DT No.1 Celebrates 10th anniversary of Gratitude

On December 28th, DT No.1 held the 10th-anniversary party in Kylin Villa, Shenzhen to share happiness and express gratitude to the clients, suppliers, employees, and all the business partners. Thank you for your accompany and support. DT NO.1 will continue to provide great products and perfect customer service.

Before the anniversary party, people were gladly chatting, laughing and taking pictures everywhere. Many people appreciated stylish watch design and all the efforts.

The party started by traditional Lion dance and drum beat show.

And the CEO Mr. Wei shared his speech.” Because you shared your effort in the past ten years, DT No.1 is thriving day by day. This is just a beginning, hope we could keep growing together in the future.” The first promotion video is a short summary of DT. No.1 Company, the enterprise culture is “People-oriented technology innovation”, the brand concept is “Always put the customers first to create more brand values.” They carry out these values in their products and service. The CEO awarded best employees to boost their morale.

Next, it was like product launch party vibe.10 products (F6, F4 colorful, F18, IP01, G12, and 5 new products) were presented by models one by one. People cheered and applauded for new arrivals.

DT No.1 will release more android watches in the new year and improve the functions of the app.

What’s more, the staff sang a song together and wished DT No.1 Happy 10th Anniversary.

The party told us to live in the moment and be thankful for what we have.

The number 2 video is heartwarming, a slideshow of staff who shared their beautiful moment s with the company, that’s the main reason why they go so far. On top of that, people watched the show and enjoy the feast.

DT No.1 recently introduced the S10 smart watch, S10 uses new app Wear health and add more functions such as blood pressure. For more details, you can visit: https://chinawatchs.com

DT No.1 official store on GB: https://www.gearbest.com/top-brands/brand/no1.html

DT No.1 Held the party as to share their progress and honor for its customers and suppliers. DT No.1 played its role as a cell phone brand, such as product No.1 X6800, and they attach more importance to the wearable industry in recent years. Their products such as F6, F18, have been much favored by many people.

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