Go for a run with NO.1 F5 and the Weloop Hey 3S

Recently, we made a running test with the GPS bracelet NO.1 F5 and Weloop Hey 3S.

How to use the GPS while running?

The operation is the same for most of GPS watches. First, go to sports section. Second, choose the outdoor running.

The blinking icon means that the device is trying to get a positioning. When it gets a positioning, it will notify you with a vibration. How to quickly locate? You need to go to the open air,  usually it’ll take 1 min ~ 7 min for F5 to locate. While the Weloop Hey 3S only needs 1 min. In this point, Weloop is better than F5.



OK, let’s start the running. As you see, this is the running interface comparison. Both of them support time, real-time heart rate tracking, mileage. I put on F5 when it got a positioning.

There is only one interface in the Weloop running mode and only the info on this interface, while there are six interfaces in the F5 running mode. As you can see in the video, there are Exercise time, Heart rate, Step frequency, Steps, Calorie, Speed, Pace, Turns, Distance, Heart rate range, Time. You can click the sport to switch to check all these useful info.

Check this.

You can manually add the turns by pressing the below button. And how to save the sports data after sports, weloop, you can exit the sports, it will save automatically. But for F5, first you need to press the top button to stop the sports and then click the below button, you’ll see three options, the first one is to go on this sports, the second one is to save the sports data, the third one is to delete the data.

How is the trajectory?

The first attempt, after 10 mins running, we sit down to check the data in the HPlus and the weloop app.

As you see, the left one is Weloop app, the second one is Hplus. Sorry for the Chinese character, weloop app doesn’t support English. HPlus map is much detailed, you can see the toilet icons in the map, and for the other messages, there is distance, exercise time, pace and calorie, both of them have a detailed graph recorded all these. Unfortunately, both of them do not support exporting the GPX files. 🙁

Screenshot_20171208-181302 Screenshot_20171208-181545

Except running, there are another two sports can use the GPS, one is hiking, another is cycling. This is good, with the help of Altimeter and the Barometer, your training will be more efficiently. Although you can’t exit the interface, while you are training. you can check the graph in the watch after training.

I’m not a professional reviewer or athlete, this is just a simple experiment. For more details, you can go to NO.1 site, or wait for more reviews from our partners, the professional reviewers. 🙂

Any questions feel free to comment. 🙂