How to use Pure NFC app with NO.1 S9 Electronic Business card function?

As you know, NO.1 S9 supports NFC feature and this feature is used for Electronic Business card.

But how to make it work? Here I want to make a short tutorial about how to use Pure NFC app with NO.1 S9 NFC Electronic Business card function.

1) Download Pure NFC app on your phone.

2) Open this app and enable NFC feature on your phone.

3)  Click the contacts button to import the contact, select your contact name and then choose the options you need.

4) Click the Tag button, then a message will show up. ‘your information is ready to send to the NFC tag’.

5) Put your S9 near the back cover of your phone, when you hear a sound from your phone, that means you have sent your information to s9 successfully.

6) Shut off this app and you’ll get your Electronic Business card whenever you put S9 near to the NFC phone.

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Hope this tutorial helps you.

You can also use this method to write your information to your Electronic Business card.

You can download the app here.