Custom dial

There are various of smartwatches.In such fierce competition,why do you choose us?For the stable firmware,the beautiful outlook,the low price,the durability,etc?

There is a reason that you guys choose us.It is the custom dial or calls watchface, clockskin. It is no doubt that the watchface looks beautiful on our smartwatches.

You can create your own watchface then load up on your watch.Kind of satisfied come out when you raise your wrist.We have four products D5,D5+,D6,G3,that can add custom dial.

We have an official publication about how to make a custom dial.


You can download the tool follow the course to make one.

By the way,there are many developers  made some tools to create more watchface. Although  they are genius you should  careful it’s all on your responsibility to apply them.

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