Garmin has launched a new smartwatch for pilots

As a leading brand in the smartwatch industry, Garmin always excites audiences with its new arrivals. Recently, Garmin has announced a new pilot smartwatch D2 Mach 1, which includes a touchscreen that can make switching among functions faster and easier than before.

The watch can track weather, receive alerts, and aid navigation with a built-in moving map and an instrument-like HSI screen that shows the aircraft’s position relative to the desired course. You could simply toggle to the watch screen that shows winds, visibility, barometric pressure, and other weather information. Most importantly, in emergency situations like a loss of engine power, the D2 Mach 1 can display the best glide speed and estimated glide distance

Besides that, D2 Mach 1 also offers abundant features for monitoring the wearer’s health and tracking exercise and other activities, making it a useful electronic companion in the airplane and on the ground.

With all those stunning features designed to assist pilots, Garmin D2 Mach 1 is not an affordable piece for most people. For those who want to buy an all-round regular smartwatch at a reasonable price, Garmin D2 Mach 1 is just an admirable model living in a shop window, they are looking for smartwatches for daily use.

Smartwatch DT102 from DT NO.I is a realistic choice for them. As a new arrival, Smartwatch DT102 can satisfy most people’s needs no matter in health monitoring or fitness tracking. Moreover, the smartwatch DT102 is only as thin as 11mm, and as light as 35g, which assures you a lighter experience. Housing a 1.9-inch HD Retina screen, the watch improves the entire user experience that is easier to read and use.

The reason why the smartwatch DT102 can be described as an all-round smartwatch is that it has abundant features caring for people’s health and simplifying users’ work. In health features, the smartwatch DT102 offers real-time heart rate monitoring, blood pressure/oxygen measurement, menstrual/sedentary reminder, ECG, sleep monitoring, etc. When it comes to daily features, the watch supports Bluetooth calls, phone books, weather, alarm, AI voice assistant, NFC, apps notifications, etc. Then the watch can also allow you track your exercises with multi-sports mode. With an advanced chip and algorithm, the watch can accurately record your data of each exercise, such as calories consumption, steps, average cadence, distance, movement route, speed, etc.

DT NO.I is an innovative smartwatch manufacturer who gained millions of users and fans due to its good reputation for its good quality and reasonable prices. If you are interested in the company or its products, you can visit DT NO. I official website or send them an email(  

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