How to replace the battery in F3 and what need to be concerned

Recently  we received some complaints about the terrible battery consumption after they replaced the battery for F3. It is not the hardware issue but wrong installation, when you put the back cover back to the watch. Here I made a video battery installation and what needs to pay attention to.

Here is the video. As you see, the notch must be toward to the right corner, that will make sure the two spring/battery pin not in the same board. That will cause the watch to short-circuit, and the battery will drain very fast.


2 thoughts on “How to replace the battery in F3 and what need to be concerned”

  1. Anupam Biswas

    Hi,just bought a new f3 watch.Using it on my gym session.Works pretty well.Only thing missing is the sleep monitor feature,I simply cannot make it work.Can you please help?

    1. Hello Anupam, the sleep monitoring will turn on automatically, just wear it at night and in the next day, connect to the watch, after synchronization, you can check it in the Fundo Bracelet.

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