MTK Smartwatch update the proper way

Every time when you connect your watch to computer, the computer will not detect your watch, let alone firmware upgrade.

So how to fix this? Is this because of the lack of drivers?

A part of reason is because of the drivers. Today I received some new drivers which will help your watch being detected.

You can download the new drivers here.

The first one ‘huaqin Android Drivers All in one’ is the new drivers, choose the correct bits of your computer OS, then run the procedure to install the drivers. Follow the installation steps, install it, regardless of the windows warning, click install. You’d better reboot your computer to make sure the drivers are install on the computer.

Then  run the flash tool, choose the correct scatter file, click the download button, shutdown your watch, connect it to the computer.

Wait a minute….

If it still not works, please go to my computer, device manager. Check the Port (COM & LPT) to see if there is an unknown USB device.


Oh, if it is there, then you are lucky. You just need to right click the USB Device, choose the update drivers.

Follow the installation steps, choose the drivers on your pc, regardless the windows warning, install it on your pc. (if you don’t know how to install the drivers manually, please check my previous post it is similar to this tutorial)

After install it successfully, you will get this.Port

You have install the drivers successfully! Now reopen the Flash_tool, select the correct scatter, click download , shutdown your watch, connect it to your pc. The procedure will run smoothly.

I’m afraid that most of you won’t find it on the port. Please try another usb port or unplug and plug it again. The computer is a bit stupid, you need to try again and again until there is an unknown usb device on the Port, sometimes it will also display as other products on the around the keyboard.

If it shows up as other products please  right click and uninstall it. Then it will go to the Port. Now you can flash the firmware in it.

All in all, after drivers installed, there is no trick but repeat the plug and unplug, until the computer detects your watch.

I just tried over 20 times, finally my computer detects it.

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  1. Istvan Pager


    I have G4. I had a problem with bad quality calls with SIM card.
    After successful firmware upgrade it cannot connect calls..
    Unable to register to network 🙁

    Please help

  2. Istvan Pager

    Hi Jon
    Firstly I checked the IMEI with *#06# and its not zero.
    But I made the update with Win10 and it skiped the steps 9-11…
    After downoad the message with grean circle appeared. After that the watch started up properly, I set the time etc. works fine except the call with SIM card (it can get the phone book from the SIM but cannot register for the connection)
    Do you think that that update was corrupted because of win 10?
    If nothing else works, can I get the older firmware? Unfortunately I did not backup.
    Best regards

    1. Downgrade won’t brick your watch.(but if you didn’t follow the tutorial….)
      And I’m curious about how to flash the watch with windows 10, we are all grateful if you could share your method.

  3. Istvan Pager

    Jon, You was right!
    The IMEI was overwritten (although it was not zero but it was wrong)
    THanks a lot

    1. Glad to hear that. If you have any problem just post it here. We’re willing to help you.

  4. Hello dear Jon,
    I bought NO.1 A9 phone.
    I need in the phone Russian and Hebrew language.
    I downloaded from your site OFFICIAL FRIMWARE 10.26 (Version C)

    Version C: English, Russian, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Vietnam, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian,Thai,Myanmar.

    But actually in this version-C there is no Russian language!
    Instead, Russian language there is French language.
    Russian language is present only in FRIMWARE version-B but there does not exist Hebrew.
    Please help me. How can I install on Phone Russian and Hebrew language ?

    1. Hey there,
      I’m sorry but I’m afraid you can have the two language in the same firmware.

  5. Hi Jon,
    But you probably did not understand my question. There is a bug in FRIMWARE 10.26 (Version C). In the set of languages versions C, missing Russian language. But
    on the page download
    you indicate that the Russian language there is. Although in reality it is not true. I am very disappointed with your support. And I am very sorry that bought phone produced by your company. Your company offers firmware did not even check they do not match the description Version C. I am so sorry my bad experience buying your products.

    1. I’m sorry, it seems that we have made a mistake on the language description. Sorry for the inconvenience, and sorry for your bad experience.
      We did test the firmware over and over again before the firmware release, but we generally test if this firmware will work or not,the description in the firmware do support this language, but we made a mistake and thank you for your reminder, we’ll correct the description.
      The firmware description is also a important thing, we’ll check again.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

      1. Dear Jon !
        I am very grateful to you for the professional answer.
        I and many users, We would be very grateful if you could make a firmware version-C in accordance with the description.
        That is, to add Russian and Hebrew language at the same firmware package.
        Believe me it is very necessary for many people living in Israel!
        It is about a million people. We use both languages Hebrew and Russian.
        This will have a good effect on the sale of your production in Israel.
        Thank you very much.

        1. Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll pay attention to it, I have contacted to our engineers, but I’m not sure if they will make a new language package.
          Thanks for cooperation.

  6. Hi joh I have a G4 no.1 I have a question? If I can put other watch faces in G4? Already tried and could not …… And I can install the no.1 G3 firmware in G4?

    1. Unfortunately, their hardware is different, you can’t install the G3 firmware in G4.
      And I’m afraid this method won’t work in G4.

  7. I have No.1 S5 smart watch, I cann’t synchronize data registred in the watch (like podometer) with my galaxy S5 via Fundo application, Any help please !

  8. How do you connect g4 to of, there is no micro USB on the watch, just the magnetic charger?

    1. Hey there, the magnetic charger is the usb cable. You can use it to connect to PC and do a wired flash.

  9. Hello.

    My G6 smartwatch doesn’t boot.
    Only a blue black screen appears (no logo-no infos appears on screeen)

    I flash the latest firmware succesfully but the problem remains.

    Let me know your opinion.

    1. Hi, what did you do before you brick your watch? When you press the side button can you hear any sound?
      If you do hear sound but your screen remains black, then it is the screen has broken.
      If your watch can’t even turn on, you can re-flash the firmware, make sure that you follow the tutorial correctly.

      1. Hello John.
        First of all i didn’t brick my watch…
        When i received the smartwatch i charged it for 1 hour.
        Then i press the bottom button but nothing happened.
        Only a black screen appears but when i press the other button i can hear sound.

        As you told me maybe it’s screen problem….
        Now what?

        Best Regards
        Spiros G.

  10. I bought new no.1 g6 watch , when i open music app in watch after connecting to phone , i can only do volume up and down but i can’t change songs or play and pause it remotely. so i descided to reinstall firmware but i got ‘error: TS_ROM3 unsupported file type GHF_FILE_INFO’ and i can’t install firmware. please help.

    1. Hello Mehul T, sorry to hear that, your G6 is the new version, you can’t flash the old firmware.(read my previous post)
      I’ll upload the new firmware as soon as possible.(I just received the firmware from our engineers)
      Please check NO.1 official website. Re-flash the new firmware will solve this issue.

      1. My version is NO2D_NB3_NO1_B_161017
        So, i download now
        Version B: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkey.
        Is this one is my firmware which you had uploaded ?
        i just downloaded it but i didn’t flash it
        let me know when you had uploaded new version of G6 . thankyou Jon.

          1. I check that link you gave me , but my watch have 1st generation heart rate sensor , still i tried that firmware after that my heart rate stoped working. Then i reinstall old frimware , but my problem of music app remain same, else all apps work fine. when i connect to other samsung phone music app run fine . but in my phone i can change only media volume. my phone is galaxy s6. what should i do now.

          2. Did you use the stock music player? Maybe there is compatibility issue between the watch and the app. Try another app.

          3. Olivier POULNAIS

            Hi Jon
            I tried to flash my watch, because of I ‘m facing pb to connect my wath to my Phone with bluetooth.
            When I tried to flash, I have the following issue (same as Mehul ?) : “TS_ROM3 unsupported file type GHF_FILE_INFO”, as soon as I open the scatter/config file.
            My version is NO3D_NB3_NO1_B_161220.
            I tried the link you proposed to Mehul, but i have the same isssue with TS_ROM3.

            thank you for your help
            Best Regards

  11. Hello! Please help me to put my IMEI back on my G3 Watch.The update process went flawlessly,but now I don’t have the IMEI.When I check it with thw*#06# code, I get a blank space under IMEI inscription.You have not posted any tutorial on how to restore the IMEI so please help.The SN Writing tool requests a META file and an APDB file to be able to flash the IMEI,but I cannot find those files in the folder with the firmware of this watch. So please provide a clear way to get the IMEI back.Thank you very much!

  12. I have G3. I have a problem with step 7 in the tutorial: how to connect my G3 to pc?

  13. Problem solved!
    I did not expect that the configuration process will last so long.

    1. Sorry to for the delay and glad to hear that. If you have any question, you can post it here.

  14. Ciao Jon io ho un G6 e possibile aggiornare il firmware e AGGIUNGERE Quadranti per G6 Grazie ???

    1. Hello Kolec, I don’t really get it. Did you mean you can update G6 and you want to add Quadrants for G6? I don’t know what quadrants.
      Google can’t translate it well. Can you post your question in English? Thanks.

  15. Hello Jon , I have a smartwatch G6 , how can I update the firmware and add dials??

  16. Can we use the above explained steps for upgrading N0.1 G6 firmware on a computer running windows 10 ?

  17. I had follow the tutorial of installing drivers on windows 10 then followed the steps explained in this page but when I clicked download button there was nothing happen, no sign of progress. When I plugged the usb cable connecting the G6 watch and computer, only battery icon shown on the dial indicating it ‘s charging. Any idea or are there other ways to flash the firmware?

    1. Update status:
      Now I can update the firmware by unplug the usb cable an insert it again. thank you, Jon

      1. Glad to hear that. It’s my pleasure to help you. If you have any questions, post them, we’re willing to help you.


      1. Did you install drivers successfully? Are you using a win 7 computer? If it is a win 10 pc, you can read the comments above, there is a tutorial about how to install drivers in win 10. And don’t forget to shut down your phone before you plug it into your computer.


  19. Hi,
    I bought a curren x4 watch, looks identical to no.1 g5. I tried to flash it with the no.1 firmware. The process went well, but not the watch will not start, at boot it shows the no.1 logo, vibrate then shuts down.
    Any idea?

    1. Re-flash the firmware will fix this issue. You didn’t flash the firmware successfully.

      1. Thanks Jon. I tried again from a different computer, this time with windows xp. flashing went well again, but when i try to start the watch same process happens, i see the logo, then it vibrates for a second then shuts down. Anything else i can try to do?

        1. Can you find the original firmware for your watch? I’m afraid that there is a compatibility issue in it, you may need to flash the original firmware.
          By the way, did you see the update successfully windows? I don’t know if you have flash it successfully.

          1. Thanks Jon.
            I did see the update successful in windows.
            Any chance you might have a different firmware I can try? It doesnt seem like the supplier will send me the firmware they used.

          2. Did you try to charge it? Maybe you have flashed the firmware successfully but your watch doesn’t have enough power to run.

    1. Check your heart rate sensor, if you saw three holes, that’s the old G6. If it is metal sheets then it is the new G6.

  20. Hello, I has No.1 G6 watches (firmware ver. B). I can’t set alarm with custom repeat. I can select days in settings, but there is no confirm button. Could you help me, please.

        1. Hi Roren, Go to alarm, then go to custom option, select your days, then long press on the screen. It will save your selection. Hope it helps. Regards.

          1. You are welcome. If you have any questions, keep on feedback. Thanks for cooperation.



        1. I know your anger or annoyance and I’m willing to help you. But can you stop shouting at me. Please Caps Lock off.
          Did you watch the video tutorial, shut down your phone before plug it to computer? Also download the correct firmware in NO.1 A9 official firmware.

  22. Hello! I am waiting for the Version D (supporting Greek) for the new version of G6! Please don’t forget us!

  23. hi
    i am sotiris
    i just have on my hand no1 g6 watch.
    unfortunately have no Greek language . is any i can do to regognize greek language . i have it on english but need grreek for sms and notifications .

      1. i have this : NO2D_NB3_NO1_B_161017 with no GREEK
        is easy to flash it? any video or instructions to help

          1. i have win10
            but ok i solve it. via youtube how instal win10 mkt drivers and then all ok.
            thanks now have greek language and all work as well as before.

  24. Thanks Jon,

    I tried to charge the watch, upon connecting to the charger it showed the battery icon and the charging animation lasted for couple minutes until it was full. But no change after, the watch wont start.
    Any other ideas?

    1. Try to flash it again? But I’m afraid it is because hardware different, you can flash the G5 firmware in curren X4.

      1. Thanks Jon. I tried to flash many times. Seems like its officially bricked.

        1. Sorry to hear that, maybe you can find somewhere they provide the stock firmware to save your watch.

  25. Dear manufacturer! I would like to use my no1 G3 with mediatek application tó alert me át incoming calls, but not to use my watch as a bt loudspeaker,what settings did I Miss?

  26. Hi

    I have a G6 smart watch and it is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting from my iPhone SE . This is particularly annoying when on phone calls as it keeps routing the call to the watch after reconnecting. It also reduces the battery life as well. I have just updated to the latest firmware but still have the issue.

    1. Hi Stuart,
      Bluetooth connectivity is always a drawback in smartwatch. Draining battery life, bad connectivity.I personally use a G6 for watch face testing. The range of the bluetooth is not that good, but can use normally. And about speaker option, you can try this Bluetooth audio manager app, hope it helps you.

  27. NO.1 A9
    Hi can I change the background splash on the phone in the menu and then merge with the text and slightly increase the text?
    If you can then how to change it in the firmware?

    1. Hi Anton. Nope, unfortunately, A9 doesn’t support such feature. And modifying the firmware, it would probably brick your phone.

  28. Hi Jon, I have a question about notification from smartphone to (old version) G.6 watch. After I updated the firmware (version C), I found that Mediatek SmartDevice app always notifies two same notification messages of one new incoming from other apps (such as from Line, Gmail etc.) to the G6. watch ( I mean I got 2 notifications of the same one, it should have had only one notification message). I wonder how I can manage to get only one notification message on G.6 watch when a new one coming to the smartphone .

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I also noticed this before. I thought it was a particular issue,but it seems that it is the firmware issue or not? I’ve contacted our engineers, hope they will solve it soon.

  29. Hi jon i have just got the g6 and tried to flash version d on win 10 the procedure went well without any errors but when i tried to open the watch it stays for a while on the no1 logo and then shuts off again. Can you help find where the problem lays?

    1. Hi Tasos, did you figure out which G6 version do you have? If you have downloaded the correct firmware, this issue is caused by the failure of firmware update.
      All you need is to reflash the firmware. So you need to figure out what’s your G6 version.(check my previous post) Hope it helps.

  30. Hello Jon. I have a G3 smartwatch, and I think I broke it completely. I changed the watch faces, using the mediatek smartdevice, and when I uninstalled one of the watch faces, I turned off the watch. Now the watch stops at the no.1 logo or shows a black screen .. I wanted to reload the program, but I can not connect to the computer, it does not detect the watch. You can do a reset, or something to do it. Even when I turn on I can not connect to the phone (here is the black screen). Help me please.

    1. Hi mohi, this tutorial is for the firmware updates. Did you have a win 7 computer? If so, follow the tutorial, install the drivers to make your watch detected. Read my previous posts, you’ll find a solution for most questions. Thanks.

  31. Pingback: NO.1 S9 Official firmware – NO.1 Smartwatch, start your smart life.

  32. Olivier POULNAIS

    Hi Jon
    I tried to flash my watch, because of I ‘m facing pb to connect my wath to my Phone with bluetooth.
    When I tried to flash, I have the following issue (same as Mehul ?) : “TS_ROM3 unsupported file type GHF_FILE_INFO”, as soon as I open the scatter/config file.
    My version is NO3D_NB3_NO1_B_161220.
    I tried the link you proposed to Mehul, but i have the same isssue with TS_ROM3.

    thank you for your help
    Best Regards

      1. So, this issue is caused by the old flashtool version? Thanks, I’ll upload the new version to NO.1 firmware page.

  33. My watch fails firmware update, how do i flashing it again because my pc cant found my device…sory for my english

    1. You just need to install the drivers correctly, so that you can flash the firmware.

  34. Auliadi Hubby

    hello,,,, help me please
    I have a problem with my smartwatch no.1 g3.
    when I download fundo wear application and try to install some application (face), there is a problem it says “internal error”, then my smartwatch blank.
    please give me a solution & tutorial to fix my smartwatch.

    1. Hi Auliadi, it seems that this watchface you installed doesn’t work well. Sometimes it happens to me, you just need to uninstall the watchface. If you can’t, you need to download the firmware here. And follow this tutorial to make a firmware flash.

  35. Hello

    I bought a Curren x4 watch , seems identical to the No.1 G5 watch. I tried to flash it with the No.1 G5 firmware to get polish language. The flashing went well but when I try to turn on the watch i see the no.1 logo, then feel a vibrate then the watch turns off.

    Any chance to recover?

    Please help me

    1. Hi Zibi, once there was a man asking the same question,if you go over all the comments, you’ll find it. But Curren X4 is not the same as G5, you can’t flash it with the G5 firmware. Their hardware is different, my advice is that you’d better contact the seller, maybe they can provide the firmware.

  36. Hi,can I get the stock firmware? Unfortunately I did not backup,if can,hoy to i get it…

  37. Hello, made the upgrade in my G6 hopping it fix the problem of no having whatsapp notificacions on the smartwatch but it fails the same. Actually the G6 only recieves SMS or Calls, but none notifications. Do you know how to fix it?

    1. Did you set up it correctly? I mean to enable the notifications of apps. And also check your phone’s settings.Go to settings, go to notifications, check the Fundo smartdevice, did you enable it? Hope it helps.

  38. Hello, I tried to update my G3 and when I hit Download i get this message:
    Fail to enumerate a certain COM port!

    1. Hi, I don’t know why this happened, but I found a solution online. You can follow this step to solve it.
      – Install drivers that was in the firmware package
      – Start the flash tool, load the scatter
      – If you now press download the error comes “Failed not enumerate e certain COM port” (if the watch is connected, but also if it is not connected!)
      – Click the error message away, but keep the flash tool open
      – Connect the watch to the PC, turn ON the watch
      – When watch is booted, it will ask to connect as USB storage or COM port, select USB storage
      – Click download in the flash tool, the error should not come now! but nothing will happen (still you have the cable connected to the PC!)
      – Hold the power button on the watch and let it turn off! (still you have the cable connected to the PC!)
      – After it turned itself off, the flashtool should automatically start the flashing!

  39. Hi Jon,
    I want to flash my No.1 G6 2nd Gen. Watch with Vers.B, but it fails on loading scatter file.
    TS_ROM3: unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO.
    What can I do to solve this?
    Flashtool Version is v5.1428
    Package I loaded is NO.1_G6_B_1702201757

    1. Okay newer Software solved this, but when I hit Download nothing happens. Watch is connected to PC and drivers for Win10 are installed like shown in tutorial.
      My PC doesn’t recognize that there is a device connected.

        1. Yes it is the same.
          I’m not able to turn the watch on or off it is not functional, the support said I have to flash it.
          When I try to start the watch it vibrates and display lights up but stays black, 2seconds later it vibrates again and turns off

          1. Personally I don’t use win10, but others said that this tutorial works. So the problem is you can’t shut down your watch, right?
            Long press the power button will cut off the battery. Press download, turn off your watch and connect it to your pc.

          2. The watch is off all the time, because I cannot turn it on. Meanwhile I’ve tested it on two different PCs, Win10 and Win7… Same problem no reaction on connect and no way to flash it. I think I’ve got delivered a defect watch.

          3. Please try one more time before you ask the seller for a refund/replacement. Why the watch doesn’t response, it is because there is not enough power to run the firmware update. My suggestion is to charge the watch before you flash the firmware.

          4. I think so too. Thank you for your help, great job.
            And don’t forget: Keep smiling! 😉
            With kind regards,

  40. Hi, Jon!
    I’ve just bought my G6, but there’s problem with it. It keep disconnecting from my iPhone. I have to tap the BT icon everytime it disconnect to reconnect it. But it will disconnect again after few minutes.
    It isn’t fully disconnected though. When it disconnect, the Bluetooth logo will become green (not white & half green half blue).When it’s green, the watch won’t notify if there’s a phone coming in. It will only show the notification after the call is missed. It will receive all the notifications except the phone call. Could you help me with it?
    Jan Sen

    1. Hi Jan, it doesn’t disconnect from your phone, but disconnect from the fundo companion app. After bluetooth connection, you need to go to the app, click to connect to your watch.

      1. I’ve connected the watch via the fundo but the problem’s still there.
        Now I have a new problem. I’ve tried the update. However, now my watch won’t turn on.
        When I press the power button, it will vibrate and show the No.1 color on white background (It was orange before the update), and then it will turn off automatically.
        P.S. : The battery is fully charged

        1. Which watch do you have? Did you download the correct firmware? If you have downloaded the correct firmware,the problem is that you did not upgrade it successfully. So please try again.

  41. Hi I tried to flash my S9 but it returns error in the middle of flashing and computer turns to blue screen. Now the computer is not able to recognize the watch and “Unknown Device” shown. Where can I find the driver to I can detect the watch and try to flash the firmware again?

      1. Thank you Jon. I have updated to English and Traditional Chinese version but I am no longer can add new watch faces… It stated not enough memory… so I expected this firmware takes up too much memory. Is there any light-weight version so I can at least add one or two watch faces? Thank you.

        1. The problem is the watchface you want to install is too big, so you need to install some simple analog or digital watchface.

          1. Hi Jon, I have tried those simple one but still cannot install. So it means I can only install those really really simple ones? If that is the case, I should go back with other firmware if I prefer installing watch faces? Thank you.

          2. Hi Angus,maybe this version contains more language packages? I can install three or four watchface in S9. They are simple analog/digital watchface(not the really simple ones I know what you are talking) I use a English/Chinese version, maybe that’s why I can install so many watchface. :p IMHO, if the previous firmware you used supports more watchface then go for it.

          3. Hi Jon, I use Version F : English (default), traditional Chinese. So you are using version A? I am thinking traditional chinese package takes up more space. If that is the case, I think i need to go for another version firmware. Thank you.

  42. Got a G6 this week, but the language is in Spanish. I’ve gone through all the above steps and tried some others. nothing is working. It wont flash, it just gets stuck at the download and stays there for hours, I’ve tried all my usb ports from 2.0 to 3.1. Please help.

    1. Hi Telrunia, the problem is your pc doesn’t detect your watch. What’s your pc os? Try to install the drivers manually.

  43. Hi john i have aiwatch g3 watches
    Whether its firmware is available
    The series is the same as NO.1.G3 using MTK2502
    If you can use the same firmware NO.1.G3 for the use in aiwatch g3
    Please help jon

      1. Can help me jon
        Please find the firmware aiwatch g3
        I really need it jon
        I hope you can help me

        1. Hi Yans, go to the xda thread, the developers there will help you. 🙂 I can’t find it any where, unlike No.1 which has a official site for firmware.

          1. jon kamu tau dimana service center AIWATCH G3
            aku mohon bantuanmu jon
            jika berkenan tolong carikan di the xda thread
            aku bingung jon
            tolong bantu aku mencari firmware AIWATCH G3
            aku berharap kamu dapat membantuku sepenuhnya

          2. 🙁 Check the previous post,I’ve post the link there. And if I know them, I’ll ask them for the firmware. :/

  44. Recently I have a problem on touch and wipe the dial. Last month, some days the watch was working normally, but some days I was not able to touch+wipe the dial to see the menu or click/touch any option on the face screen. Now I cannot touch and wipe at all. The watch can remind the new notification, but I cannot touch to read it. Any idea what the cause of this problem? Is it hardware or internal circuit failure?

  45. G6 is used.
    I did not see the screen yesterday what I went wrong with.
    What’s wrong with the options?
    If so, can I reset it to its original state at all?
    Please let me know how to initialize it.

    1. Hi kagura,
      So what’s your problem? Your G6 can’t turn on any more? Reset it to its original state, do you mean factory reset? You can also make a firmware flash.

      1. 화면이 거의 보이지 않을정도로 희미하고
        소리는 들리고 기능은 정상 작동 하는것으로 보인다.
        단 화면이 보이지않는다 아주 희미하게 보이는것으로 보아
        설정에서 화면 색상을 가장 어둡게 한것 같다
        하드웨어 고장이 아니라면 기계 초기화를 하는 방법을 알고싶다

        1. Hi kagura, which model are you talking about? Can you post some pics to help me understand this issue.

  46. hi, i bought s9 smartwatch, i connected and paired with my phone. but it keeps disconnect every time and i can not get notification. My phone not disconnect from watch. Please help! i try mdksmartdevice and fundosmartdevice. But same problem.

    1. Hi özkan, first you need to enable the bluetooth and then go to Fundo smartdevice/Fundo wear app, search your watch, pair up.
      If you pair up Bluetooth then go to the apps, you need to try many times to connect watch to phones. Anyway we are going to release a new version Fundo wear, this app will work well.

  47. Ville Leväniemi

    Hi. Can I choose any language version for my G3? Meaning Firmware A, B, C , etc.
    My G3 has now version B and it does not have Finnish language. Can I flash a version that contains also Finnish?

  48. Hi i have a No.1 A9 phone and i want to update the firmware for Greek language. Can you give me the write file?

  49. Hi Jon, I have un g3 previous version, try installing this new
    FirmWare without success, It was a mistake of mine or it does not work for this previous generation. Another issue, drivers for this new Flashtool and FirmWare, than you for your attention and response

  50. Hi jon
    I have no1 g6 2nd gen
    Version – N03_V1.0_NB3_N01_B_1704251819

    release time 2017/04/26

    Do i have latest Firmware ?
    i want to upgrade its firmware

    1. Hi Randhir, later we’ll release a new firmware, please wait for a few days.

  51. hey
    I have a no1 g6 smartwatch second heart rate model
    version N03D_V1.0_NB3_N01_B_1704251819
    I want to get the dutch language on it so i searched how to and apparently i need to update to Version D 20172013
    so i downloaded NO.1_G6_D_1702131308.rar
    i followed the guide and i get this when opening the cfg file :

    item[5] TS_ROM3: Unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO

    I stopped here because i dont want to brick my smartwatch
    what do i have to do?

  52. Good afternoon
    I have windows 10 and I can not update my S9 that I bought in May of this year for the new version. Is it possible to help me? the computador doesn´t reconize de watch.

    Best regards,

  53. Hello, I’m trying to update the firmware on a G6 (2nd generation heart rate monitor) so that it supports the greek language (version D) and I keep getting the following error message: Item [5] TS_ROM3: Unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO, when I select the scatter/config file. Can you help me? Thanks!

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