Look out!D6 Major Upgrade

We have received many suggestions after D6 released till now. As a ’customers must be first’ manufacturer, we listen, we change.

Recently, many customers replied that why NO.1 D6 didn’t install a vibration motor. ‘It’s a pretty good one, as unfortunate and disappointing as it is that NO.1 failed to include a vibration motor, it’s definitely worth having one installed.’

That’s a good advice but for the limited resource(engineer, fund)we have no choice. We are grateful for you guys support and likes, now we have released a new D6 within a vibration motor.

Since August 2016, you can buy a D6 with a vibrator. We opened the new D6’s back cover, you can have a look.

If you have any questions about the D6,contact us.https://chinawatchs.com/


5 thoughts on “Look out!D6 Major Upgrade”

  1. Denis Liebmann

    Hello, my No.1 d6 has a very short runtime. With Bluetooth activated I get already after 4 hours the message that the battery is weak. I have the latest firmware installed and everything else turned off. When I turn off Bluetooth hurts the clock about 12 hours. What can be the reason?

    1. Hey there,thanks for your feedback.Battery life depends on personal usage,your problem may be too heavy use.And for saving battery life,you can turn to the power saving mode.Also,you can install some battery doctor apps to figure out what is assuming your battery life.Greetings.

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