DT NO.I the two fairs in Hong Kong were successfully completed!

DT NO.I Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong were successfully completed, and our sales team received nearly 300 inquiries and conversations!  We would like to thank visitors and also thank our sales team for the hard work. We always look forward to having more opportunities for face-to-face communication with customers.  First of all, we would like to highlight our situation at the Global Mobile Electronics Show. Let’s take a look at our booth on the AsiaWorld-Expo.

Further more, Besides the hot models DT28, DT58, DT88 and DT98, we also brought several new models, such as DT78, DT69, DT18, many customers were very interested in these products. We also explained to our customers the main features of these products and their advantages in the market. Most said that customers would continue to observe the market conditions of these products, if these models are accepted by the market, they would purchase in large quantities. In the future, we will also have enough inventory to meet the needs of more customers. By the way, take a look at the products in the showcase.

At this exhibition, we have a total of 7 colleagues, a pretty model wearing red. Take a look at the NO.I team at the Fair.

When communicating with customers, we expressed our company’s future development trends and strategies to increase mutual understanding and lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. Secondly, customers also mentioned the development trend of the smart watch market and valuable suggestions for the development of our products. We were very grateful to our customers for their advice.

In short, this time we had a great harvest in two exhibitions in Hong Kong. We will continue to participate this two fairs next year. By the way,  spoiler alert, we will have 5 exhibitions next year! Look forward to seeing more customers to build a win-win relationship and make greater contributions to the smart watch industry. See you next year!