How to create a vxp watch face for tethering watch?

Hello,as my previous post,there is a way to install watch face in MTK 2502 tethering watch like G5,G6,G7.

Today I want to show you how to create a vxp watch face.

First,you need install four program.1, MRE SDK; 2, ADS 1.2; 3, HxD Hex editor; 4,Visual Basics 2008.

And you also need the Resource from zafri.

1. Extract the Resource on the desktop.


2. Open the MRESDKWizard.exe . 20161215174521You need type your Name and App name, make sure they are the same. Location on desktop for further use. MRE App version select MRE SDK 2.0. Click Finish.

3. Open the MRELauncher.exe .20161215175300 Open the vcproj project you just created on desktop.

1) Click the setting button, select the Resource, tick up the option. Click OK.

2) Click the options button, click the Advance button,delete the -g. Click OK.

4. Open Config/Default folder on your watch face project, open the Resource folder. Copy the configtbl.bin, WATCH_res.lst and the pic folder, paste to the Default folder. Then rename the WATCH_res.lst, just like what I did Face_res.lst.20161215181422

5. Edit the _res.lst. Right click, use Notepad to open, then change the path of every file.Don’t forget to save file.

20161215183154 20161215183316

6. Back to MRELauncher.exe, click the hammer icon Make. Wait a moment until the Make Successful appears.


201612151857057. 1) Create a new folder on desktop. Back to the project folder, then go to arm folder.Copy and paste the Default.vxp to the new folder. Rename the Default.vxp to your watch face name.

2) Copy the preview.png on config/Default/pic, and paste it to the new folder          than rename it.


3) Back to the Resource folder, copy and paste the WATCH.xml to the new              folder,then rename it.



8.Open HxD.exe and open the .vxp file. Then open the guide_edit_hex.txt on Resource folder.

Click search select the Replace.Copy and paste these two strings of number to the corresponding place.

Remember change the datatype to Hex-values,then click OK,and save the file.

2016121610083520161216101141 2016121610135020161216101801

9. Right-click the xml file,and use notepad to open it.You need to change the WATCHNAME, watch, WATCHNAME.vxp, WATCHNAME to your project name. Then save the file.

Congratulations!You have created a vxp watch face!

20161216102742 20161216103339

10.Copy the vxp,xml and png file to your phone appmanager folder.


About how to create a Digital watchface, you can read my another tutorial here.


Personally,I also like creating watch face,this tutorial is an homage to zafri, big thanks to his video tutorial and zcj who developed this method to create vxp watch face. You could watch the video tutorial here.  also you can direct download watchface in website: 

The program and resource:


2) ADS 1.2

3) HxD Hex Editor

4) Resource

5) Vision Basics 2008



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  2. Hi,
    I own an A28 Oukitel which has the MTK2502A chip. I have successfully followed your digital watch tutorial and it worked fine thanks 🙂 however the analog one seems to be a little problematic. No matter what I try, the hands dont show. I have tried minimizing the bg image to around 2kb and also made some simple hands but still the same. Do you have any idea about this?
    Thanks alot

    1. Hello Anon, first, if there is any analog watchface that works well on your watch? Second, did you try to change the hands? Download some watchfaces from , if other watchfaces work well, it is the problem of your project, how to distinguish the bugged one from the five images? You can create four transparent images with one hands.(your project) Then compile it to a watchface, step by step, you’ll find which one is going wrong.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip to help create a vxp watch face.

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