Microsoft Band 3 Bracelet Photos was Exposured

When it comes to smart bracelets, as we all know, High-end bracelets are Apple, Google is in the middle, the low-end bracelets are Xiaomi. But for most people to say, who know Microsoft bracelets is relatively less than the other brands.

Last week,Microsoft announced that are trying to clear out all the Band 2 bracelet inventory, and no plans to release new bracelet products this year. However, although at the Microsoft conference at the end of this month we will not see the arrival of the Band 3, but the latest exposure of information display, Microsoft has indeed plans to launch and has been in the development of this device. 1


From the foreign media to share the latest Band 3 bracelets prototype photos, it carries the RFID chip for real-time monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, and for the first time to join the swimming model, this demonstrates that the Band 3 has more perfect waterproof function than Band 2. But unfortunately, Band 3 was basic confirms already come to a premature end, so the fans who like it is likely to be disappointed.

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