Keep an eye on calories consumption with a smartwatch

Being overweight would be the biggest enemy of health for most people. They try so hard to get back to their ideal body shape, for example, attending all kinds of fitness courses, learning how to cook, and restraining themselves from snacks. No matter what they do to lose weight, there is only one topic, how many calories intake and consumed.

Sometimes we have a vague idea about how many calories the foods are, not very accurate, but it’s enough for us to calculate and hit the brake when we eat too much. In the contrast, most of us don’t have any idea about calories consumption, which leads to overweight gradually.

Therefore, for those who want to lose weight, a smartwatch would be a great help. Most smartwatches have the ability to provide real-time calories consumption. People can keep an eye on their calories consumption to plan exercise routines.

DT NO.1 is a well-known smartwatch manufacturer and has been in the smartwatch industry for around a decade, its dream is to help most people in the world can afford to enjoy the joy of wearable technology. For achieving that goal, DT NO.1 has established a professional R&D team gathering hundreds of elites from prestigious universities and technical experts all around the globe, which is able to design and produce the best-in-class budget smartwatches to meet most users’ needs in the fast-changing market.

Smartwatches from DTNO.1 can provide the accurate measurement of calories consumption thanks to the advanced chips and algorithm they use. Besides that, the smartwatches support multi-sports mode, and the self-developed app WearPro has the feature of GPS movement tracking, the smartwatches and the app WearPro working together can provide users with the most comprehensive data for their workouts. With the help of smartwatches from DT NO.1, you are good to be a fitness coach for yourself.

As a leader in the budget smartwatch market, DT NO.1 wishes to bring people high-quality smartwatches sold at affordable prices and make the world a little bit better. For expanding its business all around the globe to benefit more people, DT NO.1 is always looking for proactive and highly motivated distributors and agents to partner up for great success. If you are interested in doing business with DT NO.1 or its smartwatches, please visit their official website and send them an email (

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