Eager to share a piece of the pie from the booming smart wearable device industry? That’s what you need to know

There is no doubt that smart wearable devices are gaining popularity among consumers, and that wearing a smart wearable device becomes a trend for health and fitness enthusiasts. According to market research firm MarketsAndMarkets, the global industrial wearable market is expected to grow from $3.79 billion in 2019 to $8.4 billion by 2027.

As the industry is booming, many dealers and distributors look forward to getting a piece of the pie from the market. Where and how to find good products are the questions they need to answer.

1. China is the heaven for the production of smart wearable devices

Smart wearable devices are compacted with all kinds of technology-intensive components, such as chips and sensors, so a place that can provide various technological components is essential for producing smart wearable devices.

China is on its way to industrial transformation, aims for the iteration from Made-in-China to Create-in-China. To achieve this goal, China has tilted a lot of resources to the high-tech industry, giving technology-oriented companies benefits from tax, policies, commercial loans, etc. With a better environment of developing high-end technology, more and more enterprises are joining this technology carnival. According to data from the China National Bureau of Statistics, the average annual growth rate of R&D investment in the whole society is 11%, ranking second in the world.

The smart wearable device industry is the intersection of many hardware industries, for example, battery, strap, sensor, panel, screw, etc. Due to the interference of pandemics and geopolitics, international business has been interrupted, which has a bad impact on the international supply chain. Finding a place where can provide most of the components is the first step to guaranteeing a stable supply chain. China has almost everything to produce smart wearable devices at the best competitive prices.

Shenzhen, a pioneering city in China, is the cradle of the smart wearable device industry, gathering enterprises from upstream and downstream in the supply chain. Therefore, the city becomes the destination for most smart wearable device dealers and distributors.

2. DTNO.I, the leader of the smart wearable device industry

To optimize their margin, dealers and distributors are looking for products with the best quality and price. These two simple factors are difficult for a company to achieve in both, but DTNO.I is exceptional.

DTNO.I, an innovative high-tech company located in Shenzhen, is dedicated in the design, R&D, production, and sales of smart wearable devices, and has stepped into the smart devices industry for more than a decade with a profound industry experience.

The most competitive price

It’s human nature that people want to yield more when doing business, which means investing less but earning more. For dealers and distributors in the industry to obtain this goal, they need to find a company that can provide good products at the lowest prices.

With immersing in the industry for more than a decade, DTNO.I has built strategic partnership with companies, who are also leaders in their industries, upstream and downstream of its supply chain. Therefore, DTNO.I maintains a stable supply chain, which is a huge advantage, especially during a pandemic, being able to obtain the priority of purchasing raw materials at reasonable prices from suppliers.

As a leader of the smart wearable device industry, DTNO.I is an all-rounder, as other companies only have one of two abilities, ODM&OEM services, and complete production lines. With these two abilities, DTNO.I has a lower cost of production and faster mass production, compared to other companies, by reducing middlemen in the process of production.

The stable supply chain, the ability to provide ODM&OEM services, and complete production lines, are three main advantages of DTNO.I, assisting the company to provide dealers and distributors best products at the most competitive prices.

Strong R&D strength

Benefited from the powerful R&D team, DTNO.I has gained more than 150 invention patents and technology patents at home and abroad. DTNO.I can provide ODM&OEM services according to customers’ needs on customization of product exteriors, features, applications, etc.

One of DTNO.I’s labs(click to know more)

Standardized production lines of DTNO.I are operating under the ISO9001 quality management system and the 8S (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY, SAVE, STUDY) system, which ensures a stable monthly capability of 250,000pcs. And more production lines are preparing to be built to meet the growing market requirements.

Self-owned testing lab and strict product quality control make sure all products are 100% qualified before leaving the factory. And all of the products must have CE, RoHS, FCC, and UKCA certificates issued by a 3rd party authority SGS.

Actively fulfill social responsibilities

While developing in a high-speed manner, DTNO.I has not forgotten to actively shoulder its social responsibilities and has gradually established its own mature social responsibility management system over the years. To date, DTNO.I has participated in more than ten public welfare activities, helping people in difficulty.

The service philosophy that customers’ interests come first is deeply carved into DTNO.I’s DNA, who aims to provide not only the best products at the best prices but also the best services for customers globally. Making the world a little bit better is what DTNO.I always wish to do. DTNO.I welcomes cooperation with every international friend.

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