How reliable the Blood Oxygen Level measurement on smartwatches is?

Nowadays, a lot of smartwatch manufacturers have included the feature of Blood Oxygen Level Measurement, also called Sp02, in their products for the reason that more and more people have realized how important the data is. Oxygen level is probably the fifth vital sign to check since its absence can cause death. The delay in monitoring the blood oxygen level and, eventually, late hospitalization were major causes of death.

No doubt that the feature is quite important to a smartwatch, DTNO.1, a well-known smartwatch manufacturer located in Shenzhen, has included this feature in some of its products, such as the new arrival DT102, hot sale DT NO.I 7, business smartwatch DT3MAX, etc.

With smartwatches equipped with blood oxygen measurement, people can run the blood oxygen test anytime and anywhere using a smartwatch instead of bringing extra medical equipment. However, the measurement from smartwatches is not as accurate as specialized medical devices, they provide users with everyday use that is more accessible and more convenient. The data generated from smartwatches from DTNO.1 gives you enough indications if you need to see a medical professional and increase oxygen levels in your blood.

Besides the blood oxygen level measurement, there are so many features related to health and fitness in DT NO.I smartwatches, for example, ECG, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, menstrual cycle reminder, etc. As a leading smartwatch manufacturer, DT NO.I pays a lot of attention to health-related features, hoping to bring customers a better user experience.

Smartwatches from DT NO.I are not just a fashion accessory or a way of not missing notifications, they help keep you on top of your health. If you are interested in DT NO.I, please visit its official website or email them(

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