How to Update the Firmware of NO.1 F1 SmartBand?

For many people, smart wear products have some software problems. On smart watches, we can upgrade through the Flash file. The new version of the software helps to make better use of the product. On the Andrews smart watches, we can OTA upgrade, more quickly and easily. Just as you use a smart phone as convenient and quick.


So, for the latest NO.1 smarband F1. It is neither a smart watch, and no Android system. How to update the firmware? At the first, we need to download the APP “ Fitness Bracelet” on our smart phone. Then open the app and connect the NO.1 F1 SmartBand. Now we take an Iphone as an example.

We enter the Firmware in the Setting. Go to Firmware Options. There is already the newest version. If new firmware is available, it will be displayed here. We think this is a very convenient way for most smart bracelets.

img_7721  img_7727

Of course, we can see the another functions of this APP. There are sedentarty reminder, Alarm, Heart rate settings, Display limit, Find Band, Shake to Take Selfie and so on. Smart bracelet the most essential reminder function, NO.1 F1 naturally essential. It can remind Call, QQ, Wechat, SMS and more APP reminders. Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and so on applicaiton.

img_7720  img_7725

By the way, NO.1 F1 SmartBand relative to Miband 2. The Miband 2 is a static heart rate.  Although we are out to promote our NO.1 F1 smartband is the dynamic heart rate. However, it is surprising that our NO.1 F1 can also be set to static heart rate. So that we can freely switch between exercise and meditation.

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17 thoughts on “How to Update the Firmware of NO.1 F1 SmartBand?”

  1. Esteban Chavez

    All the functions work but the sleep mode is not synchronized, I have an iphone 6

    1. Do you mean sleep monitor? We have tested this features several times, you only need to wear it when you go to bed, it’ll record your sleep quality automatically. And of course, you need to connect it with phone to synchronize your data.

  2. anakym kerberos

    I buy two F1. One upgrades a firmware and not syncronizes de hour… how can do a downgrade…? or other solution..?

  3. Fernando Crespo

    My F1 stops working after 1 week of use, battery was just charged, suddenly you can´t see anything in the screen, I mean is like turned off.
    I got it from Whish, I am from Ecuador, so I guees I lost my money.

    1. Contact the seller for a replacement or refund. It seems it is totally dead, I can’t help you anymore, sorry.

  4. anakymkerberos

    Clock time is wrong after some days without bluetooth connection. Is there any firmware to correct this problem?

  5. Sailesh Tailor

    No.1 F4 IP68 Smart Watch

    This relates to No.1 F4 IP68 Smart Watch & Fundo Pro on App Store, Because there is no easy way to contact the through the mentioned app.

    Using this app for just over a week with the above smart watch. All together I was quite pleased, but lacks functionality to invoke BP/SPO2 ad-hoc or at regular intervals.
    The last screenshot on the iOS app store doesn’t exist on the installed app.

    Contacting the develop in the app is not possible and through app store, takes you to a Chinese website and not clear how you report issues, problems and suggestions.
    For 3 days so far, since Tuesday the app is not syncing Sleep data, just shows zero. Also when syncing in steps screen doesn’t sync Sleep. Ideally when you start the app it should automatically sync all new data since previous sync.

    I’m on the latest firmware update and have tried removing app and switching the smart watch off and on but the above sleep data still not syncing.

    Can you advice if this Sleep data not syncing is a issue with the smartwatch or the App? If its the App can you contact the developer on my behalf. Thanks

    1. Hello Sailesh, thanks for your feedback. We already know this issue and there is still some others, the developers/engineers are working on the F4 issues, for sleep monitor issue, please try this new version. The 1.2.3 version fixed the pedometer and the sleep monitor issue. Hope it works for you, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask.

      1. Sailesh Tailor

        Hi Jon, The Sleep data sync worked for 3 nights after the new version, but trying to sync last nights Sleep data fails, initially “Watch data is syncing” which takes longer then normal then displays “Disconnected”, then cycles to the first message followed by the second.
        I have tried unbinding, forget Bluetooth and re-connecting, but same problem.
        I didn’t want to reset the watch otherwise I loose all the data.
        Can’t tell from above if the firmware or Bluetooth on the watch is the issue or the App

  6. Laurie A James

    I have another question about my watch. My watch shows like an off button and it says yes or no. What is it asking?
    Thank you.

  7. Roy Winchester

    My F1 has stopped sycronizing day file on sleep (today) shows on week and month ok
    I have reinstalled the app but it still has same problem

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