DT98 Smartwatch, DT NO.I new arrival! Elegant in Action, Active in Style

Compatibility: Android, iOS | Display: Analog watchface 1.3″ 240*240 full circle screen | Band sizes: 32mm | Battery duration: 5 days | Charging method: Magnetic charging | Waterproof Level: IP68 | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 

Firstly talking about DT98 Smartwatch features, it can showcase notifications, sedentary reminders and incoming calls. Users can also use the watch for Music, photo by remote control, Alipay, sleep monitoring, ECG, blood pressure and Heart rate monitoring. Not just for the upgrade than other DT models in display and size, without adding that much heft, but in the way we are pushing it: the DT98 is now a health-focused device, something to help you get fitter or stay healthier if you have got a serious condition – or even just safeguard the more infirm for loved ones.  It is also awesome to just get running and know the DT98 is going to give you good information on how you are getting on and add that to the digital picture of your daily health progress. We sincerely want that the DT98 will makes feel slick, fast and integrated with your smart life. 

Build and Design 

Let’s takeoff from the design and physical appearance of the DT98 smartwatch. Externally, the watch carries an elegant outlook and glossy design. Further, DT98 have 5 colour choices like Silver and Light Brown, Silver and blue, Black and dark brown, Black, Silver and respectively in Wristband. Straps are made of Silicone leather and steel depending upon the model you select. On the front, the DT98 smartwatch hosts 1.3-inch touchscreen for 46mm.  Physically, The adjustable minimum and maximum inner diameters are 32 mm and 65 mm respectively. The applicable wrist circumference range is 35-60 mm and the total length of the wrist band is 248 mm. The net weight of fuselage is 25.6g with Zinc Alloy + PC Plastic Material. 


One of the pitfalls of Android Wear watches, and really, wearables in general, is battery life. Prospects have improved over time with the advancement of software and hardware, and DT NO.I have been continuously researching and improving the battery life of smartwatches. For DT98, you will get significant Battery life experience.It will serve you for 5 days on daily use mode. The battery charging time is around 2 hours for all of our watches.

Multiple Sensors 

Well, this is the basic idea which DT NO.I has intended for. To be in the forefront, the DT98 smartwatch takes smart sensors for indoor and outdoor activities. The DT98 includes Heart-rate and blood pressure monitor, Sleep monitor, mobile payment, step count as well. Concluding all, the DT98 creates a great tool for both general and sportsmen. It will be fully relevant to perform various outdoor activities recording the real-time data correctly. 

Connectivity and Compatibility

Being the smartwatch, the DT98 concludes multiple connectivity options for better performance. It comes with jam-packed features like Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, and other technical metrics. Further, both the Android and iPhone users can avail the smart benefits of this new age smartwatch.


To make the DT98 non-responsive to the water, the DT NO.I thinks to install IP68 IP rating in its version. Ultimately, you are free to use smartwatch even in the rain without worrying about any damage that can occur to the watch. Therefore, the DT NO.I DT98 provides full protection against water and dust and keeps the outlook as fresh as new. You can use it in water up to 10m deepness.

Who’s it for? 

This is an easy one: anyone with a phone who wants to improve the smart life experience. A loved one who’s thought about an smart watch before? It’s going to be a good device for those with heart complaints – the ECG capability is truly game-changing for those people – or those who might be susceptible to a fall.  That said, the shorter battery life and the need to charge all the time might be an issue for that group – it’s worth thinking about whether this multi-faceted technology will really be of benefit. It’s also an excellent gift (whether for others or yourself) for those who are determined to get fit and are just starting out on their journey – the smart prompts and additional information on how to get there really help. 

The DT98 is a multi-sport watch with a set of features that will satisfy those looking to build general fitness and maybe just beyond. The running, cycling and climbing modes offer enough data to cater for training for a sport-specific goal such as a marathon or sportive, just not at the top or ambitious amateur level. DT98 is also for tech lovers itching for an affordable, well-built wearable that’s just oozing with features. It’s got nearly everything that more expensive options do and delivers an equally good wearable experience for less. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a lot of the top-end watches, the DT98 is a great option. Especially as it begins to get included in sales, this is definitely for anyone looking for a more affordable smartwatch.

Should I buy it? 

For those who haven’t taken the plunge into Android Wear, the DT98 is an excellent option for those with simple needs. If you don’t have an Music subscription or loads of downloaded MP3s, we’d suggest you think long and hard about buying this Watch if you’re considering using it as an exercise tool. As a gift for a loved one though, it’s excellent – and the larger size, snappier performance and health pushes are nice upgrades to an already decent smartwatch. The DT NO.I DT98 Smartwatch is no doubt an incredible multipurpose tool developed on the advanced technical modules. With multiple design, waterproof and good battery life and lots of modern age features, the smartwatch is a great deal for all occasions. In the final say, we hope that DT NO.1 is a trusted brand in each of the market niches. It has deep roots in the smartwatch industry too after grabbing the Smartphone sector with firm hands.

5 thoughts on “DT98 Smartwatch, DT NO.I new arrival! Elegant in Action, Active in Style”

  1. Rui Batalha

    Love this smartwatch, but FunDo software is very limited. You should be able to make more settings, such as changing watchfaces.
    I have a ZETime watch too and the software for the phone is much more advanced.
    You should also improve yours.

  2. Chartier Sebastien

    hello i bought a DT98 to replace my DT28… big disappointment!!! The follow-up on fundopro was not terrible with the dt 28 but it is even worse with the Dt98… and what about the autonomy of the dt98 … a horror!! it barely takes 8 hours when the dt 28 managed to hold 7 days in the same configuration… in short is there a firmware planned to improve these inconveniences or do i have to bring myself to put it in the Bottom of a drawer? thanks

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