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Mode: DT93

She is slim and elegant
Hyperboloid screen is a stunning feature.
ECG/Heart rate monitoring never missed
Customize watch face..
She is like a charming young lady awaiting for your explore.

Mode: DT95

Stainless steel watch frame with color sports strap
PLUS dynamic watch face, brings you different freshness every day
Sports style, business style, switch as you like
Don’t forget, DT95 provides you payment connection.

Mode: DT96

SLIM AND ELEGANT isn’t good enough to describe her,
Long battery life + Bluetooth music + Customize watch face…
She touches faster, smoother, and the details are exquisite.
New experience. Get smart life from your wrist.

Mode: DT88 Pro

Comes with Two straps
Sports ·Street walk · Business, one watch is enough.
For sports, for outdoors, for health,
DT88Pro is a PLUS aid to your life.
Work with the Sports App,
Your sports data help your better analyzing your health

Mode: DT89

7 days long battery stand by
An elegant watch made specially for young users.
Menstrual calendar management, forecasting and reminders,
Female menstrual management
Take care of your special moments
Rose gold is always the lucky color for life.

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