Looking for a sports smartwatch? Smartwatches from DT NO.1 could be your choice

The wearable device technology is gaining popularity in India, and the segment will emerge as a prominent player in the Indian consumer electronics market. According to research firm International Data Corporation India (IDC), India’s wearables market had record double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2022 with shipments crossing 13.9 million units.

There are a variety of wearable gadgets available in the Indian market including fitness monitors, smartwatches, and internet-enabled eyeglasses. As the most mature product, smartwatches occupy the biggest share of this market.

DT NO.1 is a leading smartwatch manufacturer that has been in the smartwatch industry for more than a decade. With the help of its own professional team that has gathered hundreds of elites from well-known universities and experts all around the globe, DT NO.1 has gained millions of users and fans because of the beautiful design and comprehensive features of its products. And most importantly, smartwatches from DT NO.1 have high quality and are sold at affordable prices.

For bringing customers a better user experience, DT NO.1 emphasizes developing beneficial features in all aspects. When it comes to fitness, smartwatches from DT NO.1 have the multi-sports mode, providing customers with 11 sports modes, no matter which sport you like, you are very likely to find your favorite sport in it. Thanks to the advanced chips and algorithm, DT NO.1 smartwatches can offer users accurate data on their exercises.

Moreover, the self-developed APP WearPro has a function of GPS movement tracking, which can record users’ movement route when they turn on the function in the APP at the moment of running, walking, cycling, or climbing. And the watch and the APP WearPro recording your exercise together can provide users with the most comprehensive data.

Smartwatches from DT NO.1 would be your good fitness companion, helping you set realistic fitness goals and obtain a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in doing business with DT NO.1 and its products, please visit their official website and email them(info@dtone.cc).

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