Compare No.1 Smartwatch with Apple Watch

Nowadays,many people are attracted by the great multifunction of smartwatchesand dependent on using them. Smartwatches are turning to be a part ofpeople’s everyday life. Smartwatches as a fashion symbol, get moreand more people’s favorite. If you still don’t have a smartwatch, youshould probably start thinking of having one.

Manymanufacturers compete in the field of smartwatch, No.1 smartwatch &smartphone manufacturer is one of them. Faced with such fiercecompetition, as a manufacturer of android smartwatch, we are alwayslearning and growing.

Lookingover smartwatch market, there’s no doubt that Apple Watch iscurrently the most popular smartwatches on the market, but it alsohas some disadvantages.

First,it can’t compatible with IOS and Android system, run its applicationsoftware will need to rely on iphone processor, if left iphone, AppleWatch its use value will be greatly reduced. In other words, if youwant to use the Apple Watch, you must buy an iphone. But our companyhas several smartwatches can solve the problem, such as No.1 D5smartwatch. It can be perfectly compatible with IOS and Androidsystem. Therefore, a watch which can be perfectly compatible withandroid and IOS system may be a good choice. What do you think?


Second,as everyone knows, its battery life is too low, its standby time onlyabout 18 hours, it need to charge every day, this makes thosecustomers who want to buy Apple Watch keep it at arms’ length. ButNo.1 D5 smartwatch battery capacity is 450mAh, its standby time about120 hours. Therefore, No.1 D5 smartwatch battery life is longer thanApple Watch, you don’t have to worry about the watch without powerand causing inconvenience to you.

Third,Apple Watch priced too high. All styles of watches are more than$300. The most expensive watch is more than $ 15,000. It’s reallyamazing. For most working-class people to say, Apple Watch is tooexpensive. But most of our watches are low-cost, high-qualityand high performance price ratio products, and most products priceare less than $ 100. For those working-class people, they can affordthese products. Thus it can be seen that Apple Watch price is the No.1 smart watch several times or even more than hundred times. In thatway, does price will influence your buying decision?

Ofcourse, nothing is perfect. Compared with Apple Watch, we also havemany shortcomings. In the future we will continue to work hard, andcreating more and better smartwatches for you. Stay tuned for us.

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