should be texture, round, App application should be more cool enough? These conditions we look to the two AW systems (Apple Watch and Android Wear). Seems to be temporarily unable to find a reasonable answer. However, very early on into the smart watch market NO.1. In the recently, NO.1 gave us an extremely attractive new products Smart watch No. G3 +. At the same time, this watch is an upgraded version of NO.1 G3. NO.1 G3 + front is a 1.3-inch, resolution 240 x 240 round IPS screen. The screen size compared to moto360 to be slightly smaller. But NO.1 G3 + screen maintained a pure circular shape. The hardware platform is MTK2502. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to notice that the top of the dial hidden a “bezel.” NO.1 called it “analog bezel.” It is the traditional watch on the rotating bezel is somewhat similar. However, the function of the two is very different. The traditional watch on the rotating bezel function only has a “look” role. Only allow users to time, adjust the time difference or decoration. But the biggest function of analog bezel is not decorative. A new way of interacting. NO.1 is also used in smart watches, the biggest innovation. Analog bezel feel quite good. Each rotation to a node will be accompanied by a

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No.1 G6 умные часы со сменными ремешками

Сегодня я хочу рассказать о недорогих умных часах No.1 G6, которые мне были предоставлены для написания обзора. Я постарался к данному вопросу подойти объективно и указать на сильные и слабые стороны данных часов. Технические характеристики со странички продавца: Hardware Brand: NO.1 Built-in chip type: MTK2502 Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Functions Bluetooth calling: Dialing,Phone call reminder Messaging: Message reminder Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Pedometer,Sedentary reminder,Sleep monitor Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music Notification type: Facebook,Twitter Alert type: Vibration Other function: Alarm Screen Screen resolution: 240 x 240 Screen size: 1.2 inch Operating mode: Press button,Touch Screen Battery Type of battery: Polymer Lithium Battery Battery Capacty: 380mAh General People: Male table Dial and Band Shape of the dial: Round Case material: Stainless Steel Band material: TPU Features Compatible OS: Android,IOS Language: English,French,German,Italian,Portuguese,Portuguese (Brazil),Russian,Spanish,Turkish Available color: Black,Silver Weight and Size Product size (L x W x H): 5.55 x 4.50 x 1.00 cm / 2.19 x 1.77 x 0.39 inches Package size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches Product weight: 0.055 kg Package weight: 0.156 kg   Упаковка и комплектация Прилетели умные часы в мелком пакете, обмотанном желтым скотчем. Внутри пакета находилась обмотанная в пупырыщатый целлофан фирменная коробка компании No.1. Упаковка стандартна для компании. На верхней части расположен фирменный принт с логотипом компании. На правом торце расположена информация об основных технических характеристиках часов. На левом торце есть наклейка, благодаря которой можно сразу определить, в каком цвете исполнена конкретная модель. Внутри коробки расположены

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