Meizu Smartband Photos was Exposured

Recently, a ‘Weibo’ user released some photos of the Meizu smartband. From the photos, we can see this smartband is named smartband H1. Meizu smartband H1 surface with frosted style, the front of the band is fitted with a display, while the back is the heart rate monitoring window, its four contacts are likely the charge interface. At the same time, sleep monitoring and pedometer functions are also available. front


From its design and size, it should be similar to MI Band’s positioning of sports people. From the time of its display is the Meizu classic blue, display size is similar to the MI Band 2. price

According to the user exposure of the pictures, Meizu smartband’s price will reach 499 RMB. From the price to view, the price of this band is much higher than the MI Band 2. But so far Meizu official website didn’t have relevant information of the Meizu Smartband. Therefore, we should wait for the official information.

So far No.1 Company has released many smartwatches, such as D5, D6, D5+ and so on, but still hasn’t released smartband. Of course, many people asked us:’Will you release smartband?’ The answer is YES. Soon after we’ll release the first smartband. I hope our first smartband could make you satisfied. Stay tuned!

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