Fall detection of the Apple Watch is a life-saving feature

Apple is one of the leaders when it comes to technology, and it creates a lot of amazing products with tons of stunning features. Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 or later has presented a function wherein the watch can detect people’s falls and summon help by emergency calls.

There are lots of stories that people were saved thanks to this amazing function. Here is a story from a British cyclist named Jay Dixon. He was reportedly hit by a car while he tried to turn down a side road where a collision with a car sent him flying directly off the bike. When he thought he might have a life-threatening and was struggling to get up, the Apple Watch on his wrist detected his fall and made the emergency call automatically and immediately. His partner got there in just 15 minutes and saved his life.

The Apple Watch is definitely the benchmark among smartwatches in quality, function, and design. This fall detection feature indeed saves people’s lives, is one of the most powerful features of the Apple Watch. For those who want to buy a smartwatch with good quality at a low price, the Apple watch is not a suitable choice. Then some budget smartwatches are recommended to them.

DTNO.1 is a well-known smartwatch manufacturer located in Shenzhen. The brand has gained popularity all around the globe for its good quality and reputation. Smartwatches from DTNO.1 have plenty of amazing features that can satisfy most needs of people in daily use. Most importantly, the smartwatches of DTNO.1 are sold at low prices that most people can afford to have a taste of the joy of technology.

The new arrival of DTNO.1, DTNO.1 7, also has the function of an emergency call, which you can use the function in danger. Simply set up the emergency call in your watch, and bind your watch and mobile phone. Then, you can make the emergency call by long-press the strip button on the right side of the watch.

With a one-eighth price of the Apple Watch, you can also have a similar feature and protection from a smartwatch. If you want to know more about DTNO.1, please visit its official website: www.dtno1.com.

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