DTNO.I Watch dt36: Affordable smartwatch launches in multiple colors with Bluetooth call

DTNO.I latest smartwatch here with Bluetooth call and it is a cheaper price. Priced at ~US$15, the DTNO.I Watch dt36 looks like an Apple Watch. The DTNO.I Watch dt36 has an optical heart rate sensor, IP67 waterproof, Bluetooth call and about 1-3 days of battery life.

The Watch dt36 has a 1.75-inch large screen, Correspondingly, the panel has a resolution of 420 x 485 pixels, while the watch body measures 43.4 x 36.4 x 10.5 mm. The display also has a pixel density of 326 PPI. Interacting with the Watch dt36 is mostly done through its touchscreen display, but there is also a button on its chassis, as is usually the case with most smartwatches.

DTNO.I claims that the standard Watch should cover wrist sizes of between 13-21 cm. The dt36 model is suited for small wrists, as this covers wrists with a circumference of 11-20 cm. All models weigh 36.4g including strap. The watch color is available in black, silver and pink. All watch straps are made from silicone.

The Watch dt36 supports Bluetooth call, use high-fidelity waterproof speakers that you can make a call any time any where. and has an optical heart rate sensor. The smartwatch supports  Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with Android and iOS  through the Fundo App. The Watch dt36 is IP67 waterproof and will last 1- 5 days with DTNO.I Bluetooth call and Sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring enabled. This estimate drops to 1 day with heavy usage. The Watch dt36 charges via a magnetic charging base that attaches to the back of the device.

The smartwatch also includes monitoring stress levels and can relay notifications from your smartphone. There are 11 professional sports modes like cycling, running and climbing.

DTNO.I has introduced the Watch DT36 smartwatch with a rounded rectangular fact, to more markets at this time. It has many features in common with the new Watch DT35, but is much more affordable. The wearable is to be made available this month (September 2020).

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