Five of the best Android watchfaces

Android watches are becoming more and more popular with smartwatch users. Although it is much expensive than MT2502 watch, for its Android OS, its nice watchface engine. Many people decide to have one for daily use or watchface display/design.

Yes, Android watchface is a bit complicated than VXP face. The Android watchface supports many widgets, date, battery, weather, temp, steps, etc. While VXP face can only display the time. So you’ll have more choices to choose the widgets you need.

So I go over all the pages and list out this five watchface. It’s just my personal opinion, I just want to introduce some nice watchface to the new users or anyone looking for watchfaces.

  1. Sumsung Gear S2 The downloaded most watchface, everyone loves Sumsung Gear, so do I. The digital time and the special analog hands build up this simple but stylish watchface.
  2. Omega De Ville Created by zafrix 8, the downloaded most Omega watchface. This is just the representative of Omega series watchface. The series is a copy of real watch, Omega.
  3. Casio EDIFICE Created by starboy, the representative of Casio Edifice watchface, the well-known watch brand, Casio. Key word — Casio, you’ll find many nice watchfaces, these watchfaces are inspired by Casio, digital watchface with many useful widgets.
  4. NO.1 Diesel AR Created by Al Rod. I personally love this watchface very much, distinctive design, two little dials, one for analog, another for digital time. I love the color combination, oh, and the NO.1 logo. haha
  5. Chopard porche Created by geowolf1000. Big hands with simple background. Symmetrical background, it will satisfy many people with OCD, a comfortable and eased watchface.

As mentioned, there is also a watchface series created by Alexander Sadovnikov, Big and bold fonts (usually in orange) in a dark background. This series is for the people who has a bad eyesight. You can check the time with a glance. 

There are also many beautiful watchface, I can’t list out one by one. You can go here to download some.

This is just my personal opinion, hope you like it.

I made a video to show you how the watchfaces look like in the real watch. Enjoy!

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