D5,D5+ watchface bug solved

As I said,you guys love the D5 AND D5  plus for the various beautiful watchfaces. There once was a issue about changing watchface.

You might press the black image while changing the watchface and then the screen went black.This issue is  caused by the bad connectivity.But we have paired the black images on download preview list,we also paired the black images caused by the empty folder.With the new firmware,you can solve the black image via OTA update.

You could download the latest firmware here.

https://chinawatchs.com/download-39.html This one is for D5 ,sorry for the bad experience just download it to solve this issue.

https://chinawatchs.com/download-53.html This one is for D5+ .

Thank you for your support.

Contact us :https://chinawatchs.com

32 thoughts on “D5,D5+ watchface bug solved”

  1. Hi, I updated my D5+ In smart watch to last version and still have the bug issue, what shoul I do???
    I checked the clock face folder and it’s not there.

  2. Guys, i need help.

    I own a NO.1 D5+ and i am unable to connect to my iPhone 4S.
    Pairing is working fine, however while connecting i have got an unsupported device from the phone.

    I have sent an email to NO.1 on their official website from the D5+ firmware section, but there was no answer so far.

    I would really appreciate anyone’s help.


  3. I don’t understand how you think this bug is solved ? The issue is not on the watch. The issue is the terrible connectivity with the server that hosts these watch faces. In some countries you get some unreliable connectivity while in others you get none at all !! The issue is incomplete downloads causing the launcher data base to become corrupt and is still happening all over the world….. Causing customers to have to flash their watch with full firmware to recover from it.

    1. Thank you for your detailed explanation.
      We know the bad connectivity cause the issue,what we solved is deleted the black images on D5,D5+. There is no more black image unless you download some which can’t display.
      We also noticed that some users complaint that download watchfaces via ‘+ button’
      may also cause such problem.
      We just try to make it better and more convenient for you.Sorry for bad experience.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  4. No problem – and thanks for your reply.
    The black faces issue is also a symptom / problem caused by partial downloads from the server. Part of the package is downloaded and the watch will allow it to install – even if something is missing.
    Sometimes it is the main image that is missing and so the watch displays a “black space” instead. Then when you reboot or move away from the screen – the launcher database is corrupt and so it will not function.
    Unfortunately this issue will persist unless an investment is made on the watch face server infrastructure and it is moved to a different country location.
    Hosting a service like this from within China is very bad for customers around the world – but probably works very well in China.
    The method of copying faces to the watch is much better and safer for all your customers. Consider the problem for some who find flashing firmware a very fearful thing to do. They will be scared to damage the watch – and could damage the watch.
    They would probably be happier if this problem went away and just copy the faces to the watch. Much easier than flashing firmware ….

  5. Can I return my D5 watch after 6 months of use and malfunction due to OTA update? I am not tech savvy enough to flash firmware. What options do I have?

  6. After updating to the d5 + when it is without battery does not restart when connecting to the outlet only vibrates and does not appear the battery icon to load, it is necessary to flash the firmware with cable.

    1. Do you mean after updating to the new version, your watch can’t charge anymore?
      You may need to change another usb cable or charger to charge your D5+. If your watch is power off, you can’t just connect it to PC and make a flash.

  7. What I mean is that when I turn off the d5 + and plug it in to charge, the battery icon does not appear to charge, and the d5 + turns itself on after 30 seconds of plugging in

    1. Hello, I have tested several watches. It’s true that it’ll take time before it starts to charge. My suggestion is that you probably not run out of battery.
      You don’t need to flash the firmware. But aware of the battery life, it’s better to charge it while the watch is power on.

  8. Hi. I would like to appreciate this web site or forums to help us, because I didn’t know how to repair my watch face bug. I following the video instructions and be honest, the first time a can’t downloaded these files. The second time I did it but had a connection problems with my watch at the middle of the firmware install. But in the third time, everything was a successful. My No.1 D-5 born again. And make me very happy because I have a lot of time with these issue. Thanks you for your support and I recommend a lot this watch.

    1. Hey there, glad to hear that. It’s my pleasure to help you. And thanks for your affirmation. If you have any question, you can post it here. we’ll answer it as soon as possible.

  9. Hi,
    I need help using my Smartwatch. I’m trying to get new smartfaces and I can not download from any site, the apps that make these transmissions request that my watch has installed Android Wear.
    Another issue is that I bought the watch thinking of using it as an extension of the smartphone but this is not working. I would like to answer and make calls using the smartwatch connected via bluetooth from the smartphone but I can not.
    I have read some materials on the internet about updating the smartwatch framework but I am afraid to do so.
    Need help!!! I bought a smartwatch in the N0.1 D5 + because it is top of the line but I can not do anything on the device.

    I need help!

    1. D5+ and all the other standalone watch phone doesn’t support calling via Bluetooth. But you can receive notifications(messages and communicated apps), read them, reply them(special companion app supports replying). All Android watches have nothing to do with Android Wear. And about how to install watch face in your watch you can download it here. http://www.watchfaceup.com/android.php I don’t know what do you mean updating the smartwatch framework.

  10. Hello Jon! I was able to download the smartfaces however, I can not install direct by the clock. What are the installation procedures? And you only have these smartfaces? Do not have a site where there are more models? Even if it is to buy.

    1. We have a website for watchface download. You can download it here. http://www.watchfaceup.com/
      And there is no installation procedure, you just need to download the watchface,extract it, connect your watch to the pc, transfer the file to the Clockskin folder.(If your watch doesn’t have this folder,just create one)

  11. My screen of NO.1d5 is now all white. If I try to call the smartwatch I can listen but I can’t do nothing. Could you tell me how I can reset the smartwatch ?

    1. It seems that the screen of the your D5 has broken. I’m not sure but you can try to flash the firmware to see if it solves this issue.

  12. Hi, i’d Like to know If the smartwatch no.1 d5+ can receive call and answer without the sim card.

  13. Olá Jon,

    O meu D5 + quando tentei mudar a correia saiu de dentro do relógio dois fios. Nunca mais trabalhou bem, nem o emparelhamento bluetooth nem a conexão Wi-Fi.

    Agradecia que alguém me pudesse ajudar.

    1. Hello Nuno, I’m sorry I can’t help u. But I found some videos about how to change the straps(the user do it by himself) You can search it on the Youtube, I can’t help you. Sorry.

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