New version in NO.1 D5+

As the development of smartwatch, we have updated the DDR in NO.1 D5+. DDR2 to DDR3, it’s a storage update, so the old firmware can’t use in the new D5+.

And how to distinguish between the two versions?

Here I want to share a easy way to check the version of your watch.

Open the dialpad, type the codes *#4321#* on it. Then you would get your version of your watch.

Here is a comparison of the two version.

NO.1 D5+ Old versiond5-new

The old SoC is W612_WGL_W_S_D5_COMMON, and the new one in the right picture is W613_WGL_W_S_D5_DDR3_COMMON.

You can’t flash the W612 firmware in W613 D5+. Their firmware is not universal!

Please check your D5+ version, before you flash the firmware. And download the right firmware in NO.1 website download page.






30 thoughts on “New version in NO.1 D5+”

  1. I have the smartwatch with the latest version purchased by a few days, the battery lasts about 5 hours you could solve? Thank you.

      1. Hello.!
        I have that problem too.
        Every one says to reinstall the firmware that solves, but in my case don’t.
        I also find out the g sensor doesn’t work too.
        I make a video to every one see.
        We bought a new smardtwartch, that has less battery life from the cheap ones.
        My colleage at work, bought a similar watch but with out android, and with a battery with 300mha, and He can use the watch for a 3 days, of course only a function like watch.

        And i i do that, only watch, don’t last more than 8h till 0%.

        1. G-sensor doesn’t work? Is this watch a new one? I’m afraid this one is broken. You may ask the retailer for a replace. And you can install a battery doctor app, it can show you which procedure consumes a lot of battery life. And you can forbid it to save battery life.

    1. Unfortunately, no such tools for Linux, but if you just want to transfer files, the wifi file transfer would help you.

  2. Dear sirs,

    I bought this smartwach, and the life of the batery it’s to short… only 5/6h in standby with no Sim card Wifi/BT on. I try resolve with the lasted firmware and had the same result.

    Also the heart rate on the new firmware doesn’t work at all.

    another think with the BT off, why i can see D5+ on my phone? The name off the BT devive it’s d5+ Android…

    I use only for watch and the life battry it’s realy poor.

    1. Once you pair the watch with the phone, your phone will auto-record the device. So if your phone BT is on, you can see the device name.
      And about battery life and heart rate issue, you could reflash the firmware, it would solve your problem.
      It seems that new watch needs a firmware flash to make it work normally.

      1. It looks like your D5 + is damaged (maybe the water slide into the watch) You can contact the seller to replace it, and if he does not respond to your request, you can submit a refund to the platform.

    2. Emerson Silva

      Oi, me ajude aí.
      Como você conseguiu reinstalar o firmware?
      Broqueei a tela e não consigo fazer
      Me ajude!😥

  3. Hello, two versions of the D5+ is already a little confusing. Why is the same name used? I have the W612 version. What would happen if I flashed the new version? Is that even possible?

    Is there actually an official N0.1 Phone technical support forum?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. Their firmware is incompatible, if you flashed the other version it may probably brick your watch.
      You can follow NO.1 Google+,or Facebook. If you have any problem, you can post it, we’ll solve your problem as soon as possible.
      Other users are also willing to help you.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

    1. Probably you need flash tool to install recovery, but we don’t make recovery, so I won’t give a tutorial about it.

  4. Jorge Coutinho

    Hello . my no.1d5+ have the version 161206. how to update to the new. And how to fllash the smartwathc, step by step please

  5. borré carpeta clokskin para instalarla de nuevo, pero en ese momento se paró la conexión wifi, no pude reinstalar carpeta clokskin, ahora dial del reloj siempre oscuro, no responde el reloj
    cómo puedo hacer reset? lo he intentado en el pequeño agujero pero no responde

    muchas gracias

    1. Hello, you may need to re-flash the firmware to solve this issue. You can download watchface on your PC or phone and then transfer the clockskin file to your watch.
      Here is the website for free watchface download.
      Hope it helps you.

  6. Vikas Patel

    I have flashed my D5+ watch with fireware listed in the NO1 website . Now the problem is my watch doesnt power on. The pity thing is i dont know which version my watch has so how can i re flash my watch with the correct version? can try i both version one by one? will it create any problem?

    1. Check this post, it tells you how to distinct it. And download the correct firmware, wrong firmware would brick your watch. Subscribe NO.1 Blog, once we’ve important upgrades or news, we’ll inform you immediately. If you have any questions, keep on feedback. Thanks for cooperation.

  7. Hi, I would like to update the D5 +, I followed the guide is I discovered that is the latest version firmaware. Not being good at these things is watching the video I can’t figure out which files are to use. Would you be so kind as to guide me? Thank you in advance. A greeting

      1. Hi i followed the video is installed the firmware, but immediately after the clock does not turn on more has not passed even a week since I arrived. Now what can I do? Thank you

        1. Hello Angelo, you just need to reflash the firmware, after you update it successfully, the watch will be live again.

  8. Hi, excuse me I forgot in the other post to tell her that I can not find an app for iphone to connect the D5 +. Which I could use because what’s in the clock with the QR code does not find anything in the iphone App Store. If it can be useful I have an iphone 7. Thanks again

  9. Jay jobanputra

    can you please give us a video on “how to install new firmware in No. 1 d5+ smartwatch”.
    so it can be helpful to us.

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