How to write IMEI on NO.1 Smartwatch

Hi,I have heard that someone failed to access internet after OTA-Update.He contacted us and help us figure out what is going wrong on his watch.Thanks for his feedback,we have solved this issue.The watch has lost IMEI number that’s why it can’t access internet.

Here I want to make a tutorial about how to write IMEI.

First,download the SN-Writer tool.

Second,extract the file,find the SN Writer.exe,open it.


Third,Click the System Config.

Fourth,Tick up the IMEI,browse your watch firmware folder,select the file.You can download here.

Fifth,Click Start,enter the IMEI writing interface.

Sixth,Write your IMEI number,SHUT DOWN your watch,connect to pc.Make sure your watch is shutdown and has enough battery life.

Seventh,Wait the writing process.If the writing interface shows up,keep writing,until the PASS shows up.

If you have any questions,keep in feedback.


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  1. Hi, I have problem with imei writing, the program exit and doesnt write anything. How can I solve? Thank you.

  2. Hi
    It doesnt work for me.
    I have done 1-6 but when I Connected the watch ( turned OFF) the watch turns itselves on and SN-writer stops.
    What to do ?

  3. Hello, it’s me again 🙁
    I can’t get my IMEI back. I don’t know if I’am writing the wrong IMEI (the one I find under the cover of my G3) or I have same problem as Milert and Giacomo.
    I did all you says in tutorial, but the SN writer stop on: Wait for USB insert… and my Win7 recognize the watch because AutoPlay is opening all time i connect my watch with my PC.
    I tried the old and the new version of SN Writer and the file from the same folder I had download my new firmware.
    Sorry for my english, I hope you understand my issue.
    Thank you again!

      1. Yes, i can shut down my watch and i can connect it with my PC. I installed the drivers, but when I connect my watch to PC the SN writer stop at: Wait for USB insert… and nothing happened. And in firmware folder I can find only this file: BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT2502_S00_G3_NO1_B_V1
        Maybe there is a problem?

        1. Hi, this file is the correct firmware for imei writing. In my opinion, why nothing happen when you connect it with your computer, it is because you didn’t install the drivers successfully. What’s your computer OS?

          1. I installed the drivers from drive folder in my firmware folder, installDriver application

    1. Hello everyone! I tried all the methods suggested on the net and this too but there was no way to write the IMEI.
      So I found this program Mtk_Droid_Tool_v2.5.3 ( which gave me the chance to fix the problem.
      It opens the program, connects the smartwatch and expects the program to recognize it, it gives the shell root command at the bottom left (although the smartwatch is already root, at least it worked for me) and you select reset IMEI. In the window that opens you type either the smartwatch IMEI or any 15-digit number, you give the OK and everything should work.
      I hope to have helped.

      Salve a tutti! ho provato tutti i metodi suggeriti in rete ed anche questo ma non c’è stato modo di scrivere l’IMEI.
      Quindi ho trovato questo programma Mtk_Droid_Tool_v2.5.3 ( il quale mi ha dato la possibilità di risolvere il problema.
      Si apre il programma,si collega lo smartwatch e si aspetta che il programma lo riconosca,si dà il comando shell root in basso a sinistra(anche se lo smartwatch è già root,almeno a me ha funzionato così)e si seleziona ripristina IMEI. Nella finestra che si apre si digita o l’IMEI dello smartwatch o un numero qualsiasi di 15 cifre,si dà l’OK e tutto dovrebbe funzionare.
      Spero di esser stato d’aiuto.

      1. Hi Filippo, I just check the tool and the tutorial this is for Android watch, so I think this will not work for MT2502 watch. 🙁

  4. Hi i installed version B to my g3. but when is try to start sn writer and plugin my watch the program crashes. i need asap help. i have win8

    1. Hello ome, did you successfully flash the firmware in your watch? If so, you can use the sn_writer to write IMEI.

  5. there is no IMEI number so i write one manual with sn wrtiter but after pass the watch keep restarting and some times when i try to make a call it power off whats sames the problem
    my watch is no.1 G7 , if i remove the simcard it works normal so can you help me to fix this

    1. Sorry but I was told that this issue is the G7 firmware issue. Only when the G7 battery is not full and sim card was inserted.

  6. Hi, I am your problem in changing the ID number for the smart clock, since the computer I work on does not receive the clock and does not recognize it
    windos 10 Help us solve the problem

  7. Talvez me possa ajudar: na App do NO1 Dt28, atualizei o firmware… a meio da instalação o relógio desligou e deixou de trabalhar. simplesmente não liga OFF

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