Cicret Bracelet Can be Turns the Wrist into a Touch Screen

Smart watch is not a new things, smart bracelet is also very common. But, is there a new type wearable device that which can take into account both with smart watches’ functionality and small size?

Yes. Now a Cicret Bracelet projection smart watch has been officially in Indiegogo crowdfunding.


Cicret Bracelet built-in miniature projection device, the screen can be projected onto the user’s arm. There are also eight sensors inside the Cicret Bracelet, which are used to detect the users’ actions touch on the screen. This means that the user will needs to be projected the screen on his arm , and then in his own arm to complete all operations, no longer have to take out the phone from the pocket or backpack. Cicret Bracelet will be built-in processor, flash memory, vibration motor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, sensors and projectors. Without carrying cell phone still can be used independently, is very convenient. At the same time, Cicret Bracelet can even be similar with ordinary smart phone, you can use it video chat, and any manner of communicate with any person, pictures, videos, audio, files, notes and so on. In addition, Cicret Bracelet also supports the waterproof, so in the case of raining or taking a shower may be any operated, completely will not affect the use effect of on your wrist projection. Basically, Cicret Bracelet to use the feelings and ordinary smart phones without particularly big difference, for users who want to try wearable device, it is definitely one of the most innovative smart bracelet.

At present, Cicret Bracelet has basically completed the crowdfunding goal in the Indiegogo, and has started production. If all goes well, it will begin delivery next year.

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