DT NO.1 extraordinary self-developed chip ATK 8910 is arrived!

As a leading smartwatch manufacturer, DT NO.1 puts a lot of effort to do product research for producing the best affordable smartwatches for global customers. Therefore, the company has gathered hundreds of elites from well-known universities and technical experts globally to establish its own powerful R&D team.

Chip production in one of the DT NO.1 intelligent factories

Recently, DT NO.1 has announced they will have an extraordinary self-developed chip series come out with its products. The name of the chip series is ATK8910. With so many transcendent performances, the powerful chip series ATK8910 is going to empower DT NO.1 smartwatches’ user experience in all aspects. Here are 5 advantages of the smartwatch chip series ATK8910 from DT NO.1.

Faster Speed

With a larger RAM capacity and improved CPU performance, the chip series ATK8910 improves the user experience in operation speed. Users won’t feel lagging and janky when they use smartwatches with a chip ATK8910, and they will be amazed by how smooth the operation is. When changing watch faces in a smartwatch with a predecessor chip RTK8762, the smartwatch will reboot during the operation, which will make users wait longer. In the contrast, a smartwatch equipped with a chip ATK 8910 has no need to reboot itself when changing watch faces. The operation speed of the chip ATK8910 is 30% faster than its predecessor RTK8762.

Stable Performance

Because of the adoption of the innovative technology of Freq-chip, the chip ATK 8910 integrates parts like Radio Frequency, CODEC, PMU, Baseband, Cortex-M3CPU, and Audio DSP. With fewer components spread on the integrated circuit board, a smartwatch equipped with the chip ATK8910 will have a more stable performance than its predecessors. The problems users encountered before like disconnection, and app notification errors will be greatly improved.  

Supporting Higher-level HD Screen

Thanks to the improvement in CPU, the chip ATK 8910 supports a higher-level HD screen and allows more pixels in a screen panel. Therefore, the color accuracy, brightness, and clarity of a screen supported by the chip ATK8910 will be greatly improved. DT NO.1 affordable smartwatches equipped with the chip ATK8910 provide you the same excellent user experience in the screen display effect of smartwatches from first-tier brands like Apple.

Bluetooth 5 Dual Mode Module

The chip ATK8910 carries a Bluetooth 5 dual-mode module, which is super low power consumption and has higher transfer speed and range. Users would find that a smartwatch was easily disconnected from a matched mobile phone because of the long-distance before. Now, I am pretty sure that this problem will be greatly improved with the chip ATK8910. With a higher transfer speed, users can save time during the data synchronization between a smartwatch and a mobile phone.

Extra-long Battery Life

The highly-integrated chip ATK8910 will be smaller in size and take less space in a smartwatch case. Therefore, the manufacturer can pack a larger battery. Because of fewer components on the circuit board, the power consumption can be greatly reduced. Moreover, with the adoption of the Bluetooth 5 dual-mode module, the power consumption in connection and audio will be much less than before.

The combination of a larger battery and way less power consumption ensures DT NO.1 smartwatches will have extra-long battery life. Users no need to worry about charging their DT NO.1 smartwatches for days even with heavy use.

With the ambition of making everyone on the planet have the chance to enjoy wearable technology, DT NO.1 is always on the path to producing the best affordable smartwatches for customers and will continually put a lot of effort into product research. If you are a highly-motivated distributor or agent trying to top up your market share in the smartwatch industry, please don’t feel hesitate to send us an email (info@dtno1.com). Let’s achieve something great together.

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