DT18, a surprisingly well-featured affordable smartwatch

Today we brought a smart watch with high cost performance, DT18. DT18 packs way more features than a smartwatch costing this much should, and crams it all into a fun looking. We hope that it is a smart watch with both good looking and function, and of course it is affordable than ever.

Design and display

Designed with HD circle display screen, adamant steel watch frame, vacuum coating technology and 2.5D radian glass, DT18 is polished through 45 processes and 113 working procedures with harsh process casting quality. In addition, we hire professional design team to create massive cool dials and you can easily switch your favorite dial with simple finger swipes. You can also personalize your watch with dial plates of delicate design, and refined inside and out for cool user interface with practical functions to brighten your life.

We still use etachable design with customing wear style. Each smart watch is equipped with a leather strap and a silicone strap, Choose from different watch faces and watch straps that help you express your unique identity.

Sports or business, switching at your will. The overall design that is balanced is elegant and unrestrained, whether it is in formal or casual wear. Equipped with cortical straps and Fluororubber Sports Strap with perspiration and breathability. Each one of these innovations is designed to give you all of the style and connectivity you crave and more. Yes, we want DT18 is a whole new generation of smartwatch with intimate function.

Furthermore, like many of our previous models, DT18 is still IP67 waterproof and dustproof and support hand washing, raining to meet daily needs. Also exquisite craftsmanship to make good waterproof and dustproof performance, brave all the more, forward! (Note: Please avoid contact with hot water, hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids so as not to get the components damaged.)

Fitness and health tracking

We know that health is the trend of smart watches, so we have been perfecting the function of health on all our products. For heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen big data  monitoring and management, new generation heart rate sensor can monitor heart rate in real time and divide six heart rate intervals to guide fitness scientifically. DT18 can give an analysis of subcutaneous blood flow through green light sensor LED light to pre-aware of your physical condition, you can also view more comprehensive data through the mobile app. (Note: The product is not a medical device. For medical purpose, please use professional equipment.)

About sleep monitoring as always, DT18 accurately monitor your different stages of sleep including deep sleep, light sleep, night waking to Scientific assessment of sleep quality. Another intimate function is vibrating alarm clock with waking up without disturbing the person nearby.

Sports mode is another trend in smart watches, For DT18, multi sports modes, you can enjoy the Fun of Exercising! Walking, running, cycling, climbing, football, basketball and table tennis supported. It can be wrist smart coach, able to accurately record real-time heart rate, mileage, pace, speed and other professional sports data. It helps you analyze and improve your exercise level.

Battery life 

We think what makes DT18 shining is the battery though given his price. DT18 bring a week’s extra-long voyage. And charging doesn’t take too long – about 2 hours will get you a full charge by magnet charging. We hope DT18 is a balance between dynamic and static with durable life. So it is designed with AI intelligent chip architecture and deep intelligent optimal energy saving algorithms to create a perfect balance between power consumption and performance.

What’s more

DT18 is also matched with more practical functions. Such as alarm reminder, sedentary reminder, shake to picture, searching mobile phone and raise to wake. All of these features is to connect your daily life to accompany you every day.