DTNO.I to Show up with Hottest Smartwatch in the Coming Global New E-commerce Expo

The Seventh (Hangzhou) Global New E-commerce Expo has been held for seven sessions, and it has been accumulating in the e-commerce industry. With the rapid global development of the e-commerce industry, it has become an important platform for high-quality brands to expand the online market, attracting many well-known brands The competition to enter the exhibition has been highly affirmed and participated by all walks of life in the industry.

The 8th (Hangzhou) Global New E-commerce Expo will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on July 29-31, 2021. Join with DTNO.I smartwatch to see the most up-to-date smartwatches.

The exhibition focuses on the shaping and promotion of exhibitors’ products and has a huge media resource database. The integration of media resources allows your products to stand out from the competition and conducts comprehensive, multi-angle, and three-dimensional publicity reports on the brand. The series of reports before, during, and after the exhibition continue to strengthen the brand influence, collect clues from potential customers, and provide a truly effective return on investment.

With this platform, the exhibits attract more people to visit, and it is very likely to attract Internet celebrities to help you directly promote online. DTNO.I smart watches that have participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions, as long as they appear, they must be crowded. DTNO.I is a smart watch leader focusing on wearable technology. Its goal is to lead people to a smart life.

With a production line of fitness trackers and smart watches, we continue to produce products that can scientifically track your daily activities without sacrificing style. At this conference, DTNO.I will bring the latest and most trendy smart watches to the show, and at that time will attract a wave of trendy players to visit. The e-commerce exhibition with tens of thousands of MCN organizations, tens of thousands of well-known Internet celebrities, and 100,000 professional e-commerce professional audiences across the industry chain, allows enterprises and visitors to obtain the world’s most comprehensive, professional, and top e-commerce resources Connect and expand contacts, understand the latest industry news