New Smart Watch System Will be Born, are You Looking Forward to It?

Sailfish OS is Jolla Company’s Linux based mobile operating system. In 2013, the world’s first mobile phone equipped with Sailfish OS officially listed shipments, mainly using third-party OEM manufacturers and OEM Jolla way sales model. But this kind of mobile phone sales situation is not very ideal. So Jolla by the end of 2015 through the organization restructuring of the form of layoffs to reduce the debt burden, and gave up the Tablet PC and smart phone production.


The company’s relevant personnel said, since Sailfish OS can be extended from the smart phone to the Tablet PC, then further downward extend to wearable device is also a viable option. It’s easy to operate and browse on the small watch screen. Because the Sailfish OS smart watch system provides a large number of gesture operation based user interface. Basically, we see the ways of interacting are mostly adopted rolling or sliding, such as sliding from bottom to top or from top to bottom, Or large buttons to facilitate finger operation, similar to the user interface that we see on the other wearable devices, but Jolla special custom made a number of specialized applications and functions.

For example, Jolla has specially designed for Sailfish OS Watch Edition some virtual and digital style dial, which has pedometer, fitness tracker app, calendar, weather and so on. Sailfish OS Watch Edition provides the tool which supports pair with Sailfish OS smart phones, it can directly show the phone call information and related options. It also supports send text message.

At the moment, Jolla hasn’t announced any smart watch with Sailfish OS, but Jolla will with the form of authorization to provide the system to the smart watch manufacturers.


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