MTK 2503 New SoC the Upgrade of MTK2502

As we know, MTK 2502 SoC is used worldwide for tethering watches. When we talk about MTK 2502 what will come to your mind.

Fundo smartdevice and Fundo companion, (and yes the compatibility issue between them) Notifications, steps, heart rate monitor and calling via Bluetooth. Last but not least, custom watch face/Vxp faces.

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Low price, fully function and power saving.

Recently smartwatch manufacturers’ has come to think of the MTK2503 — the upgrade of MTK2502.

Then what can MTK 2503 smartwatch do?

MTK 2503 is specialized in fitness tracking. It can track your sports, record your route, steps, detect your sports (indoor/outdoor, jogging/running), GPS positioning and navigation.

I take some screenshots of the companion app. You can have a look. This app supports notifications and Health data synchronization, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of Fundo companion and smartdevice. This app can meet your needs for a companion app.

funfit2 funfit1 funfit

It is worth mentioning that it is built-in GPS antenna, detection of two satellites for high-precision GPS positioning, the use of Google Maps for global use. It can also show the distance, Movement trajectory. The movement trajectory is very useful. Once you travel to a new city or hang out in a unfamiliar place, you can use this function, follow the route,  it will take you to the original road to go home.

Also MTK 2503 will support the notifications, heart rate monitor, Bluetooth calling.


NO.1 is planning to release the MTK 2503 smartwatch–NO.1 S10. The features above will be included in the new model. What’s more! The new model will support blood pressure measuring! Compass and  Air pressure.(These two features will/or not use in new model, please leave your comments let us know your suggestion) Great news, it has been confirmed that S10 will be IP67 waterproof, you don’t need worry about shower, rain, you can even wear it for swimming.

Oh, last but not least, vxp faces will still work with the new model. You can use Fundo smartdevice to install custom watch face.

How long will the battery last? A question may come up to your mind.

You may be concerned that the MTK2503 smart watch has a short battery life because all features require GPS. But no, you don’t need to worry about battery life. MTK2503 is more energy-saving than the MTK 2502. More features less power wasting. As you know NO.1’s MTK 2502 watch can use two days. This one will be much longer.

MTK 2503 SoC will take the place of MTK 2502 in wearable industry.


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