DT NO.I S10 Review: Perfect Sports Watch With Best Opinions

The smartwatch DT NO.1 S10, from the unknown Chinese company NO.1, was recently launched on the market. We are faced with a low-cost smartwatch that seeks to maintain a level of quality and combine the style of a traditional watch and that of a sports watch. Its features include its autonomy of up to two weeks, its resistance to water and dust and its sensor for measuring heart rate and blood pressure. All at a price of the most economic. After our review, you can know if its quality is up to its price.


The NO.1 S10 comes in a compact box of 100 x 80 x 65 mm with the size almost right for the smartwatch and its components. From the box, its white color stands out with the name of the brand on the front, although interestingly, the model number is not specified, and a multitude of icons of the system are also seen, which do not correspond at all with those brought by this clock. In the back is where we find with small letters, the model number. When we open the box, we find the watch embedded in foam for protection. Inside we find together:

Smartwatch NO.1 S10:

  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • No.1 S10 Smartwatch
  • Design & Appearance

The design of the new smartwatch of NO.1 is that of a classic watch, with the circular dial and very careful lines. It is made of stainless steel and has a square tactile screen on its dial, which is completely disguised with the interchangeable spheres that it incorporates.

As mentioned earlier S10 Smartwatch is a budget smartwatch and considering its price is very well made. The bezel is made of stainless steel. The watch face is covered with a corning glass screen. We have received a sample of S10 with a stainless steel band in black (a leather band and silicone are also available). The whole makes a very good impression.

The Smartwatch looks really good. The smartwatch looks really good. On the right side of the clock face, there are 3 function keys: Start (enter key), Menu (option key) and Back(return key/press and hold to turn on/off). On the underside (typically) there is a heart rate monitor and pins for charging. Below pictures.

despite the nice design, the color TFT display is small and located in the center of the clock face. This is clearly seen in the picture below. On the market, you can find many smartwatches with a full digital display on the whole clock face. In S10 it’s a big disappointment.

The watch looks sturdy or chunky but that does not detract from its beauty. It weighs 53 grams for the silicon band and also 110 grams for the stainless band. This reveals that the watch is surprisingly light and it is pleasurable for the wearer. To further heighten the interest of buyers, the company added a for those who love to take care of themselves health-wise by making it possible for them to check their blood pressure and use the wearable device app known as Wearhealth while they are exercising.

The screen that has the NO.1 S10 is a type TFT LCD touch screen with a size of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels with a square shape. The screen has its pros and cons, on the bright side, has some colors that are not excellent, are correct for what is needed and look great outdoors, hence the brightness is a point in favor of this clock. On the other hand, continuing with the quality of the panel, the contrast is an improvable aspect but above all, the problem that we have found most in the NO.1 S10 is its tactile response, which sometimes does not respond as well as it should and does there is no need to pull the side buttons. The angles of vision have seemed quite correct.

One aspect that shows the low price of this watch is in the form of the screen, which is square instead of round and occupies all the space. The watch’s screen shows exactly what it should show but have taken advantage of the whole sphere would have been the most aesthetic and ideal.

On the front, we find the touch screen, the circular sphere, and the strap hooks. On the right side, there are 3 metal buttons: Start, Menu and Back.
In the back, we find the heart rate sensor, the magnetic pins for charging and information about the clock.


With a battery of 350 mAh, the approximate autonomy given to us by NO.1 S10 is about 3 days with all the predetermined functions activated. It is possible that if you disable some of these functions such as notifications or minimizes the brightness you can reach a few more hours. The autonomy of NO.1 S10 thus falls within the average that these devices tend to give.

To charge the watch, we will need to use the charging cable with a magnetic connection that is included and that will require little more than two and a half hours. It is necessary to be careful with the sense when placing the cable since it only works in one, not in both.

Functions With Experience

The operation of this smartwatch is really simple, offering the possibility of being used with both the touch screen and the buttons on the right side. To turn on the device we just press the Start button for 2 seconds, and the main menu will start. We must install the WearHealth application, and link it via Bluetooth to update the parameters (date/time). To move through the menus we only have to use the menu button or its touch screen, moving through the different sections. At this time the device menu is in English.

This watch has IP68 protection against water and dust and is capable of submerging for 1 hour and 30 minutes to more than 30 meters (3ATM). You can shower or swim without having to take your watch off, an important advance.

The application we need for this watch is called WearHealth, and it is essential to get the most out of this device. This application allows you to keep track of your sports activity, monitor your sleep or set different parameters of the bracelet, among other functions. The experience in its use has been good since the application works very correctly and is updated very fast:

It allows you to see a summary of the main measurements made by the watch: Sport (Km/Kcalorias/Activities completed), Sleeps monitoring (Duration / Quality of sleep / Type of sleep) and Heart rate measurement (Current measurement/blood pressure).

It allows you to configure the sport activity you want to start with your wristband and even start it from the App. You can eco ger between running outdoors, treadmill, cycling or walking. And you can check the data of the entire activity, staying stored in the App. Also save the route through the GPS of the phone, allowing you to keep a record of the activity.
Friends. It is a small social network where you can share your data with different friends or users who use this application.

It allows you to configure your profile and link the device, adding your parameters and objectives. It also allows you to adjust the vibration, the screen, the notifications, the do not disturb mode, the time format, configure alarms and update the device. It also allows you functions like the remote camera or find the device.

This device is an excellent option in the sports field, being able to measure the steps, the consumed calories and the distance traveled (the accuracy is “good” but it has given me figures of about 900 steps above the usual). In addition, the device incorporates a sport mode where we can measure some parameters of the sports activities that it incorporates (tennis, football, running, basketball, badminton, climbing, etc.), and finally it allows us to start a route and store it on our phone (using the GPS of the phone).

It is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this device since it has a dynamic heart rate sensor (continuous measurement), blood pressure sensor and sleep monitoring. In these sections, stands out against the competition in speed and accuracy. The measurement of sleep has been really accurate, and the measurement of the heart rate is fast and with values ?? similar to those of the Mi band 3. Without a doubt, it is an excellent team to carry out this type of measurements.

This device allows you to receive notifications of calls and messages, as well as the applications that you have configured on your phone. Applications appear with their text on the watch and remain stored in the notification menu. We can open the notification and read it, without it appearing as read on the phone. We can read the notifications, but we will not be able to answer them.


The main connection available to NO.1 S10 is Bluetooth 4.2. To synchronize both an Android smartphone and an iPhone it is necessary to download the WearHealth app from each respective store. Then it will be necessary to register and follow the necessary steps to match the smartwatch to the phone.

The app shows and keeps throughout the days the different aspects that the watch measures such as the sport performed, sleep hours and heart rate. It also shows us the routes made, the friends we have added or different settings, among which are our personal data, our goals or additional clock settings.

The GPS connection is one of the great missings in this watch model, so if you want to track any sport activity, it will be necessary to use that function from the app on the smartphone.


The No.1 S10 smartwatch is a very interesting option if you are looking for a basic clock to measure health data, receive notifications and have an elegant and classic design. More than an intelligent watch, I consider it an intelligent bracelet with a clock design, with a very suitable operation. For its price, it is an option to be taken into account among these teams, since it has an accurate measurement of health data, notifications, and IP68 resistance.

Although it may seem more like a male watch at first glance, we believe that women will be very happy to have it, precisely because of its many possibilities, but also a very nice interface that will keep track of you. It’s ideal for use under all conditions, and I believe it will at least fix your health condition and make you make every day at least a few more steps. If this happens, the investment is multipurpose.

The DT NO.1 S10 is a multifunctional, robust smart sports watch and looks, which is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. You will simply be seen with this handheld device that is not too big but big enough to notice it far away. The NO.1 S10 does what it’s good at while remaining firmly inexpensive too, which can be a bonus for those who are tough on wearables. That’s made all the better by its IP68 rating. If more functionality closer to a smartphone is what a user is looking for, there are other wearables that fit that role but those will be decidedly more expensive.

—— by Habib Qazi

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