Musk looking for smartwatch employees to work for Neuralink

Elon Musk could be the boldest businessman in the world, the things he is doing have deeply affected the entire human being. As a co-founder of Neuralink, a company specialized in brain-interface technology, Musk needs more specialists to help him realize the dream of inserting chips into human beings’ brains to cure illnesses.

Recently, Musk has been looking for smartwatch employees and people that had worked on phones to come work for Neuralink. “It is an electronics/mechanical/software engineering problem for the Neuralink device that is similar in complexity level to smartwatches (which are not easy!),”Musk said on Twitter.

Smartwatch technology is brought to the sight of the public again. Indeed like what Musk said that smartwatch technology is not an easy task, which packs so many stunning features serving people’s lives into a small case on a wrist. It’s not easy to be a smartwatch manufacturer, and it’s not easy to lock a leading position in the smartwatch industry either.

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